E-Scooters continúan siendo una opción popular entre los residentes de Atlanta.

Jun 29, 2019

En las recientes incorporaciones al transporte, el e-scooter ha se ha hecho muy popular debido a su bajo costo y accesibilidad.

Desde los estudiantes universitarios de Georgia State hasta los empleados de oficina, cualquier persona mayor de 18 años puede disfrutar de un paseo por el centro de Atlanta.

La introducción de los e-scooters en la ciudad se realizó en 2018, y atrajo la atención de personas de todas las edades. Compañías como Uber y Lyft incluso se unieron a la fabricación de sus propios scooters estacionados en áreas alrededor de Metro-Atlanta.

Birdlime, Jump y otras 5 compañías tienes casi el mismo rango de costos; una tarifa inicial de $1 y .15 ¢ por minuto. Pero su gran popularidad también ha comenzado a causar problemas. La gente deja los scooters dispersos por las calles donde a veces se dañan y son abandonados.

Recientemente se han promulgado nuevos reglamentos para mejorar los problemas surgidos llamada la Ordenanza 18-O-1322, establece que los usuarios de scooters deben usar carriles para bicicletas y no las banquetas peatonales, se recomienda que se use cascos pero no es obligatorios para las personas mayores de 16 años.

Se deben estacionar los scooters en áreas planas o en estacionamientos para bicicletas… No bloquear cualquier estacionamiento, cruces de peatones, puertas o caminos de acceso. Los pasajeros deben seguir las señales de tráfico y no pueden usar el teléfono celular mientras conducen.

Puede encontrar más información sobre las regulaciones del scooter en la ciudad de Atlanta en atlantaga.gov. Los E-Scooters continúan siendo una opción popular entre los residentes de Atlanta e incluso los visitantes debido a que no afectan el medio ambiente y su costo es accesible.

Alejandra Garcia
Samai Calderon

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City drops animal adoption fees to $1 Thursday through Sunday

Jun 26, 2019
HOUSTON – BARC, the City’s Animal Shelter and Adoptions Center, will drop its adoption fees for cats and dogs to $1 Thursday, June 27, through Sunday, June 30, to spur animal lovers to take home adorable pets.

The shelter has capacity for 550 animals but has been taking in 700 animals each week since May.  With shelter intake levels expected to remain high throughout the summer, BARC is asking Houstonians to adopt or foster puppies, kittens, dogs and cats.

Adoption fees usually range up to $75. BARC’s adoption package includes a spay/neuter surgery, age-appropriate vaccinations, a one-year city pet license, and a pre-registered microchip with lifetime registration. The adoption package, sponsored by Proler Industries, would cost hundreds of dollars if purchased independently.

Pets available for adoption can be found on BARC’s website, but BARC encourages adopters to stop by BARC at 3300 Carr Street, Houston 77026 and meet each animal in person. BARC is open for adoptions noon to 5:00 p.m. every day.

“We desperately need the community’s help this weekend,” said Mayor Sylvester Turner. “Each day more and more animals arrive. We don’t typically drop adoption fees to $1, but we want to give the animals in our care the best possible to chance to find a home.”

If you are unable to permanently adopt a pet but would like to help animals in need, BARC encourages you to consider becoming a BARC volunteer or pet foster parent. Many dogs and cats at the shelter are too young for adoption or have treatable conditions that must be taken care of outside of the shelter before adoption. By getting these animals out of BARC and into foster homes, BARC has more space for additional animals are brought to the shelter.


See available BARC pets here.

Get adoption forms here.

Fostering info here.

Donate to the BARC Foundation here.

BARC’s Amazon wish list here.
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Composite Sketch of Suspect Wanted in Fatal Shooting at 7400 Hillmont Street

Jun 26, 2019
Houston police homicide investigators have released a sketch of a male suspect wanted in the fatal shooting of a man and the wounding of a woman at 7400 Hillmont Street about 5:25 a.m. on Sunday (June 23).

The suspect is described as a black male in his 40s, about 5 feet 9 inches tall with an average build.  The suspect was wearing a white muscle shirt with gray sweatpants or shorts.  A composite sketch of the suspect is attached to this news release.

The male victim, Marlin Jordan, 26, was pronounced dead at an area hospital.  The female victim, Maya Brashier, 19, was transported to an area hospital.

HPD Homicide Division Sergeant A. Turner reported:

Mr. Jordan and Ms. Brashier were returning home from work when they were approached by an armed, unknown black male suspect who demanded their money.  The suspect shot Jordan and then shot Brashier after taking her purse and backpack.  He then fled the scene.  Paramedics transported both victims to a hospital.

A photo of the stolen purse/backpack is also attached to this news release.

Anyone with information in this case is urged to contact the HPD Homicide Division at 713-308-3600 or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.
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Two Suspects Arrested, Charged in Shooting Incident at 9603 Bissonnet Street

Jun 22, 2019

Charges have been filed against two suspects following an officer-involved shooting incident at 9603 Bissonnet Street about 3:10 p.m. on Wednesday (June 19).

One suspect, Dahani D. Davis (b/m, 23), is charged with aggravated robbery and felon in possession of a weapon in the 176th State District Court.  Davis sustained at least one gunshot wound and is currently in stable condition at Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital.  A 2018 booking photo of Davis is attached to this news release. 

The other suspect, Keon Crosby (b/m, 22), is charged with felony evading arrest in a motor vehicle and felon in possession of a weapon in the 176th State District Court.  A booking photo of Crosby is attached to this news release.

Two Houston police officers, D. Baskin and J. Baker, discharged their duty weapons.  The officers, assigned to the Westside Patrol Division, were not injured.  Officer Baskin was sworn in as an officer in February 2008 and Baker as an officer in October 2012.  

A third law enforcement officer, an agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) crime gun strike force, also discharged a weapon.

HPD Special Investigations Unit Officers R. Lujan, G. Garcia and J. Snook reported:

Officers assigned to the Westside Divisional Gang Unit and the ATF agent were conducting a joint robbery investigation when an officer observed a vehicle reported stolen in an aggravated robbery.  The officer radioed – to officers in marked patrol vehicles – the location of the vehicle and a description of the occupants.  Once officers in the patrol vehicles located the vehicle, they conducted a felony traffic stop and arrested the driver, Crosby.

The front passenger, later identified as Davis, fled on foot and was later located at a restaurant parking lot at the above address.  Officer Baker observed Davis attempting to carjack a motorist in the drive-thru lane.  The officer gave verbal commands and ordered Davis to drop his weapon.  Davis turned toward Officer Baker and the ATF agent.  The agent and officer feared for their lives and discharged their weapons.  Davis ran into the restaurant and out the back door, with Officer Baskin in pursuit. 

Once outside the restaurant, Officer Baskin observed Davis still holding the weapon. Officer Baskin gave Davis verbal commands to drop the weapon and, fearing for his life and the lives of patrons, discharged his duty weapon striking Davis, who was then taken into custody.  Officers immediately began administering first aid to Davis prior to arrival of Houston Fire Department paramedics.  Davis was transported to the hospital where doctors stated he is expected to survive his injuries.

As is customary in officer-involved shooting incidents in the city limits, this case is being investigated by the HPD Special Investigations Unit and Internal Affairs Division, as well as the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.

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Suspect Arrested, Charged in Fatal Shooting at 13501 South Post Oak Road

Jun 17, 2019
Suspect Arrested, Charged in Fatal Shooting at 13501 South Post Oak Road
Charged have been filed against a suspect arrested in the fatal shooting of a man at 13501 South Post Oak Road about 11:55 p.m. on Thursday (June 6).  

The suspect, Anthony Dewayne Conway, Jr. (b/m, 21), is charged with capital murder in the 230th State District Court.  He is accused in the shooting of Enrique Ramirez-Ayala, 49, who died at the scene.  

A booking photo of Conway, Jr. is attached to this news release.  

HPD Homicide Division Sergeants M. Miller, T. Simmons and Detective S. Jimenez reported:  

Mr. Ramirez-Ayala was walking to his vehicle, parked at a convenience store at the above address, when he was robbed.  During the robbery, Ramirez-Ayala was shot at least once and died at the scene.  

The suspect fled the scene eastbound on Willomine Way in a vehicle described as a white Hyundai Sonata.  

Further investigation identified Conway, Jr. as the suspect in this case and on Thursday (June 13), he was taken into custody without incident.    
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Con Sobre carga la pretemporada de Xolos

Jun 15, 2019

Mazatlán, Sinaloa, 14 de Junio de 2019._ Es el periodo con más carga de trabajo. La Pretemporada del Club Tijuana contempla 30 sesiones de trabajo en tan sólo 10 días. Así de intensa es la etapa de trabajo previa al inicio del Torneo de Apertura 2019.

Pero las intensas cargas rinden frutos durante e incluso hasta el final del torneo. Fabián Bazán, Preparador Físico del cuadro Xoloitzcuintle destaca que al finalizar el certamen anterior, el equipo concluyó como el conjunto con menos lesiones a lo largo del torneo.

Es el segundo torneo consecutivo que tiene el primer equipo bajo el mando del mismo Cuerpo Técnico encabezado por el estratega colombiano Óscar Pareja y del que forma parte Bazán, como el diseñador de la estrategia física de la Institución.

“Fuimos el primer equipo (de la liga en no sufrir) lesiones musculares. En el equipo hemos tenido problemas de isquiotibiales, que es el músculo más propenso a lesionarse en este deporte, pero sobre eso hemos logrado ser el primer equipo con menos lesiones de esa índole.

“Eso habla que las medidas han sido las correctas, que la prevención de los jugadores ha sido la correcta, que se han tomado los recaudos necesarios con respecto a cargas y una gran responsabilidad grupal. Habla de que tenemos, con respecto a la institución, todos los elementos necesarios para desarrollar un trabajo”, comentó el profesor Bazán, al finalizar la primera práctica del segundo día de trabajo.

Han sido, recuerda Fabián, un estimado de 60 pretemporadas las que ha diseñado en su carrera. Y para él, es el segundo periodo de trabajo en la institución, ya que formó parte del Cuerpo Técnico de César Farías, entre 2013 y 2014.

“¡Me agarras fuera de base! dicen los venezolanos”, bromea antes de comenzar a conducir un carrito de golf.

“Debo estar llevando 60 pretemporadas, porque inicié en 1989. Ha cambiado mucho (la metodología de trabajo), como la vida misma, como la medicina, como las evoluciones en todos los aspectos humanos.

“Nosotros estamos continuando un trabajo, como dijo Oscar (Pareja), no estamos comenzando de cero. Entre el 90 y 95 por ciento de los jugadores ya están integrados al trabajo, entonces mi trabajo se hace más alcanzable porque no tenemos que ajustar muchas cosas”, destaca.

Pero hay otra métrica más que resalta Bazán. Y es que con base en el sistema WIMU, con el que trabajan 16 de los 18 clubes de la Primera División al menos hasta el torneo pasado, Xolos tuvo un rendimiento trascendente en cinco de las principales 10 métricas física que evalúa el sistema propuesto por la LIGA MX.

“Y hemos estado dentro de los primero cinco mejores, dentro de los valores físicos que evalúa la liga. La liga toma 10 valores con respecto (a la medición que se hace) con sistema ETPS de WIMU, como distancia total, distancia explosiva, HMLD y aceleraciones tres metros al cuadrado y HSR”, explica.

Además del trabajo físico, el primer equipo tendrá sesiones audio-visuales, de modelo de juego, desarrollo de metodología de trabajo y la parte preventiva en cadena posterior, principalmente.


Xoloitzcuintles benefit from camp
Club Tijuana was team with fewest injuries

MAZATLAN (June 14, 2019) -Preseason camp is where the most work is done. Club Tijuana has 30 training sessions programmed for 10 days during camp in Mazatlan as the team heads into the LIGA MX 2019 Apertura.

The hard work has paid off as Club Tijuana has benefited from the intense sessions. Team head fitness trainer Fabian Bazan said his team was the one with the fewest injuries last season. He thanks in part that outcome to the work put in during preseason camp. This is his second season as the fitness coach under manager Oscar Pareja.

“We were the first team (in the league) without muscular injuries,” Bazan said. “We had hamstring problems on this team, which is the most prone to injury in this sport. But we have managed to be the team with the least injuries of that muscle group

“That tells us that we are measuring things correctly and that injury prevention has been the correct one. We have been doing a good job with workloads and the necessary things for the group. It means that as an organization, we have all the elements needed to do our work.”

Bazan said he’s worked in at least 60 preseason camps during his career. This is the second time he works with Club Tijuana. He was here under former coach Cesar Farias in 2013 and 2014.

“I started in 1989 and many things have changed,” Bazan said. “Just like life itself, training methods have changed, much like medicine and all the evolution of humans.

“We are continuing with our work, not starting from scratch like Oscar (Pareja) said. We have between 90 and 95-percent of players already working. That makes my work a bit more reachable and we don’t need to adjust a lot of things.”

But there is another way Bazan measures his work. He also uses the WIMU system used by 16 of the 18 teams in the league. Club Tijuana stood out in at least five of the 10 physical categories measured by the LIGA MX.

“We have been in the top five in these evaluations by the league,” Bazan said. “The league measures total distance, explosive distance and speed bursts within three-squared meters, all using the ETPS by WIMU.”

In addition to the physical aspects of training, the team will also have audio and video game samples to work with during camp. It will have a plan for work methodology, and mostly injury prevention of the posterior chain.

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Suspect Arrested, Charged in Shooting at 7402 Calhoun Road

Jun 13, 2019
Suspect Arrested, Charged in Shooting at 7402 Calhoun Road
A suspect wanted and charged in the shooting of a juvenile male at 7402 Calhoun Road about 12:40 p.m. on June 5 has been arrested.

The suspect, Ketrell Beasley (b/m, 18), is charged with deadly conduct – discharging a firearm in the 351st State District Court.  He is accused for his role in the shooting of an 11-year-old boy, taken to an area hospital in stable condition.

A booking photo of Beasley is attached to this news release.

HPD Major Assaults & Family Violence Division Officer M. Huffman reported:

Officers responded to a shooting call at an apartment complex at the above address and learned the victim was in his apartment when a bullet went through the wall and grazed him in the upper back.  The victim’s older brother, 15, also in the apartment, was not injured.

Further investigation identified the suspect as Beasley.  He was arrested on Wednesday (June 12) without incident.
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Top Ten Stolen Vehicles for May 2019

Jun 13, 2019
The following is a rundown of the “Top Ten” makes of vehicles reported as stolen to the Houston Police Department during the month of May 2019.
 Chevrolet Trucks……235Ford Trucks…………..152GMC Trucks………….  64Toyota Cars…………….42Dodge Trucks………….41Chevrolet Cars………..39Nissan Cars…………… 37Honda Cars…………….36Ford Cars……………….28Toyota Trucks………… 26
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Mayor Turner thanks Gov. Abbott, releases statement on newly signed legislation related to disaster relief and preparedness

Jun 13, 2019
HOUSTON –  At Gov. Greg Abbott’s invitation, Mayor Sylvester Turner today attended the governor’s bill signing ceremony for legislation related to disaster relief and preparedness. 
Please attribute the following statement to Mayor Turner.

Mayor Turner greets Gov. Abbott this morning and thanks him for supporting disaster relief legislation)“Today is another important step in Houston’s long term recovery. Houston experienced one of the worst rain events in North American history. We knew if we were going to recover, we needed to have more resources, in this case the state’s Rainy Day Fund. I sincerely thank our local delegation, who from the beginning insisted on pushing for the Local Match.  
“Senator Creighton was key to this effort and I thank him for Senate Bill 7. My team worked with Rep. Huberty, Murphy, and Walle to provide a key amendment that made this bill work better for everyone in the City of Houston.  
“This is the first time the State of Texas has stepped up to provide the Local Match for federal disaster matching funds. Getting a $9 to $1 return on Public Assistance and $3 to $1 for Hazard Mitigation Grants is a very good return on investment for the state. 
“For Houston, this means over $200 million in investment in our recovery programs, maximizing our federal draw down. Making sure that every community affected by Harvey takes advantage of the federal matching funds is good policy for the State of Texas, and I thank all members of the Legislature, the Lt. Governor, and the Governor for their support.”
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Mayor Turner invites residents to commemorate Juneteenth, annual Acres Homes parade will take place Saturday, June 15

Jun 12, 2019
Mayor Turner invites residents to commemorate Juneteenth,
annual Acres Homes parade will take place Saturday, June 15
Houston — Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner invites everyone to join him at the 8th Annual Juneteenth Parade in Acres Homes on Saturday, June 15. The parade will feature over 100 entries, including local marching bands, dancing groups, horses, floats, vintage cars and more.  Several special guests will also participate.

The excitement begins at 10 a.m. at the Acres Homes Multi-Service Center, 6719 West Montgomery, and travels north up West Montgomery to turn left on Dolly Wright and disband at Greater Zion Baptist Church and Drew Academy.

“Every year, this event gets bigger and better because Juneteenth is an important day throughout Texas and in Houston,” Mayor Turner said.  “I invite everyone to watch along the parade route. Bring your family, friends, and neighbors. We’ll have a great time together as a community.”

Among the special guests joining the Mayor for this year’s event are:

Christina Wells – 2018 Semi-Finalist on America’s Got Talent, powerhouse vocalist, registered nurse, and motivational speaker

Trae the Truth – This Houston rapper is described as a musician, father, activist, and humanitarian. He assisted flood victims during Hurricane Harvey and has contributed to several community events and causes

Tobe Nwigwe –  a first-generation Nigerian American, is a visionary from Alief making waves in the hip hop world. An independent artist and lyricist; Nwigwe is known for his art, consistency, and singular goal in life—to make purpose popular.

Seun Adigun  — Seun is a Nigerian-American bobsledder who represented Nigeria at the 2018 Winter Olympics.  Seun ran track for the University of Houston and is the niece of former Houston Rockets and UH star Hakeem Olajuwon.

“Houston is the most diverse city in the nation and we are also inclusive. So, I invite residents from every neighborhood to attend the annual Juneteenth Parade in Acres Homes,” Mayor Turner said. “Juneteenth is about commemorating freedom, honoring our ancestors and building new relationships. I hope everyone will show up for this exciting event.”

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