Pumas extiende su patrocinio con DHL hasta la terminación del Clausura 2020

Oct 20, 2017

Pumas extiende su patrocinio con DHL hasta la terminación del Clausura 2020

  • La compañía líder mundial en soluciones logísticas se convierte, además, en el principal patrocinador del equipo femenil

Este jueves por la tarde se anunció que la empresa multinacional DHL extiende su patrocinio principal con el Club Universidad Nacional hasta la terminación del torneo Clausura 2020, en un acto celebrado en las instalaciones de Cantera.

El evento fue encabezado por Antonio Arranz, CEO de DHL Express México, y Manuel Ávila, director Comercial del Club Universidad Nacional, quien se mostró agradecido por este nuevo lazo. “Estamos muy contentos con el compromiso que tiene DHL con el Club. Esta ampliación demuestra la confianza que tienen en el equipo y en el proyecto del Nuevo ADN Pumas. Por eso quiero aprovechar esta oportunidad para agradecer a DHL por estar cerca del Club”, comentó.

Además, nos complace informar que DHL, marca con la que compartimos valores como la velocidad, precisión, pasión, actitud y tenacidad para hacer las cosas bien y a la primera, se convierte, a partir de ahora, en el principal patrocinador de nuestro equipo femenil, el cual se verá al frente de la playera de las jugadoras felinas. Con esto, Pumas se convierte en el primer Club que invita a tener un patrocinio con el equipo femenil.

“La fuerza, el poderío y la determinación que las jóvenes auriazules nos han mostrado es tan solo el principio de la gran carrera de triunfos que sin duda cosecharán las promesas del futbol mexicano. Chicas, este también es un momento de hacer historia y hacer la diferencia. Sepan que en DHL Express México encontrarán un aliado estratégico para impulsar y aplaudir cada una de sus victorias,” expresó Antonio Arranz.

Cortesia: Club Pumas

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Oct 20, 2017




Gdansk, Poland — The Octagon® returns to Poland for just the second time in UFC history. UFC® FIGHT NIGHT: COWBOY vs. TILL action takes place this Saturday, October 21, at the Ergo Arena in Gdansk, Poland. Here is what the stars had to say ahead of their bouts:


Andre Fili:

  • “Artem is very tough. He’s a completely game opponent and I don’t think people give him the credit he deserves. But my fight IQ is better. I understand fighting better. I think that’s going to be the major factor in this fight, my fighting IQ”.
  • “When you win, you’re the man, you feel like a king, but when you lose, everybody has something to say, it’s like the end of the world. So you can’t celebrate your wins too much but you also can’t focus on your losses too much ether.”
  • “I’m focused on myself and on having the greatest performance of my career, the best performance I’ve ever had”.
  • “I don’t care about his record, his career, or what anyone thinks about him; I just care about myself and performing to the absolute best of my ability.”
  • “I have never ever been to Europe so as far as the history and the culture goes, I like it. It’s a very interesting experience to come here.”
  • “He has never been finished before. I am going to be the first person to finish him. I don’t know if it’s going to be on the ground or if it’s going to be standing but however the finish comes, I will take it.”


Artem Lobov:

  • On opponent: “He’s well-tested, well-seasoned, he comes from a very good team – Team Alpha Male – so he knows how to fight and he’s not afraid to fight so I love the match-up.”
  • “I don’t know what he’s going to do, but I can tell you as always I’ll press forward, take no steps back and I’ll give the fans a great show as I always have. Russian Hammer is a brand that represents great fights and will continue to do so for the rest of my life.”
  • On his losses – “If you’re put in a competitive environment, losses will happen. Look at Jeremy Stevens – he’s a top 10 featherweight in the world and he’s 13 and 13 in the UFC. These things happen: you can see the same in football or anywhere if you look at the league, even the champions have losses. What kills it for everyone and why I’m so against it is the record pattern because it gives the public the wrong view of the sport. They think you are meant to beat everyone and that’s how it is if you’re a good fighter, which is not the case.”
  • On Cub Swanson fight – “From that fight, I’ve taken that I’m getting close to that level but I’m not there yet. A lot more work needs to be done which I have been doing and will continue doing until I am there.”
  • On training with Connor – “As an MMA fighter, it’s hard to find the time to concentrate on just one discipline. You always have to go between wrestling, grappling, striking, kickboxing, boxing so it’s very hard to actually improve in one discipline.”
  • “It was great for me to take the time and concentrate on my hands and I’ve seen great benefits from that – building the stamina in your hands, being able to control that many shots and sharpen my shots. I’m definitely excited to showcase those skills in this fight.”


Jan Blachowicz:

  • “It feels really good for the UFC to come back to Poland again. It’s an amazing feeling to be part of that again, but this time I have to win!”
  • “People in Poland like fighting sports.”
  • “UFC is the biggest organization; it’s the dream of any fighter. This is UFC – if you’re a MMA fighter, you want to be here.”
  • On his opponent: “He is a wrestler, so I know that he will try to take me down. I don’t think he will fight me standing. Maybe he’ll try at the beginning of the fight, but after a few punches he will try to use his wrestling skills to take me down. I’m going to try defend him and punch him again instead.”
  • “I train with Damian Janikowski, the Olympic bronze medalist. Everyone I’m training with tries to take me down and simulate my opponent. I think I’m ready for him.”
  • “I will win by KO in the first or second round. If it’s not going to happen at the beginning of the first round, it’s going to happen in the second.”


Devin Clark:

  • “This is my first time out of the States, so good opportunity, good opponent – I’m really excited. It’s fun. I’m a tourist so far and people are nice.
  • “I’ll fight wherever. It’s a fight, I don’t really care where it’s at. That’s part of the reason I wanted to be in the UFC; you get to travel the world, see different things and get paid to do it – why not.
  • “I love that underdog situation, that adversity. I’ve had to deal with it in the past as I grew up wrestling, so it’s nothing new to me. You’ve still got to work. It adds to the feel as well.”
  • “I’ve got my dad here with me. Also, I’m an advocate for down syndrome and there’s a bunch of down syndrome groups here to see me so I’ll have some fans.”
  • On training with Jackson/Wink and having teammates like Jodie on the same card – “It’s been great, knowing that you’re going overseas with the team, it helps with the confidence knowing you’re not going alone. We’re all training for the same date which makes it nice and the intensity rises at about the same time.”
  • On his opponent: “He knows he needs a win and he’s going to come to fight. That’s all I expect. I expect a tough fight and I hope he does the same, because it’s going to be a tough one for him.”
  • “I expect to finish him, but if I don’t, it’s going to be three tough rounds for him and I’m going to grind him out.”


Jodie Esquibel:

  • What a great opportunity and position to be in. This is the best opportunity that I’ve ever had – I love the match-up, I love travelling – there was just no question over it.”
  • On her opponent: “All that fan-favourite and excitement around her is pressure that’s not on me. She can have all that, that’s fine. She’s good, she’s great, she’s top-ranked fighter. There’s not any challenge that I haven’t prepared for, so I’m not really worried about the challenge she brings.”
  • “I think the match-up is favorable to myself honestly. She’s never really faced anybody like me stylistically. I’ve been competing MMA at a high level for a long time now. Now it’s a bigger venue and a bigger opponent and I’m ready to rise to the occasion.”
  • “I feel like I’m better all around. She’s really, really great at a few things, but it’s the world of MMA and that means you have to be well-rounded and I feel like I am.”
  • “On Saturday we’ll see a really calm, collected and beautiful debut.”
  • On Poland: “It’s beautiful, it’s amazing. I think it’s awesome – you’re seeing stuff that you never see and it does kind of take away the monotony of fight week. Fight week in your home town is like the longest week ever, but now we’re already here, tomorrow’s weigh-ins and then fight day. I think traveling so far to somewhere so beautiful is a great way to do it.”
  • “The whole experience is great. I’m just trying to be present in every moment and when I win on Saturday I’ll be present in that moment too.”
  • “I’m going to have some fun, be myself and when I allow myself to do that I am victorious.”


Karolina Kowalkiewicz:

  • “I never feel pressure before a fight, I love what I do. I feel pressure when I am hungry and I can’t eat a cookie!”
  • “A few years ago, nobody knew UFC in Poland and now everybody knows that UFC is the biggest organization in the world”
  • “I don’t talk about the past. I took my lessons and changed a few things in my training and I hope now that everything will be ok.”
  • “Before fights I am very focused and happy because I’m doing what I love.”
  • “Now I am not thinking about my next fight. I am focused on Saturday and on Jodie. After that we will see.”
  • “I see only one scenario on Saturday – only I can win because we are in Poland. This is my home.”


Darren Till:

  • “It’s the biggest moment of my career to date. I’m just trying to live in the moment and make the most of every minute of it.”
  • “This kind of opportunity doesn’t come along all the time. I’ve grabbed it with both hands”.
  • “I’m still a fan of Cowboy. He’s everything you want from a fighter, that’s never going to change. I look up to him and I respect him but, come fight night, I have to put all that to one side and I’ll have to put my fist in his face. It’ll be no different to any other opponent”.
  • “Fighting isn’t about age or experience; it’s about intelligence. I know I’m the most intelligent fighter out there. I don’t think he’s half the fighter I am, I really don’t.”
  • “This fight is my fight, it’s my show. There’s nothing he is bringing to the table that I haven’t seen before”.
  • “The first round, I’m going to mentally break him, I know I am, and he’s going to start questioning himself more as the fight goes on.”
  • “The dream is to headline in my home town. I want to be the first scouser to bring the UFC to Liverpool. Let’s get to the Echo arena, let’s get me a top 10 opponent – that will be one of the most historical moments in my career.”
  • “I have total faith and confidence in the fact that I’m going to be the next British UFC world champion”.
  • “I don’t believe in pressure, you shouldn’t feel that as a fighter. Get on with your job and keep those emotions under control.”
  • “On Saturday Cowboy will see a level that he has never ever seen in his career before”.
  • “I’ve been training for 14 years for this. I’ve sacrificed so much, so on Saturday, it’s do or die. Saturday I go in there and make a big statement”.
  • “There’s going to be so many scousers here on Saturday that you don’t even understand!”
  • “After Cowboy, I’m just going to put everyone in the welterweight division on notice.”


Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone

  • “Other than the sleep apnea, coming over here to Poland has been great.  My weight is fine, I’m eating anything I want right now.  In fact, I met a local family here and they took us and cooked us dinner last night.  She put out a thanksgiving spread and I said sorry ma’am, I can’t eat this much food but then I did.”
  • “Its crazy sleeping in a hotel room for a fight, I usually have the RV with me.”
  • “It’s cool, I enjoy Europe.  I was trying to get a fight and the UFC gave me a lineup of all the places they’re we offering me there was no Europe on there.  I said what about Poland card and Sean Shelby (UFC Matchmaker) was like you’ll go overseas and I was like sure, why not?”
  • “It doesn’t matter where I fight or when I fight.  You guys don’t understand, I’ll fight on the first fight of the night.  It doesn’t have to be the main event or Poland or a Pay-Per-View. It makes no difference to me. This is what I love to do.”
  • “I enjoy this whole process, being in Poland, walking around, checking everything out and being able to fight and doing what I love.”
  • “I was even trying to get a fight sooner than now but of course its timing and other things.  That was the issue with this card. Once I got the Poland fight, it was finding an opponent for Poland.  Im glad Darren Till stepped up.”
  • “It was no disrespect from me, I wasn’t trying to prod at the kid, I just didn’t know who Darren Till was. He has like three fights. He’s a new up and comer. This will be the biggest moment of his life. Will five rounds be too much for him?  He went from the undercard to the big card. Hey man, welcome to the big leagues.”
  • “Some people say Cowboy is the gate keeper. Well then can you get past the gate?”
  • “I’ve been in the game a long time, this is like my 34th time doing a Zuffa walk and I’ve been in the top-ten pretty much my entire career.  That’s pretty cool to sit back and say.”
  • “I watch zero fights. That’s my coach’s job, to figure out and game plan. I don’t like sitting around during fight week. I like going and seeing castles like I have this week.”
  • “I train hard, I train the same always. I stay ready.”
  • “It doesn’t always go my way. Right now, I’m two in the wrong and the Robbie (Lawler) fight could have gone either way. I fought the best in the world and I loved it but in the end, it’s what I love to do.”
  • “I want fans to say Cowboy’s in Poland? On FIGHT PASS?  What’s FIGHT PASS and how do I get it?  I need to see Cowboy fight because I know he’s biting down and going to give it his all. I want to come on and be the biggest draw in FIGHT PASS history.”




For more information or current fight news, visit ufc.com. All bouts live and subject to change.

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El Monterrey cayó 1-0 ante el Puebla

Oct 20, 2017

Primer revés de Rayados

El Monterrey cayó 1-0 ante el Puebla

Después de arrancar de manera contundente el certamen, el Monterrey cayó por primera ocasión en el Apertura 2017 de la Liga BBVA Bancomer tras ser superado 2-0 por el Puebla en encuentro reprogramado de la Jornada 10.

La noche no fue lo esperada para Rayados al no encontrar el mejor funcionamiento en sus líneas, dejando el invicto en el Estadio Cuauhtémoc y aguardando una fecha más su clasificación a la Liguilla.

Muy temprano en el marcador se fueron al frente los de La Franja después de una acción individual de Lucas Cavallini apenas a los cuatro minutos de tiempo corrido, poniendo cuesta arriba el accionar para los albiazules.

Tras el primer golpe, los dirigidos por Antonio Mohamed lograron acomodarse mejor en el terreno de juego pero no tuvieron claridad frente al marco poblano cerrando así la primera mitad.

Justo cuando el compromiso vivía momentos de tensión por el empuje de los regiomontanos, nuevamente apareció Cavallini para marcar su doblete al 77′ cerrando la pizarra.

A pesar de la derrota, el Monterrey se mantiene como Líder de la temporada con 27 unidades postergando su entrada a los Cuartos de Final del Apertura 2017 de la Liga BBVA Bancomer.

Cortesia: Club Monterrey

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Oct 20, 2017
Thursday, Oct. 19, 2017
Park Theater at Monte Carlo
Las Vegas, NV
Photo/Video Credit: Derrick Hogan – Hoganphotos/Golden Boy Promotions
Rosado vs. Tapia is a 10-round middleweight fight presented by Golden Boy Promotions. The event is sponsored by Tecate“THE OFFICIAL BEER OF BOXING,” and Hennessy, “Never Stop, Never Settle.” The event will be held at Park Theater at Monte Carlo Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. The ESPN 3 livestream of the undercard bouts begins at approximately 6:30 p.m. PT/9:30 p.m. ET. The ESPN2 and ESPN Deportes transmission will begin at 8:00 p.m. PT/11:00 p.m. ET.
Tickets priced at $25, $45, $65 and $85, not including taxes or fees, for Rosado vs. Tapia will go on sale, Friday Sept. 22 at 10:00 a.m. PT. To charge by phone with a major credit card, call the Ticketmaster Contact Center at (800) 745-3000. Tickets will also be available 
for purchase online at www.ticketmaster.com, www.ParkTheaterLV.com, or visiting any MGM Resorts Ticket Office.
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LA Galaxy to Host Inaugural International Youth Tournament in Southern California

Oct 20, 2017

LA Galaxy to Host Inaugural International Youth Tournament in Southern California


The LA Galaxy Cup will take place in Southern California in March and April 2018 and feature world-class teams from across the globe, including LA Galaxy Academy, England’s Swansea City and more;

Teams can register to participate now at www.lagalaxycup.com   


LOS ANGELES (Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017) – In April 2018, the LA Galaxy will host the first-ever LA Galaxy Cup, the club’s inaugural international tournament that will see world-class teams from across the globe competing in Southern California with Boys & Girls Development Academy & Club teams at the U-12 – U-19 level. Along with the LA Galaxy Academy sides, the LA Galaxy Cup will feature LA Galaxy Academy and Premier League side Swansea City A.F.C. among other youth sides from European, Mexican and Major League Soccer clubs.


Teams can still register to participate in the LA Galaxy Cup at www.lagalaxycup.com.


“As this country continues to invest in soccer at the youth level, it is paramount that we provide opportunities to play against the best competition throughout the world, and there is no better area in the United States than a soccer hotbed like Southern California to host a tournament like this,” said former MLS goalkeeper and current LA Galaxy Youth Development Ambassador Dan Kennedy. “We are extremely excited to launch the LA Galaxy Cup and provide our Academy athletes, along with youth athletes from across the United States, with the chance to compete against youth sides from world-class teams. We are committed to making the LA Galaxy Cup a premier youth soccer tournament in this country as we continue to raise the level of competition at the earliest possible ages.”



  • The LA Galaxy Cup will showcase athletes from Boys & Girls Development Academy & Club teams at the U-12 – U-19 level
  • The LA Galaxy Cup will be held from Wednesday, March 28 through Sunday, April 1 at the Orange County Great Park in Irvine, Calif.
  • The Great Park has 18 fields, including a soccer-specific stadium with 5,000 seats to showcase top matches all in one location.


In addition to the LA Galaxy Academy teams, which compete in the U.S. Soccer Developmental Academy, the tournament will feature numerous LA Galaxy Alliance Clubs from Southern California. The LA Galaxy Alliance Club Program is an extensive soccer development initiative for youth clubs that gives its members the best resources to reach their soccer and community potential.


The LA Galaxy Cup, supported by Welch’s, was created to offer a premier international competition for Boys Development Academy teams. The Galaxy plan to host a mix of European, Mexican, and Major League Soccer Academy teams to increase competition and provide a unique playing experience for each participating team.


LA Galaxy Season Ticket Memberships for the 2018 Major League Soccer season are now available. Season Ticket Members and Galaxy fans can go to lagalaxy.com/since96 to secure their 2018 LA Galaxy Season Ticket Memberships, beginning as low as just $323 per seat ($17 per match). In addition to visiting lagalaxy.com/since96, fans can secure 2018 Season Ticket Memberships at StubHub Center by visiting the Galaxy tent atop Section 104 or 126 at any LA Galaxy home game. Fans can also call 1.877.3GALAXY (342.5299) and press 1 when prompted to secure Season Ticket Memberships.

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Pumas femenil gana 3-1 en su visita a Toluca

Oct 20, 2017

Pumas femenil gana 3-1 en su visita a Toluca

El equipo de Pumas continúa con paso firme y en esta ocasión derrotó 3-1 a Toluca este miércoles en las instalaciones de Metepec, en partido pendiente de la jornada 9 del torneo Apertura 2017 de la Liga MX Femenil. Con este resultado suma su sexto partido sin perder.

“Estamos muy contentas, el trabajo se ve reflejado aquí. Teníamos la cosquillita de ganarles porque en casa empatamos, pero ver que las niñas van mejorando día a día me llena de mucho orgullo. Toluca es un gran equipo, por eso está en los primeros lugares, pero trabajamos para poder anularlas“, afirmó Ileana Dávila, estratega del conjunto de la UNAM, al término del partido.

Las universitarias demostraron gran orden y dominio del balón desde el inicio del juego. Debido a ello, apenas al minuto 11, Karime Abud abrió el marcador, ventaja con la que se irían al descanso.

Para la segunda mitad, las auriazules fueron más contundentes. Paola López (65’) y Melanie Hernández (75’) fueron las encargadas de ampliar la pizarra a favor de las felinas. Las locales acortaron distancia por medio de Zaira Miranda (85’), pero no fue suficiente para la reacción. Con este resultado, las Pumas se afianzan en la cuarta posición del grupo 1.

En la jornada 13, las universitarias recibirán a las Águilas con la motivación a tope ya que suman dos victorias en fila. “Esperamos sacar un buen resultado contra América. Vamos a defender nuestra casa otra vez”, destacó la Directora Técnica de Pumas.


Toluca: 22-Dayan Téllez, 2-Dirce Delgado, 3-Daniela Gómez, 15-Sara Reyna (13-Miriam Beltrán 45’), 23-Deborah Romero, 7-Andrea Hernández, 26-Ivonne Meis (17-Edna Perea 45’), 27-Liliana Rodríguez, 9-Kenya Téllez (29-Zaira Miranda 70’), 14-María Mauleón, 19-Karla López. D.T. Juan Mendoza.

Pumas: 1-Brissa Rangel, 2-Deneva Cagigas, 3-Ricla Rajunov, 7-Ana López, 8-Gabriela Martínez, 9-Diana Gómez (22-Patricia Jardón 70’), 13-Hireri Velázquez, 14-Nancy Zaragoza, 15-Ana López (21-Nátaly Ávila 80’), 20-Karime Abud, 24-Dania Padilla (19-Melanie Hernández 74’). D.T. Ileana Dávila.

Cuerpo arbitral:

Central: Alan López. Asistentes: Eduardo Miranda y Rodrigo Vences. Cuarto árbitro: Alfredo Medina.


Pumas: 14-Nancy Zaragoza (80’).


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Oct 20, 2017
            LOS ÀNGELES, California 18 de octubre de 2017. – La Navidad llegará pronto para los aficionados del boxeo cuando el invicto campeón británico Billy Joe Saunders (25-0, 12 nocáuts) exponga su cinto mediano de la Organización Mundial de Boxeo (WBO por sus siglas en inglés) el 16 de diciembre ante el ex monarca mundial mediano de la FIB David Lemieux (38-3, 33 nocáuts) en un escenario en Montreal, Canadá que se anunciará en breve. El combate será televisado en vivo por HBO World Championship Boxing.
            Saunders, el invicto peleador zurdo de 28 años de edad, regresará después de dos defensas en fila de su faja mundial de la OMB que capturó ante “Irish” Andy Lee en el 2015. Saunders ha defendido su cinto en su impresionante carrera ante peleadores de la talla del ex campeón interino mediano de la AMB Chris Eubank, Jr., el entonces invicto Gary “Spike” O’Sullivan, y el contendiente Willie “The Mongoose” Monroe Jr.
“Primeramente, quiero agradecer a Golden Boy Promotions por poner esta función”, dijo Billy Joe Saunders. “Lemieux [David] se ve bien contra peleadores de ‘nivel B’, pero ahora estará en el ring con alguien que es mucho más superior e inteligente que cualquier otro rival con el que haya peleado. Lemieux es el retador obligatorio y acordamos un acuerdo para ir a tierras extranjeras y conseguirlo. Tengo muchos amigos en Canadá, y traeré muchos seguidores a Canadá desde el Reino Unido. Espero una decisión buena, limpia y justa. Después de vencer a Lemieux, me moveré a peces más grandes; el ganador del desempate entre Canelo y Golovkin. Estoy deseando una gran pelea”, subrayó.
            Lemieux, el poderoso fajador canadiense de 28 años de edad y con poder devastador en ambos puños, capturó el cetro mundial mediano de la FIB ante Hassan N’Dam en el 2015, derribando el ex monarca cuatro veces antes de ganar por decisión unánime. En este año solamente, Lemieux obtuvo una impresionante victoria por la vía del cloroformo en el tercer asalto ante el fuerte contendiente Curtis “Cerebral AssassinStevens, antes de ganar por decisión unánime frente a Marcos “Dorado” Reyes en mayo.
            “Ahora es tiempo de convertirme de nuevo en campeón mundial”, afirmó David Lemieux. “Voy a destrozar a Saunders. Estaré sumamente listo para esta batalla, y voy a producirle mucho dolor a Saunders. Èl perderá su calidad de invicto este 16 diciembre”, amenazó.
            “Saunders vs. Lemieux es exactamente la manera perfecta de terminar un año que ha sido tremendo para el boxeo”, anotó Óscar de la Hoya, Presidente y Jefe Ejecutivo de Golden Boy Promotions. “¿Utilizará Saunders su rapidez e inteligencia para boxear a Lemieux? ¿O podrá Lemieux acabar la noche pronto con un poderoso golpe? Vamos a ver este 16 de diciembre”, finalizó.
“Esto tiene una ‘gran pelea’ escrita por todos partes”, afirmó Camille Estephan, Presidente de Eye of the Tiger Management. “Sé que Lemieux está extremadamente motivado y que tiene una aversión visceral sobre Saunders. Cuando esté en ese estado, ten cuidado. Esto promete ser una guerra. Estamos encantados de tener la oportunidad de combatir por el título mundial mediano de la OMB en casa y mantenerlo aquí”, puntualizó.
“Estamos encantados de trabajar de nuevo con Golden Boy Promotions, con quienes seguimos disfrutando de una relación fantástica”, anotó Frank Warren. “Billy Joe Saunders va a la guarida de los leones porque confía que le va a dar una paliza a David Lemieux. Billy Joe tendrá una gran oportunidad cuando defienda su título mundial de la OMB contra un gran oponente y cuando encabece su primera cartelera de HBO en Estados Unidos. Está ansioso por mostrar su calidad ante el público estadounidense para asegurarse que se enfrente al vencedor del desempate entre Canelo vs. Golovkin, por el campeonato mundial mediano indiscutible. Billy Joe está a punto de demostrar que es el mejor peso mediano del mundo. Se la ha evitado continuamente y si eso significa que tiene que ir a Canadá para asegurarse de que ya no puede pasarse por alto, ¡eso es lo que está preparado para hacer!”, finalizó
“La división de peso mediano está repleta de peleadores de la talla de Canelo Álvarez, Gennady Golovkin y Daniel Jacobs, y el 16 de diciembre, los aficionados verán al campeón BJ Saunders viajar por el Atlántico para combatir con David Lemieux, uno de los noqueadores más peligrosos de la categoría de las 160 libras y en su propio terreno de Montreal”, concluyó Peter Nelson, Vicepresidente Ejecutivo de HBO Sports.
            Saunders vs. Lemieux es un combate a 12 asaltos por el cetro mundial mediano de la OMB presentado por Golden Boy Promotions y Eye of the Tiger Management en asociación con Frank Warren. El evento es patrocinado por Tecate, “THE OFFICIAL BEER OF BOXING.”  El evento se efectuará el 16 diciembre en Montreal, Canadá y será televisado en vivo por HBO World Championship Boxing.
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Oct 20, 2017



·        Pablo Barrera regresó a las canchas después de seis meses de inactividad por una lesión

·        El canterano Alan Acosta marcó su primer gol en el máximo circuito


El conjunto de los Pumas de la UNAM derrotó 2-0 al equipo de León este martes por la noche en Ciudad Universitaria, en partido pendiente de la jornada 10 del torneo Apertura 2017 de la Liga MX.


“La actitud de los muchachos siempre ha estado (presente). Quiero reconocer, sin duda, la unidad del equipo, el esfuerzo y el compromiso que han mostrado. Le ganamos a un gran equipo, que venía de cinco victorias seguidas, que tiene al líder de goleo y una delantera muy poderosa, eso hay que mencionarlo. Para mí es dulce el triunfo y te da tranquilidad. Esto (se debe) a la unidad del equipo. Cuando el equipo trabaja junto, se logra este tipo de resultados. Me siento muy orgulloso de ellos,” afirmó David Patiño, Director Técnico de la escuadra auriazul, al término del encuentro.


Con un orden táctico importante e intensidad desde el inicio del juego, los Pumas tomaron el dominio del balón. La presión en la salida del rival provocó el primer tanto, al minuto 32, a cargo de Abraham González, quien tomó un mal despeje de William Yarbrough y la mandó al fondo del marco.


Para la segunda mitad el tenor fue el mismo. La recompensa llegó hasta el minuto 84, cuando Pablo Barrera, quien entró de cambio y reapareció luego de seis meses tras una lesión en una rodilla, mandó un centro preciso al canterano Alan Acosta, quien no perdonó y sentenció el encuentro con su primer gol en el máximo circuito.


“Quiero destacar lo que hizo Alan Acosta. Es un chavo que ya tiene varias temporadas que subía y bajaba del primer equipo, que le costaba trabajo, pero que hoy hizo un partidazo. También quiero reconocer el trabajo de Pablo (Barrera) porque después de tener tantas cirugías del cruzado, es difícil regresar, se necesita una voluntad tremenda”, alabó el estratega felino.  



Pumas: 1-Alfredo Saldívar; 2-Josecarlos Van Rankin, 3-Gerardo Alcoba, 4-Luis Quintana, 5-Alan Mendoza; 23-Marcelo Díaz (6-Kevin Escamilla 76’), 7-David Cabrera, 10-Abraham González, 22-Alan Acosta, 17-Jesús Gallardo (8-Pablo Barrera 81’); 33-Mauro Formica (11-Bryan Rabello 67’). D.T. David Patiño.


León: 25-William Yarbrough; 35-Ignacio González, 26-Andrés Mosquera, 30-Iván Rodríguez (14-Jorge Pereyra 61’), 5-Fernando Navarro; 23-Juan Cornejo, 10-Luis Montes, 13-Alexander Mejía; 26-Andrés Andrade, 7-Darío Burbano (9-Álvaro Ramos 74’), 17-Mauro Boselli. D.T. Gustavo Díaz.


Árbitro central: Eduardo Galván Basulto. Árbitros asistentes: Juan Joel Rangel e Israel Valenciano. Cuarto árbitro: León Vicente Barajas. Amonestaciones: Pumas – Abraham González (62’) y Josecarlos Van Rankin (86’). León – Alexander Mejía (21’).

Cortesia: Club Pumas

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UFC Crowns Its First Women’s Flyweight Champion On December 1st

Oct 20, 2017




Las Vegas — Women’s MMA in the UFC® extends to new boundaries when one talented athlete is crowned the inaugural UFC women’s flyweight champion at THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER®: A NEW WORLD CHAMPION FINALE, Friday, Dec. 1 at Park Theater in Las Vegas. One of the 16 women competing on the current season of The Ultimate Fighter® will make UFC history as the first champion in a new 125-pound weight division.

Some of the world’s most exceptional female fighters from a variety of different backgrounds converged to compete on The Ultimate Fighter this season, including two UFC vets, Roxanne Modafferi and Lauren Murphy, former Invicta FC flyweight champion Barb Honchak and seven-time world jiu-jitsu champion Sijara Eubanks. The experience levels ranged from 2-1 Shana Dobson to Modafferi’s 34 professional bouts. Women came from across the globe, bringing different life experiences that range from Hungary’s Melinda Fabian to Nicco Montano, who was born and raised on an Indian reservation in Arizona, but all with the same goal of leaving Las Vegas with gold strapped around their waist.

The winner of this season will join an elite group of current and former UFC champions, including Forrest Griffin, Rashad Evans, Matt Serra, Michael Bisping, TJ Dillashaw, Carla Esparza and Robert Whittaker who have competed on The Ultimate Fighter and have gone on to win a world title in the Octagon®.

In addition, winner of season 23 of The Ultimate Fighter Andrew Sanchez (10-3, fighting out of Las Vegas, Nev.) returns to action to take on submission ace Ryan Janes (9-2, fighting out of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada) in a middleweight showdown. Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt Eric Spicely (10-3, fighting out of Las Vegas, Nev.) clashes with dynamic finisher Gerald Meerschaert (26-9, fighting out of Milwaukee, Wisc.) at 185 pounds. Sean O’Malley (8-0, fighting out of Glendale, Ariz.), who competed on the first season of Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series, puts his undefeated record on the line against heavy-handed bantamweight Terrion Ware (17-6, fighting out of Hawthorne, Calif.). And former 135-pound title challenger Joe Soto (18-5, fighting out of Porterville, Calif.) meets undefeated Brett Johns (14-0, fighting out of Swansea, Wales).
For the latest information on additional bouts for this event, please visit www.ufc.com. All bouts live and subject to change.

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Swanson and Ortega Meet In A Home State Showdown In Fresno

Oct 20, 2017

Swanson and Ortega Meet In A Home State Showdown In Fresno


Las Vegas — The Octagon® touches down in Fresno, Calif. for the first time in UFC history when perennial contender, No. 4 featherweight Cub Swanson clashes with No. 6 Brian Ortega, who hopes to keep his perfect record intact in the main event of UFC FIGHT NIGHT®: SWANSON vs ORTEGA. The always-entertaining Swanson is back in action for a California showdown against fast rising Ortega, a jiu-jitsu black belt who will be headlining his first UFC event. The action goes down Saturday, Dec. 9 at Save Mart Center in Fresno, Calif. and will air live on FS1.

(25-7, fighting out of Palm Springs, Calif.) will compete in his second consecutive main event in search of a fifth victory in a row. Swanson has won 10 of his last 12 contests, and earned Fight of the Year honors for his UFC 206 victory over Dooho Choi. A win could put Swanson in position for a shot at the 145-pound title, but it will not come easy against the undefeated Ortega (12-0, fighting out of Torrance, Calif.). The Los Angeles native is on pace to be the UFC’s next big star and is in search of the biggest win of his young career. Coming off incredible performances against Renato Moicano and fan favorite Clay Guida, “T-City” knows a strong performance in front of home state fans will catapult him into title contention in the talent-rich 145-pound division.

Two bantamweight bouts are also expected to keep fans on the edge of their seats. Sixth-ranked bantamweight Bryan Caraway (21-7, fighting out of Las Vegas, Nev.) has an impressive 6-2 record inside the Octagon, and he is currently riding a two-fight win streak. The Ultimate Fighter® season 14 competitor will compete for the first time in more than a year against up-and-coming Luke Sanders (11-1, fighting out of Nashville, Tenn.). “Cool Hand” started his professional MMA career on a tear, scoring nearly half of his wins via knockout. Fans can expect both fighters to keep moving forward in what should be a thrilling contest.

Always entertaining, No. 7 Aljamain Sterling (14-2, fighting out of Uniondale, N.Y.) is hoping a win this December will earn him a top-five ranking in the competitive bantamweight division. Sterling’s path to the top of the weight class goes through veteran submission specialist Rani Yahya (24-9, 1 NC, fighting out of Brasilia, Brazil). The four-time Submission of the Night earner is known as one of the best ground fighters in UFC, as an astonishing 18 of his 24 career victories have come via submission.

Hometown fans will cheer on one of their own when flyweight Alex Perez (18-4, fighting out of Lemoore, Calif.) makes his UFC debut. Perez looks to earn his sixth consecutive win and eighth first-round finish while defending his home turf against the Philippines’ Carls John De Tomas (8-1, fighting out of Quezon City, NCR, Philippines). The 21-year old “Golden Boy” hopes to use his Muay Thai background to ruin Perez’s homecoming.

Additional bouts:

  • Two veteran women’s bantamweights will compete for the first time in the UFC at flyweight when Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt Alexis Davis (18-7, fighting out of San Jose, Calif.) faces-off against the first woman to ever step inside the Octagon, Liz Carmouche (10-5, fighting out of San Diego, Calif.).
  • Undefeated former Alabama Crimson Tide national football champion Eryk Anders (9-0, fighting out of Birmingham, Ala.) collides with veteran John Phillips (21-6, fighting out of Swansea, Wales) in a middleweight duel.
  • Tennessee native Scott Holtzman (10-2, fighting out of Knoxville, Tenn.) meets the dangerous Darrell Horcher (13-2, fighting out of Shermansdale, Pa.).


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