Rayados ‘ataja’ pase en Copa MX

Oct 28, 2017

Rayados ‘ataja’ pase en Copa MX


Juan Pablo Carrizo se luce en serie de penales ante Leones Negros


En el futbol hay que saber aprovechar la oportunidad, y fue en esta ocasión Juan Pablo Carrizo quien se echó al Monterrey a los hombros para darle el pase a los Cuartos de Final de la Copa MX Apertura 2017.


Tras empatar 2-2 en los 90 minutos, el guardameta se convirtió en figura al atajar dos penales para darle a Rayados el boleto a la siguiente ronda, combinado con el tanto del triunfo de Alfonso González celebrado por los 34 mil 521 seguidores en el Estadio BBVA Bancomer.


El marcador se movió apenas comenzando el encuentro después de una jugada individual de Rogelio Funes quien dejó la mesa servida a ‘Poncho’ para que el mediocampista abriera el marcador al minuto 9′, pero Daniel Amador se encargó de poner el 1-1 al 31′ con un golazo.


La historia fue muy similar en el segundo tiempo ya que el tesón de Carlos Sánchez puso en ventaja a los albiazules con un zurdazo al 55′, pero nuevamente Amador emparejó la pizarra al 59′ para decretar la serie de pena máxima.


Ya desde los 11 pasos, ‘Carri’ fue factor al atajar los penaltis de Ismael Valadez y Jorge Padilla , además de la falla de Hibert Ruiz, combinado con la puntería de Dorlan Pabon, el propio ‘Pato’, Avilés Hurtado y nuevamente González para darle el triunfo 6-5 a los dirigidos por Antonio Mohamed en la tanda.


El camino del Monterrey en la Copa MX Apertura 2017 tiene como próxima parada el enfrentamiento ante Santos en Cuartos de Final, en donde el compromiso es seguir luchando por el Campeonato.

Cortesia: Club Monterrey

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Oct 28, 2017




Sao Paulo, Brazil – The Octagon® returns to Brazil for an astonishing 30th time in UFC history. UFC® FIGHT NIGHT: BRUNSON vs. MACHIDA takes place this Saturday, October 28 at Ginásio do Ibirapuera in Sao Paulo, with the return of former light heavyweight champion and middleweight title challenger Lyoto Machida. “The Dragon” will face No. 7 middleweight contender Derek Brunson. Here is what the fighters and other stars had to say ahead of their bouts:


Derek Brunson:

  • His expectations: “To arrive on Saturday and submit. I’m a first round guy. The perfect ending would be a victory in the first round. I see myself walking in the Octagon and waiting for my moment. I know everyone expects me to wrestle and for him to stay on his feet, but I feel comfortable in any area.”
  • On Lyoto’s return: “I don’t know how he is doing, I’m not sure. But I think of him as the Machida of always – fast and agile on his feet. I can’t think about the last fights, in which his opponents were able to take him down with ease.”
  • On the Brazilian fans: “Many Brazilians texted me in social media saying they would like to watch me fight, so I believe that I will have some support. But I don’t feel any pressure having the crowd against me. Once in the Octagon, it’s me against him. The fans can’t go in and help him. At least I think that’s illegal.”

Lyoto Machida:

  • Return to the Octagon: “I waited a long time to get back to the Octagon, it’s a moment I have been waiting for. I worked hard to get here and it’s what I like to do. It’s a dream come true to come back, I’m enjoying it all, from the little things – traveling, the media commitments, making weight, everything that is involved in fight week.”
  • Saturday’s fight: “I had a great camp. Many people think that the time off will be a problem for me. But I don’t see it that way. The time out helped me find different people and have a different outlook on everything. It was a maturing moment.”
  • On his opponent: “Brunson is a complete fighter, a guy who even though he is a wrestler, he is good in other disciplines, punching and kicking. But I think he will use his strength with is grappling and clinching.”
  • Fighting in home country: “It’s a unique opportunity for me. I am coming back, in my country, with the crowd on my side, everyone helping me. It’s a different environment. I am very happy.”

Demian Maia:

  • São Paulo: “It’s special. I didn’t get this opportunity many times in my career. I only fought in the city of Sao Paulo once and I would like to experience that more.”
  • Fighting after title shot: “My last three fights were very close. That is tiring, but at the same time it gives a good competitive pace. If you can use that in your favor, it can be advantageous. I accepted this fight for many reasons. The main one is to get back to winning, which is something I can’t control, but I can only get back if I try.”
  • Colby Covington and his trash talk: “I think he is going down the same path that everyone thinks is right nowadays, which is to be controversial as the only way to promote a fight. As a fighter, he is a great athlete, wrestler and, as with any UFC Top 10 fighter, he is a very tough guy. I think it will be an intense fight, because he is a very aggressive guy as I am, within my style.”

Colby Covington:

  • On fighting in Brazil: “I don’t want to fight here, but it was the only way to face Demian. Fighting in his home, in front of his fans. I know how Brazilians are and I hope they are very loud. But after the fight, I know they will be in silence.”
  • On his opponent: “He’s a legend, had a great career. That’s why I will retire him in the first round. And the Brazilian fans will thank me because he will be in my highlights until the end of my career. He is a one-trick pony and I will catch him when he tries to take me down, submitting in the first round.”
  • On the Welterweight Division: “I see myself as the uncrowned king of this division. This is my division. When Tyron Woodley comes back from his injury, his time will come. My victory over Demian will scare Woodley.”

Predictions: I think that a win will give me the chance to fight for the belt, since they are not having Robbie Lawler fight Woodley again, and Rafael dos Anjos shouldn’t be in this division – I would send him back to lightweight if I fought him.”

Pedro Munhoz:

  • Fight Expectations: “The best possible, I’m fighting before the co-main event, in Sao Paulo, my city, for the fourth year in a row in search of my fourth consecutive win. I think it will be a very special moment and a victory on Saturday will be a big step to get to the coveted title shot.”
  • On his opponent: “Rob is good, experience, ranked. I hope he brings his best, because I am bringing my best. I’ve seen him using different strategies in his fights, so I prepared for any situation – on my feet and on the ground. But my goal is to knockout or submit.”
  • On the Bantamweight Division: “It’s a stacked division, with many great athletes, especially the Brazilians. There are always new and capable athletes coming in. Today, I see the winner of Jimmie Rivera and Dominick Cruz fighting the champion. I think they will be two highly contested fights, but I see Cody and Jimmie winning and facing each other. I don’t want to think about my next fight, because I focus on one day at a time. But victory on Saturday, I believe would put me in 8th or 10th in the rankings.”

Rob Font

  • On his opponent: “He is a very aggressive striker and has very strong jiu-jitsu, but he doesn’t try to go the ground at all costs. He forces you to take him down and submits you.”
  • Fight expectations: “It will be a big fight, it was a great match. He is an exciting fighter and will be at home, in his city, with the crowd supporting him. The fans here are crazy, loud and they defend their fighters at any cost. This is my second time here, I love Brazil, I love the food and the culture.”


For more information or current fight news, visit www.ufc.com.  All bouts live and subject to change.

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La edición 23 del Desfile de Niños de El Monte reune a más de 5 mil personas

Oct 26, 2017

La edición 23 del Desfile de Niños de El Monte reune a más de 5 mil personas

La ciudad de El Monte celebró la edición 23 ° del Desfile de los Niños y el Festival de Hervest de la Ciudad de El Monte, que se llevo a cabo el sábado 21 de octubre con una serie de actividades para toda la familia.

El desfile, que contó con una alineación de más de 80 grupos participantes, comenzaron a desfilar desde el Valley Mall y Tyler Avenue y dirijiendose al sur y terminando el recorrido en Arceo Park, ubicado en la Avenida Tyler.

Los Niños de El Monte se celebraron exhibiendo su liderazgo en el campo de la educación, las escuelas primarias y de Jr. High ademas de las tradiciones multiculturales de la ciudad y ofreciendo una variedad de entretenimiento, que incluyeron las actuaciones musicales de bandas, muchos vistieron sus disfraces y bailaron.

Después del desfile, las familias disfrutarán de una serie de atracciones en una feria de información y comercio, que incluyeron un zoológico de mascotas, paseos en tren, un concurso de talla de calabaza, vendedores de comida y mucho más.


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Copa MX también es prioridad en el Monterrey

Oct 24, 2017

Ganar sí o sí en Rayados

Copa MX también es prioridad en el Monterrey

En vísperas de los Octavos de Final de la Copa MX Apertura 2017, el Monterrey tiene el compromiso de obtener el triunfo ante Leones Negros a como dé lugar para avanzar a la siguiente ronda.


Manteniendo altas expectativas en la doble competencia, Alfonso González espera un buen partido de Rayados frente a los de la UdeG en el Estadio BBVA Bancomer mostrando la misma intensidad característica.

“(Debemos) darle la importancia que se merece, ser bien conscientes que es un partido a eliminatoria directa que hay que ganar sí o sí. Saber que estamos en casa y acá es donde nos hacemos fuertes”, dijo en conferencia de prensa en el Centro de Entrenamiento BBVA Bancomer El Barrial.

“El Equipo viene haciendo las cosas muy bien. En lo general, todo el torneo lo hemos hecho muy bien. (Hay que) seguir con esa actitud y las ganas. Viene la Copa (MX), pensar en el partido de mañana que es de vida o muerte y jugar así los partidos que sean”, expresó.

Cortesia: Club Monterrey

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Oct 24, 2017



“El equipo viene en ascenso, mejorando muchas cosas, como la garra puma y estar muy ordenados en el terreno de juego. Creo que la confianza se perdió un poco individual y colectivamente, pero la llegada de Patiño nos vino muy bien porque es un entrenador que conoce al equipo y supo inyectarnos lo que nos faltaba para mejorar los partidos”, declaró Josecarlos Van Rankin este martes en conferencia de prensa, realizada en las instalaciones de la Cantera al término del entrenamiento del primer equipo auriazul.

El defensa lateral derecho añadió: “Se ha visto una mejoría en los últimos tres partidos. El buen momento que estamos teniendo pasa por la decisión de hacer las cosas y la confianza de que van a salir. Monterrey nos ganó por circunstancias del futbol, pero el equipo se plantó bien, fue agresivo, aunque es difícil jugarle así al líder del torneo. Estuvimos ordenados tácticamente y supimos tener posesión de balón a pesar de que es uno de los equipos que más presionan”.

Y dijo que buscarán imponerse al Puebla en su siguiente compromiso: “Tenemos que ganar este juego y vamos a ir a proponer el partido. Pumas debe pensar en ganar los tres últimos partidos, ya que no puede quedar hasta abajo en la tabla (de posiciones). Debemos buscar ganar los últimos nueve puntos que nos quedan. Esta liga es muy competitiva y cualquier equipo te puede sacar un buen resultado, pero lo importante es concentrarnos en nosotros para seguir por esta línea de trabajo”, concluyó.

Cortesia: Club Pumas

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Prince Ranch Boxing invadió México para firmar a prospectos de Sugar Promotions

Oct 24, 2017
Prince Ranch Boxing invadió México para firmar a prospectos de Sugar Promotions
Edwing Davila, Isaac Avelar, Mayran Salazar, Israel Vazqez, Daniel Colula and Damien Vazquez
(Left to Right) Photo by Team Prince Ranch Boxing
LAS VEGAS, NV ( 23 de octubre de 2017 ) – La empresa de manejo, Prince Ranch Boxing (PRB) ha añadido a su escuadra a cuatro prospectos mexicanos.
Estos son: Edwing Dávila (16-0, 9 KO – 130lbs), Isaac Avelar (13-0, 8 KO – 126lbs), el campeón de México de las 126 libras, Daniel Colula (12-1-2, 3 KO ) y la boxeadora Mayrán Salazar (6-2).  Todos los púgiles fueron fichados por “Sugar Promotions” de Damien Vázquez y pelearán constantemente en Aguascalientes, México.
“Firmar talentos de México es una pieza vital para mi operación”, dijo Greg Hannely. “Nuestro objetivo aquí en Prince Ranch Boxing es contar con una sólida base de boxeadores de México, además de tener gran talento de los Estados Unidos. Sugar Promotions realizará múltiples shows en México en los próximos doce meses”.
Sugar Promotions tuvo su primer show la semana pasada en Aguascalientes, México. Su próximo cartel está programado para finales de año.
“Dávila, Avelar, Colula y Salazar son muy populares en México y Sugar Promotions se complace en firmarlos en unos acuerdos de promoción”, afirmó Oscar Vázquez. “Nuestro próximo show será en diciembre. Los detalles se anunciarán pronto. Tenemos grandes planes para que Sugar Promotions siga hacia adelante”.
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Oct 24, 2017


Las Vegas – UFC, the world’s premier mixed martial arts organization, today announced a new multi-year global licensing agreement with OPRO®, the world’s largest manufacturer of mouthguards. The partnership, which begins in 2018 and was negotiated by IMG, grants the oral protection company the rights to produce UFC branded mouthguards and provide bespoke guards to UFC athletes.
“OPRO has been a world-renowned manufacturer of mouthguards for more than 20 years and we are thrilled to launch this new global partnership,” UFC Senior Vice President of Global Consumer Products Tracey Bleczinski said. “As an industry pioneer, OPRO has designed some of the most innovative guards in sports and we look forward to delivering these premium products to UFC athletes and the combat sports community.”


As part of this collaboration, OPRO will be able to brand the products and packaging for their Custom Fit, Self-Fit and Snap Fit product ranges, providing oral protection guards to athletes currently on the active roster.


“OPRO has ambitious international expansion plans for the coming years, and partnering with another hugely progressive and pioneering brand who are growing exponentially all over the world, particularly in key markets for us such as Asia and the Americas, is truly exciting,” OPRO Chief Executive Officer David Allen said. “This partnership with UFC reflects our continued growth in the combat sports market and we look forward to working with them as we kit out more and more UFC athletes with OPRO guards.”


UFC athletes will have the option of wearing mouthguards by OPRO while training or competing inside UFC’s world-famous Octagon®. OPRO will also offer UFC branded guards to combat participants and fight fans for purchase at opromouthguards.com and through a network of key global retail partners.


OPRO will plan to showcase their new UFC product line in 2018 at ISPO in Munich, Germany from January 28-31, followed by Taispo from March 7-10 in Taipei, Taiwan and at IHRSA in San Diego, California, from March 21-24, alongside the rest of the OPRO licensed product range.

OPRO serves as the official mouthguard partner of a number of professional sporting organizations, including Great Britain Taekwondo, England Boxing, England Rugby, New Zealand Rugby, Australia Rugby and England Hockey, as well as the German, French and Italian Mixed Martial Arts Federations. For more information, please visit opromouthguards.com.

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LA Galaxy Head Coach Sigi Schmid to Assume Player Personnel Responsibilities

Oct 24, 2017

LA Galaxy Head Coach Sigi Schmid to Assume Player Personnel Responsibilities


Pete Vagenas, relieved as General Manager, remains with LA Galaxy as Vice President of Soccer Operations


LOS ANGELES (Tuesday, Oct. 24, 2017) – The LA Galaxy have relieved Pete Vagenas from his duties as General Manager effective immediately, the club announced today. Sigi Schmid will oversee all player personnel decisions for the club in addition to his responsibilities as head coach. Vagenas will remain with the LA Galaxy as Vice President of Soccer Operations.


“The results this season did not meet the standard and expectations of this club, our fans and this city,” said LA Galaxy President Chris Klein. “Sigi has a proven track record building championship-caliber teams in MLS. He understands this league, its players and its structure as well as anyone in soccer and we have full confidence in him as we enter this offseason to strengthen our roster ahead of 2018. Pete has been an important member for this club on and off the field and will continue to play a part in our club as the Vice President of Soccer Operations.”


Schmid, the winningest coach in MLS history, was named LA Galaxy Head Coach on July 27. Schmid will oversee all soccer operations for the of the LA Galaxy including player acquisition, scouting and management of the club’s coaching staffs. Additional staff announcements will be released in the coming days.


“I am excited for the opportunity to build the LA Galaxy roster into one that is capable of competing for championships,” said LA Galaxy Head Coach Sigi Schmid. “The Galaxy continue to have tremendous support from Dan Beckerman, Mr. Anschutz and AEG in every aspect of operations and I look forward to further aligning and improving the LA Galaxy, Galaxy II and our Academy. This offseason is vital as we look ahead to the coming season and we will begin the efforts necessary to strengthen our roster immediately.”


As a head coach, Schmid has recorded 256 wins across MLS Regular and Post Season play. Throughout his career, he has captured two MLS Cups (2002, 2008), a record five U.S. Open Cups (2001, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2014), three MLS Supporters’ Shields (2002, 2008, 2014) and coached one of just two teams ever to capture a CONCACAF Champions Cup (2000). He reached the MLS Cup Playoffs in 13 seasons, while recording 28 MLS Cup Playoff wins, the second most in MLS history. Schmid is one of two coaches in MLS history to guide two different teams to MLS Cup titles and he is one of three to coach in four total MLS Cup Finals.


Vagenas previously played for the Galaxy during nine of his 13 years in Major League Soccer and was a part of the Galaxy’s 2002 and 2005 MLS Cup championships. He was named the LA Galaxy General Manager in November 2016 after previously serving as Vice President of Soccer Operations and Director of the LA Galaxy Academy.


The LA Galaxy finished the 2017 MLS Regular Season on Sunday in Dallas. The team finished the year with 32 points from a 8-19-8 record, scoring 46 goals and conceding 72 during their 34 games.


LA Galaxy Season Ticket Memberships for the 2018 Major League Soccer season are now available. Season Ticket Members and Galaxy fans can go to lagalaxy.com/since96 to secure their 2018 LA Galaxy Season Ticket Memberships, beginning as low as just $323 per seat ($17 per match). Fans can also call 1.877.3GALAXY (342.5299) and press 1 when prompted to secure Season Ticket Memberships.


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Oct 24, 2017


Credit: Vincent Ethier / Eye of the Tiger Management
MONTREAL – Oct. 23, 2017 – There was a lot of hostility in the air today, while the WBO World Middleweight Champion Billy Joe Saunders (25-0, 12 KOs) and former IBF World Middleweight Champion David Lemieux (38-3, 33 KOs) were hosting a press conference to discuss their upcoming showdown to be held on Dec. 16 at the Place Bell in Laval, Quebec. Saunders vs. Lemieux is presented by Golden Boy Promotions and Eye of the Tiger Management, in association with Frank Warren, and will be televised live on HBO World Championship beginning at 9:40 p.m. ET/PT.

Here is what the participants had to say at today’s press conference:

Billy Joe Saunders, current WBO World Middleweight Champion:
“This fight has good fight written all over it. There is a lot at stake. I’m going to be very aware because as you all know, boxing is a funny game, it can end very quickly with one punch. And it goes both ways. David is going to eat some, and he’s going to beg me to finish him off.

“Styles make fight. It’s the classic match-up between the boxer and the puncher and I’m looking forward to it. I was born to fight, and I’m going to prove it by unifying the belts as soon as I’m done with David.

“Lemieux shows a lot of heart when he comes to fight but the real truth is, I’m to slick and too good for him. I’m in boxing to win and defend my belt all over the world, Lemieux is my tester for the winner of Canelo and Golovkin. “
David Lemieux, former IBF World Middleweight Champion:
“I think that you are in for a surprise. I will be at my best and take the title from you.

“If the fight demands me chasing you, I will chase you. If the fight demands me to go toe-to-toe, I will. On December 16, I promise that I won’t leave the Place Bell without the belt. I’m extremely excited. Let’s get it on!”
Dominic Ingle, trainer to Billy Joe Saunders:
“Billy wants to fight Golovkin and wants to measure himself against Lemieux. It’s a great test for him.

“David is a great fighter, big puncher and a clever boxer. Billy is in a very good place and he’s had some brilliant training and a great camp so far. He is super confident to put on a great show. Hopefully, Dec. 16 is going to be a great night of boxing!”

Marc Ramsay, trainer to David Lemieux:
“I’m proud to train a boxer such as David Lemieux, who is a true warrior, a real champion, always up for real challenges. As soon as we found out that facing Canelo wasn’t an option, we started looking at other options. David’s request was clear: ‘I want to face the best fighter available.’ And, we found it in Saunders, and it’s going to be a good challenge for David. Once again, he will give the fans a show to remember and a beautiful Christmas gift.

“This fight is a great opportunity for David to write history and follow the steps of great Arturo Gatti, by becoming two time World Champion.”

Camille Estephan, president of Eye of the Tiger Management:
“We promised our fans to host a championship fight and we delivered. We would like to thank our great partners, HBO, Golden Boy Promotions, Videotron and evenko who made it possible.

“We also promised that David would become World Champion again, and I guarantee that we will keep our promise. We are glad to inaugurate the Place Bell with this terrific boxing event. We will write history together on Dec. 16.”
Saunders vs. Lemieux, a 12-round fight for Saunder’s WBO World Middleweight Championship, is presented by Golden Boy Promotions and Eye of the Tiger Management in association with Frank Warren Promotions. The event will take place Dec. 16, at the Place Bell in Laval, Canada and will be televised live on HBO World Championship Boxing. Tickets will go on sale on Saturday, October 28 at 12p.m. at www.evenko.ca.
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Tena fue presentado

Oct 24, 2017

Tena fue presentado

Luis Fernando Tena fue presentado esta tarde como nuevo director técnico de los Gallos de Querétaro. El estratega llega para lo que resta de este semestre y para los torneos Clausura y Apertura 2018.

En el cuerpo técnico estarán Ricardo Campos y Héctor ‘Pity’ Altamirano como auxiliares y Pablo Sánchez como preparador físico. Tanto Campos como Altamirano ya estaban en la institución; el primero como Director de Inteligencia Deportiva y el ‘Pity’ como técnico de la categoría Premier, en la que fue campeón en el Apertura 2016.

Javier Mier, Director de Fuerzas Básicas, fue el encargado de hacer la presentación oficial.

«Luis Fernando Tena ha ganado títulos de Liga y de Concacaf además del máximo título del futbol mexicano con la medalla olímpica, sobra decir que estamos contentos y convencidos de que es complicado pero tenemos dos compromisos prontos y debemos darle vuelta a la página», declaró y agradeció la entrega de Jaime Lozano «a título personal y de institución agradezco a Jaime Lozano, un joven con futuro que dio títulos en Fuerzas Básicas y en Primera. Trabajó todos los días y le deseamos éxito».

Tena agradeció la confianza de Grupo Imagen por el nuevo puesto. «Gracias a Grupo Imagen por la confianza y oportunidad, sabemos la situación en el porcentaje y deudas con la afición. Para eso estamos y lo importante es que hay buen plantel con calidad».

Confianza en el plantel«Voy a hablar con los jugadores. Tengo buena consideración futbolística de esta plantilla. Los veía presionados, tensos y bajos de nivel. Pasa más por el estado de ánimo».

Habrá refuerzos«Siempre hay que buscar reforzar en todas las líneas y apuntalar y lo que queda será bueno para mí para sacar conclusiones. Están conscientes que hay que resolver».

El martes hará su debut el cuerpo técnico ante León en los octavos de final de la Copa MX.

Cortesia: Club Queretaro

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