Murat Gassiev vs. Krzysztov Wlodarczyk

Oct 22, 2017
World Boxing Super Series Summary Round by Round
MAIN EVENT Cruiser Weight – 12 Rounds
Murai Gassiev vs. Krzysztov Wlodarczyk
 Newark- NJ-BereaVision -Round 1 – Slow Start, Both fighters simply getting a feel. Light jabs, a lot of movement from W, G taking, control of the round. Overall not much action, not many punches thrown.
Round 2 – Round starts with more energy, both fighters going forward trying combinations. Still W is more on the defense, protecting his head and throwing both combos to the head and body. W keeping his distance, mot letting G land hits. G does not give up, over all fairly active round from both fighters. Both
fighting smart thinking about their blows and saving energy. G landing some brutal shots to the head.
Round 3 – More energy in this round, however G dominates landing several combinations to the head knocking out W! Fight over in round 3. Very quick and easy win for Gassiev.
Winner: By KO Murat Gassiev at 1 minute 57 seconds.
C0-Main Cruiser Weight – 10 Rounds Mateuz Masternak vs. Steve Bujaj.
Round 1 – Off to a slow start, both fighters getting a feel for each other in this round. Landing some combinations, both fighters start off with solid energy and movement. Round 2 – Bujaj aiming mostly toward the body. Maternak going in mainly for the head, dictating the movement of this round, fighting more erect and more confidently than bujaj. Masternak getting the upper hand landing head shots, keeping Bujaj on the defense this round.
Round 3 – With power and accuracy Masternak is dominating the round landing several punishing hit to the body and face. Has Bujaj, blocking, dodging, and on the run. Round 4 – Bujaj begins this round with an explosive comeback of combination pushing Masternak to defend and take the hits. It seems that Bujaj is trying to face up to this monster of a fighter MAsternak. A round that was more evenly matched.
Round 5 – Not much activity in this round. Both fighters keeping their distance, MAsternak landing a majority of the small number of blows landed.
Round 6 – Masternak picks up the pace, both fighters mpre active in this round. Bujaj not letting himself be dominated but taking many brutal hits to the head.
Round 7 – Masternak dominates the ring controlling Bujaj’s movements keeping a constant flow of hits to the head leading in a knock down. Bujaj hits the ground but gets back up for more. Masternak clearly winning this round.
Fight over after Round 7, ref Waves off contest saying Bujaj is unable to continue
Winner: by TKO Mateuz Masternak.
Fight 1 Samuel Amoako vs. Skender halili Super welter weight – 6 rounds
Round 2 underway and it is halili dominating the ring. receiving not much resistance and coming in with great force and agility. Amoako taking a more defensive position.
Round 3 – Amoako Keeping his distance making Halili chase. Halili still dominating. End of third round and Amoako continues to stay defensive. Either having a hard time to land hits or saving his energy. Halili dominates.
Round 4- Halili landing many combinations, chasing and catching up to Amoako not letting him out from under the pressure, again dominating not giving many opportunities for Amoako to attack.
Round 6- Fight stayed the same all the way through. Small spikes of come back Amoako but it was more
a defensive fight for him. Halili gave a constant effort for the win.
Score totals
Winner: All three judges had a score of 60-54. Samuel Halili takes the win by unanimous decision.
Fight 2 Efe Ajagba vs. Luke Lyons Heavy weight – 6 rounds
Round 1 – Efe dominates round one with size, and power, knocking don to one knee opponent Luke Lyons. Efe’s Brutal punishment knocks down Luke Lyons for a second time just moments later winning the fight not even one round.
Winner: At 2 minutes 10 seconds by TKO EFE AJAGBA takes the win.
Fight 3 Super Welter weight – 6 Rounds Money Powell vs. Brandon Adams
Round 1- Money Powell gets knocked to the floor just moments into this explosive battle. Both Going hard at it. Adams and Powell going toe to toe in this first round. Unclear with who has the upper hand.
Round 2 – Powell using reach and accuracy to dominate and land blows to the head. Although Adams is not falling back and making his effort to move in and counter attack, Powell in this round had the upper hand dominating the ring.
Round 3 – Adams taking many hits to the body in his attempts to land on Powell head. Toe to toe round, Adams moving in closer to Powell’s body t land hits, and Powell of course defending landing body and head shots.
Round 4 – Powell Lands a critical blow to Adams face disorienting Adams allowing for Powell to land a multitude of combinations but no knock out moments into the round. Powell landing back to back blows to Adams head receiving little comeback on from Adams. Adams landing very few hits this round.
Round 5 – Adams with a comeback starting off the round with more fire power landing hit to the body and face. A very strategic round on both sides, Adams being more aggressive in this round even dominating but both being very defensive keeping their distance and thinking about when yo blow.
Round 6 – Both fighters staring off this round very explosively, ending it with that same energy in this intense battle.
Winner: 59-55, 59-56, 58-55, By Unanimous Decision and still Undefeated, Money Powell.
Fight 4 Super Welter weight 10 – Rounds Jack Culkay vs. Majiec Sulecki.
Round 1 – Off to a good start from both sides, both with much energy and quick burst of combinations, each land several hits and many good dodges.
Round 2 – The beginning of this round seemed to be dominated by Sulecki, with his longer reach, he landed several combinations to the head most of the. A strong counter string of combo was made by Jack at the end of this round.
Round 3 – Extremely heated round, huge increase in activity from both fighters. Despite Jack’s small height and short reach compared to Sulecki, this fight seems evenly matched so far. Sulecki using his reach to land many blows to the head and Jack using his explosive attacks and strategy to move in close and land many powerful hits.
Round 4 – Intensity and ferocity continues. Culkay bleeding from left eye.
Round 5 – Just eating other’s hits in close toe to toe combat. Nobody seems to be in the lead or dominating.
Round 6 – Majiec Finally gaining the upperhand-Round 7 – Culkay Starts this incredible round with a deadly series of combinations almost knocking down
Sulecki, making him bend over and stumble. After Sulceki regaining his ground Culkay continues to dominate by even putting his arms down to boast and taunt. Dominating this round it ends with fierce blows from Culkay and retaliations from Sulecki that are simply not enough.
Round 8 – Sulecki begins this round looking for revenge taking control of the round early on. Culkay
keeping his distance and his guard attacks with less animosity than the previous round. Both Sulecki and
Culkay going at it hard, giving it there all, tired and wounded both land series of combinations making this round a good, intense, and even round.
Round 9 – Only getting more intense, they keep the combat close and brutal going back in forth in a crazy battle for the knock out. Both suffering much damage.
Round 10 – Spectacular battle of the gloves between Culkay and Sulcki in this intense and explosive round ending the fight with no ounce of energy and drive left out of the ring. In a toe to toe round the fight concludes.
Winner: 98-92, 98-93, 96-94 By Unanimous Decision, Majiec Sulecki.
BereaVision/Nueva York.
By Jason Gonzalez
Fotos/Video: Manuel Mendieta.
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