Feb 20, 2018


Youth Soccer Players, as well as Professional Players, need to Pay Attention to Body Language

What Does Your Body Language Say About Your Abilities, Determination and Confidence?

Global sports psychologist and author specializing in soccer, Dan Abrahams is based in England and has helped hundreds of professional soccer players – many of them who play in the English Premier League (EPL). Players from Crystal Palace, QPR, Fulham, and West Ham United among other clubs have benefited from Abrahams insights and advice.

As a regular columnist for GoalNation, Abrahams wants to help youth soccer coaches and players reach their highest levels of development. Abrahams also wants to help soccer parents understand what it takes to be successful at every level of this highly competitive field of dreams.

In Soccer: Body Language Checks 

I’ve recently returned from a trip to Philadelphia where I presented at the United Soccer CoachesConvention. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to present to an audience of about five hundred soccer coaches, all who were looking for cutting-edge ideas to take back to their home clubs, colleges, schools, and organizations.

I started with what I think is one of the most electrifying videos I’ve ever seen related to the mental side of the sport. I showed them a brief clip of the 2011 Rugby World Cup Final between New Zealand and France.

Now I know rugby isn’t a massive sport in the U.S. but I have to say the audience was transfixed by what they saw. I didn’t actually show them any clips of the game itself. The footage I exposed them to was from before the game. And, even the least enthusiastic rugby fans probably know what I showed, especially when New Zealand are involved.

Yes, I showed the Haka.

But no, it wasn’t the Haka that I had the audience pay attention to. It was actually the French team and what they specifically did during the Kiwi’s legendary war dance.

As the New Zealand players went through their ferocious dance, the French team formed themselves into an arrow or spear.

And as the Haka continued, the French players started to walk forward towards the Haka. In essence, they were piercing the heart of the Haka.


For me, the reason why the French team did this was to change the meaning of the Haka. The French were creating a new meaning, one that says, ‘We’re not scared of your Haka, in fact, we’re going to pierce it. We are stronger and more powerful. We will play front foot rugby. We will play to win. We will be aggressive.’

In short, the French team used their body language, as individuals and as a collective to drive how they felt about the situation…how they felt about the final.


Dan Abrahams

This is what body language does more than anything else. It helps you shape the meaning of what you’re doing at any given time.


Strive to drive your meaning for the game. Run onto the pitch on your toes. Alert, alive and lively. Shape yourself into the kind of player you want to be, and hold the sensations that hit your body as you run, move and play.

Youth soccer news: Even relaxed Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid has gerat, confident body language. Here he is in Cardiff, Wales on June 3 2017, during the 2017 UEFA Champions League Final between Juventus and Real Madrid.
Even relaxed Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid has gerat, confident body language. Here he is in Cardiff, Wales on June 3 2017, during the 2017 UEFA Champions League Final between Juventus and Real Madrid.

Hold the sensations that surge through your body as you run, move and play.

So what happened in that rugby final. Well, it was nearly one of the greatest upsets in rugby history. The French team was the overwhelming underdogs. They were playing the most successful sporting team in the world. They were in New Zealand against a hostile crowd. And New Zealand only just about won the game eight to seven.


So the French team lost … but they took incredible control of themselves to make it incredibly tight. To make it incredibly uncomfortable for New Zealand. To nearly, so very nearly, win the World Cup.

My challenge to you is to find out what your ‘spear’ and your ‘arrow’ is.


As an individual and as a teammate. Think about this, now and when you are on the field.Capture yourself like a camera lens. What does great body language really look like?

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Feb 1, 2018



The Los Angeles Rams will host their third-consecutive international game in 2018, with a home contest in Mexico City against the Kansas City Chiefs at Estadio Azteca, NFL Commissioner ROGER GOODELL announced today. The contest marks the Rams’ first regular-season game in Mexico after previously hosting games in back-to-back seasons in the United Kingdom at Twickenham Stadium (2016-17).


“Southern California and Mexico share strong historic and cultural ties and this game will provide an opportunity to celebrate the special connection between these two regions,” said Rams Owner/Chairman E. STANLEY KROENKE.  “It is great to be participating in the NFL’s international games again and working with the league to grow the game abroad. Mexico has one of the largest NFL fan bases in the world and we are excited to bring Rams football to the millions of fans there.”


In November, the NFL and Mexico’s Ministry of Tourism announced an agreement to play three NFL regular-season games from 2019 to 2021. The previous agreement covered games from 2016 to 2018.


“Over the past two seasons, we have seen the extraordinary passion that exists for NFL football in Mexico,” Goodell said.  “We are excited for another memorable event at Estadio Azteca as the Los Angeles Rams and Kansas City Chiefs head to Mexico City in 2018.”

Fans interested in receiving information about tickets for the game, which will go on sale this summer, should register their interest at www.nfl.com/mexico/registration.  Season ticket members of the Los Angeles Rams and Kansas City Chiefs will receive information directly from the clubs once tickets are ready for sale.


The date and time of the game will be determined in conjunction with the release of the NFL schedule this spring.


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Las Rams están en playoffs

Jan 3, 2018

Las Rams están en playoffs

Cerrando la temporada regular con una derrota pero pese a eso los Rams en la semana 16 salieron campeones en la división de su conferencia y eso les dio una tranquilidad para la semana 17 para que todos sus jugadores titulares descansaran esta fecha.
Y se vio reflejado en el resultado ya que jugaron contra los 49ers de San Francisco que les puso una derrota con más de 20 puntos de diferencia.
San Francisco llegó al partido con una racha de cuatro victorias al hilo.El quarterback rápidamente mostró su juego muy ofensivo. Terminando con un resultado 49ers 34 – 13 Rams.
Aunque esto no buscaba el coach ni los jugadores se sienten bien .Robert Wood  receptor de los Rams comenta que fue una decisión inteligente de su coach para cuidar a los jugadores titulares ya que su próximo encuentro será en casa frente a los Falcons de Atlanta.
El equipo de los Rams es un equipo sin experiencia en payoffs ya que es un equipo joven pero también es muy fuerte y con ese ánimo de hacer historia en la NFL.

Nota: Jorge Cosio

Fotografia y video: Rafael Perez


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Jan 3, 2018



Premieres Tonight, Tuesday, Jan. 2 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on SHOWTIME®


NEW YORK (Jan. 2, 2018) — This week’s installment of Sports Emmy® Award-winning studio show “INSIDE THE NFL” premieres tonight, Tuesday, Jan. 2 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on SHOWTIME. Host James Brown is joined by expert analysts Phil Simms, Boomer Esiason and Ray Lewis in-studio to reflect on Week 17 and look ahead to the postseason.


Tonight’s show is highlighted by a preview of this weekend’s AFC and NFC Wild Card games and NFL Senior Writer Judy Battista joins the cast to talk about the League’s head coaching vacancies. Plus, CBS Evening News anchor, Buffalo native and Bills superfan Jeff Glor stops by to discuss his hometown team reaching the playoffs for the first time since 1999.


New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, L.A. Rams head coach Sean McVay and more are wired for sound. Click HERE to watch McVay on the sidelines.


INSIDE THE NFL covers every game, every week, with trademark highlights from NFL Films including this inspirational speech by Los Angeles Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn following Sunday’s game against the Raiders, special in-depth features and spirited debate on the hottest topics in the NFL. The show is produced by CBS Sports and NFL Films and airs every Tuesday during the NFL season through Feb. 6, 2018.


The executive producers are Sean McManus, Chairman, CBS Sports and Ross Ketover and Pat Kelleher of NFL Films.  Pete Radovich Jr., the Emmy Award-winning Creative Director for CBS Sports, serves as coordinating producer.


For more information about INSIDE THE NFL, visit SHO.com, follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and join the conversation using #INSIDETHENFL.


Following are excerpts from this week’s episode:


On the Buffalo Bills reaching the playoffs for the first time since 1999…

Jeff Glor – “There were three games in a row there that were some of the worst games I’ve ever seen, we [Bills] just got crushed.  I think it was three-and-a-half games if you count the second half of the Jets game.  We were all like, what is going on?  They were playing above expectations to start the season, and then way below them.  We evened out.  Based on where the team was after those games, I thought there was no way.  The Dolphins game itself was not the greatest game in the world – that game was wrapped up in the fourth quarter. In terms of the moment the Bengals-Ravens play happened, it’s certainly right up there with the comeback over the Oilers.”


Boomer Esiason – “Here’s the best thing about this playoff matchup between [the Bills] and the Jaguars – it’s two teams that have been out of the playoffs for so long and now they’re fresh faces.”



With regards to the Rooney Rule and the Oakland Raiders…


Judy Battista – “I think this is one of the holes in the Rooney Rule that frankly I’m not sure how the league fixes it. The case of the Raiders is there is a superstar coach candidate available that they can get [assumed to be Jon Gruden]. If you’re in that position to go out and get him, you want to get him and you want to lock it up fast. How do you then do the Rooney Rule interviews? How do you interview minority coaches, which everybody agrees is a good idea and good for the league, but how do you that without making them sham interviews? They’re going to go through the process. It’s going to be sham interviews. There are going to be guys interviewing who have no chance to get this job.  And then the question is, is that a good thing?  Is that a good thing for those candidates to go through that process?  [Yes] I think it is a good thing to go through that process.”


Boomer Esiason – “I personally think it’s insulting, actually. We all know Jon Gruden is getting the job. He’s going to be on the sideline and quite frankly, if I’m a Chiefs fan or if I’m Andy Reid, I don’t want him doing my game on ESPN this week either. I’m sorry, you can’t have both jobs. You have to take one or the other and we all know he is taking the Oakland job.  And good for him.  I hope he is successful. I feel bad for Jack Del Rio and his staff.  This is the reality of the NFL.  I think Jon Gruden is going to be great.  He’s going to be a breath of, I don’t know if it will be fresh air, but he will definitely be a breath of air.”


Phil Simms – “I don’t think it’s insulting.  I really disagree with that. Listen, if I was a minority coach and Jon Gruden is getting the job, you go out there and interview. Why? Because it’s a great process to learn more about it so when your turn comes you can get it. But also, you’re going to get publicity and people will say, ‘Oh, he’s a head coaching candidate.’”



On the AFC Wild Card games…

Boomer Esiason –“The guy who is under the most pressure as these playoffs start? In my eyes, that’s Alex Smith. Alex Smith most likely is not going to be playing in Kansas City next year … When you take a look at his season as a whole and you look at the numbers, they are pretty impressive. As a matter of fact, they’re the best numbers he’s ever put up. I want him to play aggressive.  I want Andy Reid to play aggressive because they are going to try to take Kareem Hunt out of the game.  And if they do that you have to throw the ball.  So this is on Alex. I think they will win and this is going to be a tough spot for Marcus Mariota.”


Phil Simms – “Dick LeBeau, there’s one thing that we know he’s going to do in this game. He’s going to hit the quarterback. No matter what the price is. He loves to do that.”


Ray Lewis – “I like Tyrod Taylor.  I like what the Buffalo Bills are doing. Congratulations to them again, but without ‘Shady McCoy’ fully healthy, that’s a tough task to go in there [Jacksonville] and win.”



On the Falcons at Rams Wild Card Game…

Boomer Esiason – “There is something that tells me that the Falcons are ready to roll … I know Aaron Donald presents a lot of problems for a lot of teams but if there’s going to be an upset this week, I think it’s the experienced Atlanta Falcons against the upstart, young Sean McVay-led L.A. Rams. L.A. has not played great at home.”


Phil Simms – “[Atlanta] It’s the fastest defense in the NFL … But let’s think about Sean McVay, who has he played in his division that mirror the Atlanta Falcons? That’s the Seattle Seahawks. And one thing they did against the Seattle Seahawks, they knew the pass plays that worked against that style of defense, and they exploited them up there in Seattle just a few weeks ago. There are some holes in that defense when you look at Atlanta.  And I think that the Rams with the week off, and Sean McVay probably putting all his efforts into the last two weeks just getting ready for whatever it’s going to happen here, that’s going to be enough to get it done. Devonta Freeman and that running attack by the Falcons, you are right, it can be lethal but the one thing [about] the Rams, they can pursue.”



On the firing of six NFL coaches…

Judy Battista “Black Monday is the most brutal day of the year, I think. Fans get excited about changes to their teams but everybody forgets the fallout.”



L.A. Chargers Head Coach Anthony Lynn postgame locker room speech…

“Regardless of what happened with these other teams, I’m so proud of you, so proud of you. I can’t tell you how many times I prayed during this season that God would give me words to inspire you. You guys, you really inspired me and the rest of the coaches in this staff. You never stopped believing in yourself.  You never stopped believing in one another. You stayed committed to the process and you competed. You always competed.  I love you for that and I appreciate you. If we don’t get in this year, we are building something here. We are building a culture. We are building a championship culture.” (Click HERE to watch video).

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Los Angeles Rams aseguran su primer título de la NFC en el 2017

Dec 24, 2017

Los Angeles Rams aseguran su primer título de la NFC en el 2017

Los Angeles Rams 27 vs 23 Tennesse Titans

Campeones de la Division NFC West. En solamente el segundo año en Los Angeles los Rams han asegurado su lugar en los playoffs este año y están a un paso mas cerca del Super Bowl. Los Rams (11-4) derrotaron a los Titans (8-7) 27-23 esta tarde tras el candidato de Jugador Mas Valioso en la liga en Todd Gurley. El corredor tuvo mas de 150 yardas en total en y 2 touchdowns.

El coach Sean Mcvay en su primer año dirigió a este equipo joven a los playoffs y entran con una de las ofensivas mas potentes de toda la liga. Jared Goff sigue mejorando en su segundo año con la ayuda de Sean Mcvay tirando por 301 yardas por el aire con 4 touchdowns.
Es el primer titulo de la división desde 2003 cuando el equipo todavía andaba en St Louis. Los Rams se preparan la semana que entra para jugar contra los 49ers y entran a los playoffs con una racha de victorias.

Nota Itai Fuentes

Fotografía: Rafael Perez

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Los Angeles Rams 32 vs 16 Arizona Cardinals

Dec 5, 2017

Los Angeles Rams 32 vs 16 Arizona Cardinals

La defensa de los Rams sigue jugando excelentemente y ayudo con dos intercambios de juego a los principios del partido para ayudar a los Rams con su novena victoria del año. Los Rams (9-3) siguen arriba de la tabla de la division NFC WEST por un juego ya que Seattle también gano en contra los Eagles.

Jared Goff sigue tomando la riendas de este equipo en si segundo año tirando por 220 yardas y 2 touchdowns. Todd Gurley tuvo un total de 158 yardas.
Fue el segundo reencuentro con los Cardinales y este juego se vio que los Rams tenia el control en todo el partido.

Los Rams regresan a casa para el proximo Domingo para jugar con el equipó numero 1 en los Eagles (10-2) en una batalla de la NFC.

Nota: Itai Fuentes

Fotografia: Jorge Cosio/Samuel Coronado

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Previo Los Angeles Rams vs New Orleans Saints

Nov 27, 2017

 Previo Los Angeles Rams vs New Orleans Saints


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Los Rams sufrieron su primera derrota en más de un mes

Nov 20, 2017


Los Rams sufrieron su primera derrota en más de un mes

Los Angeles, CA…En un reencuentro de viejos amigos Case Keenum salió victorioso. La defensa de los Vikings (8-2) fue mucho para el mariscal Jared Goff y los Rams en Minnesota y sufrieron su primera derrota en más de un mes.
Los Rams (7-3) anotaron un touchdown en su primer serie  con un acareo de Todd Gurley pero eso fue todo lo que pudieron hacer toda la tarde. La defensa de los Vikings detuvo a Goff y los Rams. Goff completo 23 pases con un total de 225 yardas y 0 intercepciones.
Ahora los Rams regresaran a casa para enfrentarse con uno de los equipos más fuertes ahorita en los Saints de Nueva Orleans . Los Saints (8-2) traen 8 victorias consecutivas y están en primer lugar de la division NFC SUR.
Coach Sean Mcvay tendra que tener los Rams listos y vivos para el juego contra los Saints que vienen con su futuro jugador de la sala de fama en Drew Brees.

Nota: Ittai Fuentes

Fotografia: Rafael Perez

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Los Rams siguen sorprendiendo a toda la liga en este año

Nov 16, 2017

Los Rams siguen sorprendiendo a toda la liga este año con otra victoria contra los Texanos de Houston

11/15/17, Thousand Oaks Ca
Los Rams siguen sorprendiendo toda la liga este año con otra victoria contra los Texans de Houston este pasado Domingo. Están sentados arriba de la División en primer lugar pero los Seahawks de Seattle están solamente un juego atrás de ellos en tabla.
Coach Sean Mcvay trae a este equipo jugando una clase de futbol bien marcado y preciso en todo aspecto en lo ofensivo y defensivo. Con una marca de (7-2) los Rams se preparan para ir a Minnesota a jugar contra los Vikings.
Jared Goff va jugar contra Case Keenum quien fue el QB titular de los Rams el año pasado. Goff tomo el puesto la temporada pasada justamente hace un año a la fecha. Los Rams están buscando ganar su quinto partido consecutivo en el año. Uno de los mejores equipos del lado ofensivo van contra uno de los mejores equipos en la defensa. Los Vikings (7-2) buscaran como detener este equipo potente de Los Rams que trae a todo la NFL en alerta.
Nota: Ittai Fuentes

Fotografia: Samuel Coronado

Video: Jorge Cosio

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Los Angeles Rams 33- 7 Houston Texans

Nov 13, 2017

Los Angeles Rams 33- 7 Houston Texans

Los Angeles,CA. Después de varias semanas fuera de casa el equipo Angelino se lleva una victoria muy valiosa, demostrando el gran paso que estan llevando, derrotando a los Texanos de Houston con un marcador de 33-7 este Domingo.

El jugador de los Rams Robert Woods atrapo dos de los tres pases enviados para touchdown del gran mariscal Jared Goff, Robert Woods obtuvo ocho recepciones para complementar 171 yardas y logro la recepción mas larga en su trayectoria, de esta manera, Los Rams demostraron una gran defensiva ante los Texanos sumando una victoria mas y en espera de la siguiente semana numero 11 ante Los Vikings en el U.S. Bank Stadium Minneapolis, MN.

Nota: Itai Fuentes

Fotografía: Rafael Perez y Jorge Cosio

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