Houston Dynamo enacts their revenge, beat Galaxy 1-0

May 5, 2013

Carson City, California- Home Depot Center, May 5, 2013, (Photos: Victor Posadas)

When the soccer schedule came out for this year’s MLS fixtures, many people circled the game between the Los Angeles Galaxy and the Houston Dynamo. That game would be a much anticipated matchup between last year’s MLS Cup final participants and they were going to play on the same field they battled for the cup, The Home Depot Center.

The game started like many thought it would, with both teams looking to attack and try to take an early lead. Houston Dynamo almost took that early lead when they connected on a corner kick, but Carlos Cudicini was there to block the ball that was headed at point blank range. Cudicini reacted fast enough and even though the ball was headed to where he was standing, it could have still squirted through. Galaxy had some chances with crosses toward Charlie Rugg but they were either too high or Tally Hall was there to block it. In the 23rd minute, Huston committed a foul inside the penalty box that resulted in a penalty kick for Galaxy. Jose Villarreal received a through ball and ran towards goal, but Hall slide feet first and dropped Villarreal resulting in a penalty kick. Everyone in the stadium knew Landon Donovan was going to take the penalty kick and everyone thought he was going to make it. The only problem was that last time Donovan took one, he missed. Donovan set up and shot low and to the right but Hall guessed correctly and was able to block the ball. The score stayed 0-0.

As the first half wore on, Dynamo seemed to move their lines forward and became more aggressive. They would bring in more players on their attacks and seemed into dangerous spaces but Cudicini and the Galaxy defense was there to block and stop each Dynamo attack.

The second half was different than the first half of the game. Galaxy dominated the first half but the second half belonged to Houston Dynamo. Galaxy came out flat, and Houston took advantage of that. They were aggressive and started to control the midfield. They were getting second chance opportunities because Galaxy couldn’t clear the ball out of their zone. Houston was able to get the game winning goal in the 56th minute of play. Bobby Boswell gave a long pass to Giles Barnes who ran up the left flank. He spun around and crossed the ball towards the middle of the box. The ball went towards Andrew Driver who kicked it on goal and scored. Cudicini dove to block the ball but the ball went under his glove. This gave Houston Dynamo and 1-0 lead. They held that lead till the end of the game and was able to walk away from the Home Depot Center with a victory.

Galaxy’s next opponent is the Vancouver Whitecaps FC on May 11 in Vancouver.

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Chivas USA gain one point in a very physical game

Apr 28, 2013

Carson City, California- Home Depot Center, April 27, 2013 (Photos: Victor Posadas)

The game between Chivas USA and San Jose Earthquake was Chivas USA’s second game of a very tough stretch they were on. The previous week they played against Real Salt Lake where they suffered a loss to. The next week they were going to play Sporting Kansas City. They knew they had to get good results in these next two games to show they were legitimate contenders in the MLS. Chivas USA began the game playing very sloppy. They had been playing like this the past few games. Their passing was not crisp, their movement was uncoordinated, and they weren’t communicating. San Jose on the other had came out playing very aggressive. They knew they could pressure Chivas USA and create mistakes because Chivas USA had showed that that tactic would work on them.
San Jose’s first scoring opportunity came after a mistake from Chivas USA’s defense. A Chivas USA defender had the ball and tried to pass it back to the goalie, Dan Kennedy. The pass wasn’t strong enough to reach Kennedy, so he was forced to run towards the ball. As Kennedy was running towards the ball, San Jose’s Chris Wondolowski and Steven Lenhart also ran towards the ball. They reached it first and shot towards goal but Kennedy was close enough to take away any shooting angle. Then in the 12th minute of the game, San Jose created their first scoring opportunity. They had the ball on the left flank. They crossed the ball towards Wondolowski who passed the ball to Lenhart received the ball and shot on goal but Kennedy was there to save it.

For the rest of the half there was not real attacking from any team. Most of the game was being played in the midfield with both teams not only fighting for the ball but also for attacking position. Then in the 40th minute of play, San Jose was able to score a goal. The goal came after Joaquin Velazquez fouled Lenhart. Shea Salinas took the free kick and he crossed the ball towards the center of the box. Wondolowski was there to receive it and shot the ball towards the far post and was able to beat a diving Kennedy to score the first goal of the game.

The half ended in a controversial call. Chivas USA had the ball and were running towards the box. They passed the ball to Tristan Bowen. He received the ball and went by one defender. The defender seemed to push Bowen from behind and Bowen fell. The referee did not see it that way. He thought Bowen dove and gave Bowen a yellow for diving.

Chivas USA didn’t let that call affect them in the second half. They began the second half with the equalizing goal. After San Jose cleared a free kick cross, Chivas USA regained the ball. They ran towards the edge of the box and shot on goal. The ball was deflected but Mario de Luna was there to kick the ball with his right foot and score the goal in the 47th minute.

Then in the 51st minute Chivas USA scored the go-ahead-goal. Erick Avila had the ball on the left flank and centered a low cross towards the middle of the box. A Chivas USA forward slid to kick the ball on goal but missed. Right behind him, Bowen was there to kick a left footed shot on goal and scored the second goal of the game. Bowen was able to get some “revenge” after receiving a yellow for an apparent dive. He gave Chivas USA the lead in a much contested game.

After the goal, the game began heating up psychically. Both teams began hitting each other a lot more than the norm. A lot of the hits were borderline legal. Not only was it heating up psychically, both teams began finding an offensive rhythm, especially San Jose. They had many scoring opportunities and a few of them were blocked right on goal line. For many of the blocks, it seemed that Chivas USA had lady luck on their side because San Jose was missing a lot of open looks.

Their luck ran out in the 77th minute of the match. Salinas ran up the right flank and crossed the ball towards the middle of the box. As the ball was arriving, Cordell Cato cut across the box and kicked the ball with his left foot into the net. All Kennedy could do was stand there and watch as San Jose tied the game 2-2.
The game ended with a 2-2 tie. Chivas USA put up a great fight which their coach, “Chelis” was very happy about. He was happy that his team fought hard and worked throughout the 90 minutes. The players didn’t repeat the same sentiments that “Chelis” had. They were happy that they came away with one point but in reality, they wanted to win and get three points out of it.

Their next game is away against Sporting Kansas City, May 5 at Kansas City.

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Galaxy beats Sporting Kansas City 2-0 with an excellent performance by Landon Donovan

Apr 21, 2013

Carson City, California- Home Depot Center, April 20, 2013 (Photos: Victor Posadas)

The Los Angeles Galaxy’s game versus Sporting Kansas City was set up to be one of the best games this fixture. It was going to be Landon Donovan’s first game at home this MLS season. The Galaxy was going against one of the best defensive team in the MLS. It was also a game that featured what many people thought is going to be Donovan’s replacement in the national team, Graham Zusi. They were also trying to rebound after a few difficult weeks that saw them eliminated from the CONCACAF championship and a loss at FC Dallas. Then the unthinkable happened early this week. There were two bombings in Boston that caused the whole nation to stand still for a day. Former Galaxy goalkeeper Matt Reis’ father-in-law was injured in the blast and Galaxy felt the pain as if it was one of their own. Not only Galaxy but the entire league felt the pain that Reis like many others felt. But this is when sports are most important. It is not to see who the best team is or to make sure you beat your opponent. Sports are most important to unite a country and bring a time of happiness and relief after such a terrible tragedy.


The game began in front of a sell-out crowd and from the very beginning people knew it was going to be a great game. Both teams began the game testing each other physically. They were playing each other hard, with many hits and knocks for both teams. Galaxy was trying to get passed a rock solid Kansas City defense that had only allowed three shot on goal this entire season. For the first 15 minutes, Galaxy couldn’t find any good spacing in the attacking third of the pitch but that wasn’t the case for Sporting Kansas City. With the help of a few Galaxy errors, Sporting Kansas City had a few decent scoring opportunities but Galaxy’s goalkeeper, Carlos Cudicini came up big with a few saves to keep the game level at nil. Galaxy was finally able to create something offensively in the 17th minute of the game. Kansas City was attacking but Omar Gonzalez was not only able to stop the attack but steal the ball and pass it to Donovan. He then passed it to Robbie Keane who quickly flipped the ball towards Jack McBean. McBean ran towards goal, cut twice to open up a shooting lane and shot on goal but Jimmy Nielsen, goalkeeper from the Sporting Kansas City, was able to save the shot. Galaxy seemed to gain momentum but just three minutes later they committed a foul just outside the penalty box. Kansas City had a free kick in a very dangerous spot. K.C. player shot directly on goal, Cudicini jumped to block it, but was not able to reach it. Luckily for the Galaxy, the crossbar was there to stop the ball from going into the net and the game stayed 0-0.

Galaxy was finally able to break the tie with a goal in the 27th minute. The play started when Gonzalez cleared the ball towards the middle of the field. The closest players around the ball were Marcelo Sarvas and a Kansas City midfielder. Both sprinted towards the ball and the Kansas City midfielder was not going to beat Sarvas so he slid to try to take the ball away. The Kansas City midfielder hit the ball first but it bounced up and towards Sarvas who kept the ball and passed it towards Donovan. Donovan ran towards goal and crossed the ball towards a cutting Sarvas who just tapped the ball in giving Los Angeles a 1-0 lead. The half continued with Galaxy having all the momentum and the ball but couldn’t finish any other opportunity to score another goal. The half ended with Galaxy up one-nil.

The second half started much differently than how the first half ended. Sporting Kansas City had more possession of the ball in the first 15 minutes of the game. They slowed the game down which also seem to benefit them. The only problem was that they were not creating any scoring opportunities. Galaxy seemed more dangerous playing the counter-attack.

Galaxy showed how dangerous they were in the counter attack. Sporting Kansas City had a corner kick but couldn’t capitalize on it. Galaxy was able to clear the ball out to the open space. Keane was there to receive the ball and he sprinted towards goal with a defender hot on his heels. He started running towards one side of the goal making the goalkeeper come out of his line and try to stop Keane from advancing any more. As soon as Keane saw that, he smartly crossed the ball towards Donovan who was running behind the play. He received it, shot, and scored his first goal of this MLS season giving Galaxy a two-nil lead.

The game ended with Galaxy winning two-nil. It was a great overall game. Donovan said after the game that the team finally played a complete 90 minutes of soccer. Recently, they have had mental lapses especially defensively in the final minutes of the game that had cost them the win against Monterrey and the tie against FC Dallas. This time, L.A.’s defense played well the entire game. When Donovan was asked about how he felt physically, he said he feels great. He doesn’t have to think as much as he did the past few games. This is great news for the Galaxy especially since Donovan had one goal and one assist this game. With this win, Galaxy jumps into second place in the western conference standings.

The next game is against Real Salt Lake April 27 at Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Missed penalty = No points

Apr 13, 2013

Carson City, California- Home Depot Center, April 13, 2013 (Photos: Victor Posadas)

Coming back from their bye week, Chivas USA was ready to go against the Colorado Rapids. In the resent fixtures, Chivas USA had impressed everyone around the league not only with their style of play. They were in second place in the Western Conference and fourth place overall. The game did not start the way they had wanted. In the third minute of play, Edson Buddle was able to get off a clean header at goal but Dan Kennedy was there to make the first save. Two minutes later, Chivas USA committed a penalty. The play started when Colorado Rapids player, Dillon Powers, passed the ball to Deshorn Brown. He received the ball but was taken down from behind by Eric Avila. The referee awarded Colorado a penalty kick. Brown took the penalty kick himself and scored. This gave Colorado a 1-0 lead.

Chivas USA didn’t seem stunned by the penalty but they just couldn’t create any offensive plays. They kept passing the ball side to side trying to find spaces in the Rapids’ defence but they couldn’t find any. They were finally able to find space in the 19th minute of the game. Carlos Alvarez had the ball after receiving a chip pass from Avila. He then passed it back to Avila whom then crossed the ball towards Jorge Villafaña. He received the ball and decided to cross the ball but no one was there to receive the pass. It seemed like a better idea was to shot on goal but he decided to pass and that ended any sense of danger that Chivas USA created from that play. After that Colorado again stonewalled any attack Chivas USA seem to create. Chivas kept on probing and probing but just couldn’t find any space to try to do something. Then in the 33rd minute, they almost created a chance on goal. Atiba Harris had the ball in his defensive side of the field. Villafaña went to pressure him and took the ball away. He ran towards the box with Harris behind him trying to disrupt his run. Villafaña fell in the box and the referee called a dive and gave Villafaña a yellow. Depending on how you saw the play, it could have gone either way. It did seem though, that Harris was hitting Villafaña’s legs before he fell.

Three minutes later, Colorado gave up a penalty to Chivas USA. Chivas USA crossed the ball towards the middle of the box. Jose Correa tried jumping for the ball but Shane O’Neill dropped Correa. Right after Correa fell; Chris Klute went straight into Tristan Bowen and dropped him also. The referee awarded Chivas USA a penalty kick. Correa decided to take the penalty himself. As he ran towards the ball, he hesitated to try to confuse the goalie but once he kicked the ball, it sailed and smashed the cross bar. Chivas USA missed the penalty and the score stayed 1-0 in favor of Colorado Rapids.

The second half started a lot better of Chivas USA. They began to play a lot more aggressive since they were able to control more of the ball. Their first opportunity of the second half came in the 58th minute of play. Avila had the ball and was being pressed by a Colorado defender. Avila was then able to get by him and center the ball towards Laurent Courtois. Courtois controlled the ball with his chest, turned and shot on goal. The ball sailed high but Chivas USA now seemed more confident in their attack.
After that, Chivas USA couldn’t find any spacing. Colorado started to play a lot more defensive. They had 11 men behind the ball and Chivas USA just couldn’t find any openings. As the time ticked on, they began to rely on the long ball which did not seem to work. In the first half, they played a lot of shot passes that did create a lot more space. In the second half, they tried getting ahead with the long pass because there was no space to do those short passes. The game finished and snapped Chivas USA’s four game winning streak.

After the game, “Chelis” said, “We had four straight wins and we were playing too cute out there. That is why we lost.” He then said, “We didn’t play well. We were not dignified athletes today. We did things that don’t correspond to this team like missing a penalty. This team can miss opportunities like that.” The team seemed to echo that same thought. They knew that they didn’t come out with the same effort they normally did. Even after the loss, Chivas USA is still in second place in the Western Conference Standings.

Their next game is against Real Salt Lake at Salt Lake City, Utah on April 20th.

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Monterrey surprises Galaxy with a 2-1 win

Apr 3, 2013

Carson City, California- Home Depot Center, April 3, 2013 (Photos: Victor Posadas)

The first leg of the CONCACAF Champions League semi-finals began at the Home Depot Center where the Los Angeles Galaxy hosted Los Rayados de Monterrey. There was excitement both on the pitch and in the stands. The energy the supporters of both teams was palpable and everyone had a feeling that they were going to watch a great game between to superpowers from their respective league. The game began and Galaxy began to try to assert their dominance and take advantage of their home field. They were playing aggressively looking for any opportunity to open the score in their favor. Their first chance came in the 17th minute of the game. A.J. DeLaGarza passed the ball Robbie Keane. Keane then passed the ball to Mike Magee who shot the ball to the far post but Juan De Dios Ibarra, Monterrey’s goalkeeper, was there in time to dive and save the ball from going in.

L.A. Galaxy continued to be aggressive and attack to try to score. This paid off in the 33rd minute of play when they were able to open up the scoreboard. Keane had the ball and he crossed the ball. Magee received it and passed the ball to where DeLaGarza was able to hit the ball with the outside of his foot and score. This goal gave the Galaxy a 1-0 lead.

Monterrey didn’t seem affected by the goal because they created their first opportunity to score in the 30th minute when after a failed corner kick, a Monterrey player received the ball at the corner of the box and shot across goal but missed wide. Minutes ticked on and Galaxy still had dominance of the game. Their second goal of the game almost came in the 42nd minute when Keane received a pass from Magee. Keane then floated the ball towards Sean Franklin where he tried kicking it but hit the ball over the crossbar.

The second half began just like the first half ended, with Galaxy dominating the game. In the 48th minute, Galaxy had a corner but it went straight toward the goalie. He tries hitting it out but the ball went straight towards a waiting Jose Villarreal. He shot towards goal but it went straight towards the goalie. After this play, Monterrey began to assert themselves. Their first substitution, Cesar “Chelito” Delgado, began to connect with his teammates and this only made Monterrey dangerous. They began to put pressure on Galaxy’s defense and forced L.A. to back their lines. In the 52nd minute, Monterrey had on of their more dangerous shot on goal. Delgado had the ball and passed it to Humberto “Chupete” Suazo. He had an open shot on goal but Carlos Cudicini was there to make the save with his legs.

Landon Donovan was subbed in, in the 60th minute of the game and this seemed to energize the Galaxy. Both teams began creating dangerous plays but none could score. Then in the 82nd minute Monterrey was able to tie the match. “Chelito” Delgado whom was being covered by Michel Stephens. “Chelito” cut Stephens twice and was able to cross the ball towards Aldo de Nigris. De Nigirs headed the ball but Cudicini was able to block the ball. The ball went around the small box and L.A. couldn’t kick the ball away from danger and allowed “Chupete” to kick the ball on goal. Cudicini blocked the ball again but “Chupete” followed his shot and was able to kick in the blocked shot giving Monterrey their first goal. “Chupete” Suazo’s goal tied the game 1-1.

Right before the game finished, Monterrey was able to score another goal. Jose Basanta passed the ball towards De Nigris. De Nigris covered the ball from Omar Gonzalez, controlled the ball with his thigh, and shot towards goal. Cudicini wasn’t able to block the shot and the ball ended in the back of the net giving Monterrey a 2-1 win over the Galaxy. This goal was the culmination of Monterrey’s pure domination of the last ten minutes of the game.

Galaxy had multiple chances to put the game away but were unable to do so and allowed Monterrey to win the game. The last 15 minutes of the game, Galaxy’s defence seemed tired and were out of position which allowed Monterrey to score their two goals. They will face Monterrey for the second leg of the semi-finals. The game will be played in Monterrey April 10th.

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Chivas USA holds off Vancouver for their 3rd win

Mar 31, 2013

Carson City, California- Home Depot Center, March 30, 2013 (Photos: Victor Posadas)

Chivas USA started playing the game fans have become accustomed to. They pressed the opposing team often and quickly. As soon as Vancouver had the ball, there was a Chivas USA player on him. Chivas USA did not allow any shots on goal until the 22nd minute of play. Just like they were playing defence, Chivas USA was playing aggressively on the offensive side of the ball. They were probing the Vancouver Whitecaps’ defence looking for a weak spot to exploit and score a goal. They were shooting towards goal whenever they had the open shot.

This aggressive play by Chivas USA paid off in the 12th minute of play. After some tussling for the ball, Chivas USA’s Carlos Alvarez, ended up with the ball on the left corner of the box. He turned to shoot what could be called a probing shot but it hit Jun Marques Davidson on the arm and redirected the ball towards goal. The ball passed by the outstretched arm of Vancouver Whitecaps’ goalkeeper, Joe Cannon and went into the net giving Chivas USA a 1 to nil lead. The goal was later ruled as an own goal.

After the goal, Vancouver seemed to wake up offensively and started to create more opportunities at goal. They began to shot more at goal but they lacked the precision to make the ball go into the back of the net. One opportunity they had was when Alain Rochat shot on goal but Dan Kennedy was able to block it. He wasn’t able to corral the ball and Daigo Kobayashi was able to shoot but he shot it towards the stands. Even though they were creating more opportunities, they were not very dangerous. As the half began to finish, both teams stopped creating any real opportunities. Most of the game was being played in the middle of the field.

Chivas USA again looked more dangerous at the start of the second half. They almost had a goal when a player sent a low cross towards the middle of the box but the shot was just outside the goalpost. In the 55th minute of the game, Jorge Villafaña crossed the ball to the far post where Eric Avila was waiting for the cross. He hit a volley shoot towards goal and beat the goalie for the second goal of the game. He gave Chivas USA a 2 to nil lead.

In the 64th minute of the game Vancouver Whitecaps was finally able to get on the board. Darren Mattocks was able to shot towards goal but Kennedy was there to block the ball. The only problem was that he didn’t hold on to the ball and pushed the ball to where Kenny Miller was waiting for a deflection. Miller headed the ball towards an empty net and scored the first goal of the game for Vancouver cutting the lead in half. The score was 2-1 in favor of Chivas USA.

As the time continued to tick away, Vancouver began to attack more knowing they were closer to get a tie. They had some decent opportunities but the Chivas USA defense would not break. Another opportunity came in the 80th minute when Mattocks was able to get behind the defense and chip a shot over Kennedy but the ball had too much air and went over the crossbar. In the 90th minute of the game, Kekuta Menneh of the Vancouver Whitecaps was able to outrun the entire Chivas USA defense and have a 1 v.1 against Kennedy. Kennedy came out and met him just outside the box and we able to disrupt Menneh run and Menneh kicked the ball out of bounds.

The referee blew the final whistle and Chivas USA was able to win their third game of the season. They have continued to play the way their head coach likes, hard. Now they have a record of 3-1-1 and are second in the Western Conference Standings. With these two goals, Chivas USA is still leading the league in total goals with 10.Last season, through the first 5 games, Chivas USA had only scored two goals and they came in the fifth game of the season. This season, Chivas USA seem to score at will. That is something that Chivas USA didn’t have last year, goals. Their next opponent will be the Colorado Rapids on April 13th at home.

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Galaxy Wins After “Dirty” Play

Mar 24, 2013

March 24,2013 Home Depot Center

The Los Angeles Galaxy faced the Colorado Rapids in their third game kid the MLS season 2013. For the first part of the firs half neither teams could create any decent opportunities at goal. The clearest goal opportunity came in the 10th minute of play. Marcelo Sarvas stole the ball from an unsuspecting Colorado defender and gave Jack McBean a pass. McBean received it, turned around, and shot towards goal but Clinton Irwin, the Colorado Rapids goalkeeper, was able to stick out his hand and block the shot. Galaxy had more possession of the ball but they couldn’t create any real danger in the final third of the pitch.

In the 32st minute of the game, Galaxy created another dangerous opportunity. They had given up a corner kick to Colorado but they were able to defend it. A.J. DeLaGarza was then able to give Jose Villarreal a long pass to start the counter-attack. Villarreal chased the ball down but was only able to chip it over the goalkeeper. The ball went over him and towards goal. It was about to cross the goal line but Diego Calderon was able to catch up and kick the ball away, crashing into the pole and injuring himself in the process.

As the minutes ticked on in the first half, LA was able to assert themselves more and more into the attacking third. They began to gain more confidence and began pushing forward with Todd Dunivant and Franklin. They would both send dangerous crosses towards the box but the players receiving the cross couldn’t finish the play with a goal.

Red on 48th minute. Hit Sarvas. Captain. This red card send off occurred in the box and the referee awarded LA Galaxy a penalty. Mike Magee didn’t hesitate to be the one responsible to take the penalty kick. He shot and and scored his fourth goal of the season giving LA a one – nil lead.

Even after scoring the goal, LA Galaxy didn’t relieve the pressure on Colorado’s midfield and defense. Galaxy still had more possession of the ball and better scoring opportunities but just as in the first half, they couldn’t finish the play with a goal. Their best scoring opportunity came in the 85th minute of play. Magee had the ball and passed it to Hector Jimenez who cut in towards the box. He made some defenders missed and passed a through ball to McBean whom tried to kick on goal but Irwin was there to record another save.

The Los Angles Galaxy were able to win the game despite missing two key players: Omar Gonzalez and Robbie Keane. Their defense played solidly, giving up only 5 attempts on goal with only 3 on target. Leonardo was able to not only step in but play very well. Bruce Arena commentated on how well Leonardo has been playing very well. He said, “He’s playing very well. His comeback from serious injuries have been remarkable and he’s jumping very well. His speed is coming back. We’re very a pleased with Leo. ” Even with the absence of Keane, the Los Angeles Galaxy attempted 21 shots on goal. Galaxy two young forwards, Villarreal and McBean, were able together shots on target and create scoring opportunities. Arena said, “They played well. Each could have had a goal.”

Galaxy plays Toronto F.C. In Toronto on March 30.

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Chivas USA ties SuperClasico

Mar 17, 2013

Home Depot Center, Carson California, March 17, 2013 (Foto: Victor Posadas)

Chivas USA started “El Super Clasico” much better than they did against FC Dallas. They were not letting the LA Galaxy have their way with them like they did in the previous two installments of the Classico. Both teams were playing hard, gritty soccer like you would expect two teams to play in a heated rivalry. Players were getting hit, pushed, and knockout around but the referee was letting them play. Jose Luis Sanchez Sola, D.T. for Chivas USA, was forced to substitute Oswaldo Minda very early into the game because of a knock he received. Marvin Iraheta received a yellow for elbowing A.J. DeLaGarza. Seam Franklin later relieved a yellow for kicking Josue Soto on the chest.

Even with all this gritty play from both teams, neither could find a way to create on open look at goal in the first part of the first half. Not until the 31st minute was LA Galaxy able to take a shot on goal. This opportunity began as a set play. The ball was centered to the far post were Omar Gonzalez heading the ball back into Chivas USA’s box. Jose Villarreal ran towards the all and headed over Dan Kennedy. Luckily for Chivas USA, the header was a bit too high and it hit the crossbar.

In the 40th minute of play, Colin Clark and Joaquin Velázquez were both running for the ball. Clark slide for the ball but Velázquez tried to block the ball from him. Clark began to raise his legs, and Velázquez tried to draw a foul by dragging his legs to make it seem like Clark tripped him. The referee believed that Velázquez was the one who caused the foul and gave him a yellow. Velázquez then started complaining and the referee gave him another yellow plus a red for dissent. After these series of events, Chivas USA was down a man for the remainder of the game.

Chivas USA didn’t start the second half the way they wished. In the 50th minute, they allowed DeLaGarza to run up to the touch line and cross the ball to Mike Magee who headed the ball towards goal. The ball hit the goal post and bounced away from goal. Chivas USA tried to clear it but their clearance attempt went straight to Marcelo Sarvas who kicked a volley on goal but Kennedy was ready and saved the attempt on goal.

As the game progressed, LA Galaxy began to take control of “El Super Clasico. It seemed like the game was just being lol played on Chivas USA’s side of the pitch. Los Angeles had a couple of close calls at goal but they just couldn’t find the finishing touch. There was a sense in the stadium that it was just a matter of time till the flood gates would open on Chivas USA and LA Galaxy would be victorious.

In the 83rd minute of the game, DeLaGarza passed it Magee who shot at goal. A Chivas USA defender deflected the ball upwards. Jack McBean located the ball and headed it towards goal. Kennedy jumped and stretched his arm as far as he could to try to deflect the ball away from goal, but the ball was too far for his outstretched arm. He was only able to get his fingertips on the ball but it was not enough to stop the ball from crossing the goal line. The goal gave LA Galaxy a 1-0 lead and more than likely the win.

Chivas USA weren’t going to let LA Galaxy win their third “Super Clasico” in a row. Chivas USA took advantage of a defensive breakdown in the LA Galaxy backline. Erick Avila passed the ball to Carlos Borja whom centered a low cross the far post where a crossing Carlos Alvarez who just had to tap the ball into the net. With this goal, Chivas USA tied the game 1-1. The game ended in a draw and both teams split a point.
After the game Chelis seemed to be happy with how his team fought throughout the game. He said, “We won a point in this game. But what matters most is that we won a lot more respect.” He was happy because his team didn’t give up. They played a hard and gritty game. When someone mentioned that people were saying Chivas USA played “dirty” he responded by saying, “My team plays within the rule book. Buy my players play with great will and urgency so they will commit some fouls.”

All in all, it was a good game for Chivas USA. They not only tied against the best team in the MLS but they were able to do it as the away team. The last thing “Chelis” said was, “As the players keep believe in themselves more and more you will see a better team. This team keeps advancing. They are never going back or going sideways they are advancing and you will see a better team.”

Next stop for Chivas USA is a game vs. Chicago Fire at Chicago.

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