NUIT BLANCHE HOUSTON Art Exhibit and Festival

Mar 28, 2019

Internationally acclaimed Art Festival Nuit Blanche will be transforming Downtown Houston on Saturday, April 6th for its inaugural debut! Imagine Houston animated at night, transformed by the magic of art with unique installations dotted around City Hall and the Houston Public Library. The public gets to take part in creating a work of art inspired by French Architect Yona Friedman and view an exhibit of his artwork inside the Central Library gallery (on the first floor). This unique celebration will engage both highly regarded international artists and local luminaries as well as school children. Visit or call 832-393-1313 for more information.

Festival Nuit Blanche Activities
Saturday, April 6 | 12 PM – 9 PM
Central Library, Barbara Bush Literacy Plaza | 500 McKinney St., 77002 | 832-393-1313
Julia Ideson Building | 550 McKinney St., 77002 | 832-393-1313

“Space Chain Structure” Central Library Gallery
On Barbara Bush Literacy Plaza, visitors are invited to build a “space chain structure” with the help of art students and docents. Each installation, built using 1,500 hula hoops, is assembled spontaneously, creating new variations of space with each turn.

Specially trained docents will be available to offer tours that allow students to develop an understanding of art in both creative and historical contexts.

Movie: African Tales – Central Library Gallery 
Friedman’s second piece of art exhibited during Nuit Blanche is “African Tales,” a series of ten films produced by Yona Friedman and his wife Denise Charvein, between 1960 and 1963. The animations are constructed from wooden blocks, carved and assembled to create the different scenes. The soundtrack is taken from UNESCO African music library, and each film is inspired by an ancestral African tale. Broadcasted in Africa by ethnologist and moviemaker Jean Roch, the films encountered great success. Lost until 2007, the films were restored with the help of the National Center for Edition, Art and Image in France.

Olivier Modr art exhibit inside the Julia Ideson Building
“I can’t remember”

The Houston Public Library’s Community Engagement Team – Central Library
Paper Circuits and an Art Activity | 4 PM – 6 PM

The Houston Public Library’s Youth Services Team – Central Library
Arts and crafts

About the Houston Public Library
The Houston Public Library (HPL) operates 37 neighborhood libraries, three HPL Express Libraries, a Central Library, the Houston Metropolitan Research Center, the Clayton Library Center for Genealogical Research, The African American Library at the Gregory School, and the Parent Resource Library located in the Children’s Museum of Houston. With more than eight million visits per year in person and online, HPL is committed to excellent customer service and equitable access to information and programs by providing library customers with free use of a diverse collection of printed materials and electronic resources, Internet, laptop and computer use, and a variety of database and reference resources with live assistance online 24/7.

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Sorteo Revela Grupos para la Edición Inaugural de la Liga de Naciones Concacaf

Mar 28, 2019

Sorteo Revela Grupos para la Edición Inaugural de la Liga de Naciones Concacaf
Las 41 Asociaciones Miembros están preparadas para participar en un torneo oficial de Concacaf por primera vez
Miami (miércoles 27 de marzo de 2019) – La Confederación de Norte, Centroamérica y el Caribe de Fútbol Asociación (Concacaf) realizó hoy el sorteo oficial de Liga de Naciones Concacaf 2019, en el Teatro Chelsea de Las Vegas, Nevada.

La gala, que dividió a las tres Ligas en grupos, fue precedida con unas palabras de bienvenida del Presidente de Concacaf, Victor Montagliani. El Director de Fútbol de Concacaf, Manolo Zubiria, realizó el sorteo junto con el Director de Desarrollo de Concacaf y el ex futbolista internacional de Granada, Jason Roberts.

La fase de grupos de ida y vuelta de la liga de Naciones de Concacaf 2019 se jugará en las fechas de la FIFA de septiembre, octubre y noviembre de 2019. El Campeonato Final se jugará en 2020. Los grupos para la Liga de las Naciones del Concacaf 2019 son los siguientes: (listado en el orden que se sorteó:

Liga A
Grupo A: Estados Unidos, Canadá y Cuba
Grupo B: México, Panamá y Bermudas
Grupo C: Honduras, Trinidad y Tobago y Martinica
Grupo D: Costa Rica, Haití y Curazao 

Liga B
Grupo A:  Guayana Francesa, San Cristóbal y Nieves, Belice y Granada 
Grupo B: El Salvador, República Dominicana, Santa Lucía y Monserrat
Grupo C: Jamaica, Guyana, Antigua y Barbuda y Aruba
Grupo D: Nicaragua, Suriname, San Vicente y las Granadinas y Dominica

Liga C
Grupo A: Barbados, Islas Caimán, Saint Martin e Islas Vírgenes de los Estados Unidos
Grupo B: Bonaire, Bahamas e Islas Vírgenes Británicas
Grupo C: Guatemala, Puerto Rico y Anguila
Grupo D: Guadalupe, Islas Turcas y Caicos y Sint Maarten

Al finalizar la fase de grupos, los ganadores de cada grupo de la Liga A se clasificarán para el Campeonato Final, mientras que los ganadores de los grupos de la Liga B y C serán promovidos a la Liga A y B para la próxima edición de la competencia. Además, los últimos equipos de cada Liga A y grupo B serán relegados a Liga B y C.

El calendario completo, incluidos los horarios y los lugares se anunciarán mas adelante.  

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Mar 28, 2019


Thank you everyone for joining us on the international conference call as we get ready for the inaugural Top Rank on ESPN pay-per-view broadcastCrawford vs. Khan, April 20 at Madison Square Garden.

The stacked undercard features lightweight sensation Teofimo Lopez in a 12-round test against Edis Tatli, 2016 U.S. Olympic silver medalist Shakur Stevenson versus former world title challenger Christopher Diaz in a 10-round featherweight tilt, and a crossroads 10-round lightweight battle between Felix Verdejo and Bryan Vasquez.

Details on how fans will be able to access the pay-per-view event will be announced at a later date.

Promoted by Top Rank, in association with Matchroom Boxing and Khan Promotions, tickets priced at $606, $406, $306, $206, $106, $81, and $56 (including facility fees) are on sale now and can be purchased at the Madison Square Garden Box Office, all Ticketmaster outlets, Ticketmaster charge by phone (866-858-0008) and online or

AMIR KHAN: Training is going really well. I am here in San Francisco and really liked getting back with {head trainer} Virgil {Hunter}. I really believe he knows me better than anyone else – than any other trainer. In fact, I was with {Joe Goossen} because Virgil was a little sick, and I had to make a quick change. Now I am back with Virgil. I have had my best performances in boxing with Virgil, great wins, and I couldn’t wait to join with him again. Since we began camp, everything has been going really well. We are sparring hard, training hard, and going to be in great condition because we know that Terence is a great fighter. I respect the way he fights, and I respect that he’s done it again and again and he’s one of the best pound-for-pound fighters. Also, my conditioning coach Tony Brady is here. The camp I have had is great and I’m happy with it. About Terence Crawford – I am not taking this fight lightly and I am not taking it to be a number because I know I can win this fight with my boxing skills, being smart, and I can go in there and cause a big upset. I know I have a lot against me, but this is where I like to be. This is where I like to be because I am the underdog. I am at my best when people are looking over me. This is the time where I can come and prove everybody wrong, and I feel that timing-wise, this is the perfect timing for this fight. I always wanted to be up there in the pound-for-pound rankings. I am 32 now and I feel strong physically and mentally. I am prepared for this fight, so this is perfect timing for me to take this fight and win the fight as well. I had another fight in the UK against Kell Brook, but {I believe} this fight is stylistically better for me. Obviously, this is with ESPN, who I want to thank as well. I think that being on ESPN, the fight will be even bigger, and it will be good for my recognition for me as well in the future. Yes, training is still going strong three weeks away from the fight, and I am going to be more than ready.

You had a fight in the UK against Kell Brook that you could have taken and would have been huge there.  How did you come to take the Crawford fight?

AMIR KHAN: I love fighting in the States. I have had some big performances here, and I wanted to come back here and put on a big show. New York is one of my favorite locations in America, so when this fight was put to me, I knew it was going to be a big fight, so I decided to take this fight with both hands and make sure that if I take this fight I am going to win this fight.

Breaking down the fight, Terence is a very skillful fighter, and I always do well against skillful fighters. This is going to be like a game of chess at times.  He comes forward and can punch well and likes to fight as well. So, it’s the best of both worlds and he doesn’t fight the same as me. I have fought at welterweight, so I am basically the bigger guy physically. I have been in the division longer, so I’ve got that advantage on my side.  I’m the bigger guy so that is on my side. People may think from my last performance against {Samuel} Vargas I’m going to be the same, but that was very bad. I thought I could just go in there and win the fight. It’s hard to motivate yourself against guys where you are supposed to win. All you have to do is turn up then because you know you have better skills. But this fight, this is where I have to bring my ‘A’ game, make sure that I cannot make any mistakes. I’ll go in as the underdog, prove myself and win this fight.

Were you thinking that “this is a huge opportunity against a great fighter in a huge PPV and at Madison Square Garden” and that Kell Brook will always be there?

AMIR KHAN:  Well, I don’t know. I don’t know if that fight is still going to be there. I have seen numerous times in the media that {promoter} Eddie {Hearn} is saying that the Brook fight is dead and it’s not going to happen. Hey, look, who knows, time will tell. I take it fight by fight. Let’s get this fight out of the way first and then we take it from there. That fight may never happen, but it may happen, so I just take it one fight at a time, as it comes really.

Bob, when you were looking for Terence’s next opponent, was Khan at the top of your list or were there others?

BOB ARUM: The first thing is, ‘What’s the best fight we can do,’ and I have always been an Amir Khan fan. I don’t say this now because I am promoting him in this fight, but I remember back in the day years and years ago when Amir Khan joined Manny Pacquiao in his camp and was a tremendously skillful partner. Amir knows we were – he was in the Philippines when he participated in that camp – so look, I know a little bit about boxing and our matchmakers are tremendously skilled, but I’ve been around over 50 years in this sport and I know what makes a good fight, and what’s a competitive fight, and I’m telling you that Amir Khan versus Terence Crawford is a hugely competitive fight. Styles make fights, and this is the first pay per view event that we are doing with ESPN and we value tremendously our relationship with ESPN. And I want going in, and at the fight, going out, everybody to say, “It was a great, great fight.”  I really believe that the fight will be a tremendous, interesting, competitive fight. That’s why we made it. That’s the truth. There are other fighters, other welterweights, that are coming along that will one day step up to fight for a title, but this fight, instinctively, I know, and my matchmakers agree, was a very competitive fight. You have to understand there are very few fighters that have the boxing skills of Amir Khan. Very, very few, so I look at this as a very competitive fight.

Does fighting in New York bring back any special memories or give you motivation?

AMIR KHAN: My in-laws live in New York and I send a lot of time over there. My {second WBA super lightweight title defense} was at MSG, the smaller one, and that was a great performance against Paulie Malignaggi. And ever since. all of my fans have been saying, ‘why don’t you fight in New York again?’ A lot of my fights have been in Vegas and LA – on the west coast. I think this is the time now where I come back for the big fight.

Have you watched Crawford’s Benavidez and Horn fights?

AMIR KHAN: The fight is going to be a tough fight. He is a very good skilled fighter with power. He’s durable, he moves well, and he boxes well. For me to win this fight, I have to be on my ‘A’ game and not make any mistakes, but he is still maybe quite new in the welterweight division. But you can see he is quite filled out, and for the welterweight division, his height is good. I am not going to go in there thinking I am stronger and a physically bigger fighter. I am going to in there and use my skills to win this fight. That’s what is going to win this fight – not the size or the power – it’s going to be my IQ and my skills.

How did you decide this fight warranted being on pay-per-view?

BOB ARUM:  It’s really a combination. The match-up warrants a pay-per-view. and it is such a big fight. This is professional boxing, and the fighters have to be compensated because it is such a big fight, and therefore you cannot rely on a network to constantly come up with big, big money as a rights fee. So, if the fight is big enough, you then have to go to the public and say to the public, ‘Hey this is a terrific fight, you have to support the fight.’ Sometimes the public says no. If we have confidence in the event, they will say yes. That’s really what it is about. We can stop playing the games of whether the fight should be pay-per-view or shouldn’t be pay-per-view. The first question is, ‘Is it a really good matchup, an interesting event,’ and secondly, ‘Is it affordable on television? Can the rights fee support the fight?’ In this case, we have a splendid event and we have fighters who have to be, and should be, compensated for their performances and therefore you go to pay-per-view. That is the mindset. Everything else is noise.

Does the media attention affect you as you get ready for this fight?

AMIR KHAN:  My first fight as a professional, I was the main attraction on television and I had all the media and the press conferences and the conference calls and everything. I have had a lot of media attention from day one as a professional and I have been going 14 years strong. The big media coverage {comes} with it. I love that kind of pressure on me and to cope with that pressure and to deal with that pressure really helps me when I go into the camp. When I go into a fight, I make sure that it is not on my mind. That’s the last thing I think about, all of the pressure.  One thing I want to say is there is a lot of talk about Crawford with Spence, who just came off a fight.  All of those people should be talking about Spence against me. I’m not just a number. I know when I have to turn it on. I can turn it on. Maybe in previous fights, I won the fight, but maybe I didn’t look the best. But I know I belong at the level of both. I am one of those fighters that if I am fighting a guy that is supposed to be at the top of his game that will bring me to the top of my game and bring the best out of me. If Crawford is talking about maybe that fight happening and overlooking me, it’s going to be a big shock. I’m going to be ready. We’ve both been hurt in fights. I am a fully-fledged welterweight. This division is hard, and I’ve had good knockouts. I’m an unbeaten welterweight fighter and it is the weight I feel comfortable at and the weight where I feel stronger, as well, and the speed and the perfect size.

I fought Canelo and that was maybe too much, but even that fight I think I was winning.  When it comes to boxing skills and being smart and knowing that I couldn’t make any mistakes, I got hit with a big shot that probably would have knocked out any welterweight. But this is where I want to tell everybody I’m not just a number – I’m not just going to come into this fight to just make it a night of boxing. I’m coming to win this fight.

How much did fighting at the Garden factor into your decision to take this fight over Kell Brook?

AMIR KHAN: New York is where my wife is from. I have a big fan base there. I enjoy walking the streets of New York and getting loved by the boxing fans. I love the place and have been spending a lot of time there. Also, MSG is the Mecca of Boxing and all of the great boxers that have fought there back to the beginning – I want to be amongst them. One day when I am walking the streets with my kids and I’ll be walking past it and say, ‘Look, I fought there.’  It means a lot to me.  New York is a place I will always be attached to.

What has been your favorite venue to date?

AMIR KHAN: There have been a few looking back on my career. There have been many, but Madison Square Garden will be at the top. It is the Mecca of Boxing, and there have been some huge fights there and to get a win there will be even more amazing and it would be one of the biggest fights of my career. I have fought at MGM and T-Mobile and I also fought Chris Algieri in Brooklyn. As a boxer, I have had the opportunity to fight in all of these locations, but MSG will be up there as the best, I have to say.

How do you relax to ready yourself for a fight of this magnitude?

AMIR KHAN: I have been in this game for 14 years and 10 years fighting at the top level, so I just learn as I go along. I am no spring chicken where I am young and still learning. I have been through this numerous times and have learned when to rest, when to talk and when to do things right. It comes with age, and it comes with experience to be in this position and learned over the past 10 years.

What is your plan for after this fight?

AMIR KHAN: I never look past fights. I made the mistake of doing that when I was younger, and I only take it fight by fight. There are a lot of big fights out there for me; it just depends on how long I want to be in the game for. I want to spend time with my family so let’s see. After the fight and after the press conference is when we can talk about this.

We have seen that Crawford actually likes to fight as southpaw even though he is right-handed. How do you plan to fight Crawford and how do you plan to counteract?

AMIR KHAN: We have been bringing in different guys in sparring. Some of the guys are southpaw and some are orthodox. I am not leaving anything behind. I am working with four guys. If he wants to fight me {as a southpaw}, then so be it.  We are ready for anything he brings to the table. We are not leaving anything behind on this. I am not going to go into the fight and say, ‘wow, I didn’t expect this.’ I have been learning a little bit from each of my training partners.

Twitter world is wondering if Bob Arum writes his own tweets and maybe you can set the record straight right here…

BOB ARUM: People think I don’t know how to work Twitter?  We all know how to work Twitter. The President of the United States uses Twitter.  Yes, I work Twitter, and I think it’s a great service. You can say a lot of things on Twitter, and fans read them and respond. Sometimes they like them and sometimes they don’t like them and sometimes they say the most horrible things in response to them. I think it is a lot of fun and it is the modern way to educate fans and to reach fans, so yes, I am a big Twitterer myself and I do three or four tweets a week, so yeah, I plead guilty to writing my own tweets.

So this may be the only time you have agreed with the President of the United States…

BOB ARUM: Yes, that is really true, but I use it better than he does.

Terence Crawford enters…

BOB ARUM: Before Terence takes the questions, I just want to say what a privilege it is to have him on and have him on this promotion. You have to realize that 40 years ago I promoted the great welterweight of that time, Sugar Ray Leonard, and now, 40 years later, I have the honor of promoting the successor to Sugar Ray Leonard, Terence Crawford. I believe Terence Crawford is the best welterweight in the world. Certainly a contender for pound-for-pound the best fighter in the world, and I believe he is in a real fight with Amir Khan, who I have explained to everybody that I have been a fan of. He is a terrific fighter and that’s what Terence wants – challenges – as he goes on with his great career.

TERENCE CRAWFORD: I appreciate all of the support that I have been getting. I am looking forward to April 20 at MSG.

How do you feel about having your first pay-per-view fight against a big-name fighter?

TERENCE CRAWFORD: This is not my first pay per view fight. I fought Postol on pay- per-view and the significance of the Postol fight cannot be denied.

What are your thoughts on Amir Khan?

TERENCE CRAWFORD: This is a big fight. Amir Khan never lost in the welterweight division. He knows what he is doing in the ring. He boxes really good. He is really crafty.  He is a veteran. His is going to be a tough fight.

They have a common opponent – Breidis Prescott.  What do you take away from the fights each had with him?

BRIAN MCINTYRE: I don’t take that into consideration at all because that was a different fight and that was a while ago and Amir has bounced back with some great wins. When Terence fought him, he wasn’t the best junior welterweight at the time. When Amir fought him, he was alright. They were two totally different fighters and Prescott did a totally different fight against Amir Khan than he did against Terence.

It seems as though that was the fight that kind of launched Terence into fighting more as a southpaw…

BRIAN MCINTYRE: That’s 100 percent on Terence because he will switch when he feels the need to switch. We don’t tell him in the corner when to switch – that is left up to the fighter. I am not going to take credit for him becoming one of the best southpaws ever. I give all the credit to him because he does it when he needs to.

Did you ever think these two would meet in the ring?

BRIAN MCINTYRE: Yes, Terence is always looking to fight the best fighters out there and right now I believe Khan is ranked in the top 10 as a welterweight, so we are going to fight him. We are going after the best ones and Khan was available so he is next up on the chopping block.

Where do you see Khan in his career right now?

BRIAN MCINTYRE:  Right now, looking at his last two fights, he is like a determined fighter that wants to get the job done. He is coming off two wins for himself; he’s coming in on top and trying to upset Terence. At no time is Terence going to take Khan lightly.

Looking at all of Terence’s opponents, you could say that Khan is the most accomplished.  Where do you view him compared to all of Terence’ opponents?

BRIAN MCINTYRE: I would rate Khan in the top five of the opponents that Terence has faced. He has accomplished a lot of things in his career. He’s got experience, he’s knowledgeable, he knows what to do in the ring at times, he’s got good ring IQ and good ring generalship. So, I would put him up there in the top five.

Who are the others in the top 5?

BRIAN MCINTYRE: He beat two {Olympic} gold medalist, he beat a few of those undefeated champions. Hey, he’s up there.

Do you see it as Khan is a good fighter and it is a tough fight, but it is only a matter of time until Crawford puts a good hit on that chin?

BRIAN MCINTYRE: Well, we would want to say that going into the fight, but Amir Khan is still dangerous with the attributes he brings into the ring. We don’t know what he’s doing over there with Virgil Hunter. We don’t know what he’s doing with his strength and conditioning coach. So, we would want to say that, but we can think that going into the ring. The only thing in our minds is getting a win.

Bob tweeted about fighting Spence and talking to Haymon about it. How realistic do you think that is?

BRIAN MCINTYRE: Right now, our total focus is on Amir Khan. Bob is doing his thing, trying to make the fight happen. So, hey, let Bob do his thing and let us do our thing and when the fight is done we’ll sit down with Bob and hopefully the other guys will come to the table.

What sparring partners do you have coming in for this camp?

BRIAN MCINTYRE: Well, that’s a little bit too much information to be giving out. You’ll find out after the fight.

What does a win for Terence do for what comes up next?

BRIAN MCINTYRE: Well, everyone has been saying Terence is a small welterweight and he’s not big enough for that weight class. Amir Khan is a solid welterweight so after Terence does his thing does his thing on April 20 it will solidify him as a natural welterweight.

Your careers have sort of paralleled each other, but Amir was a weight class ahead of you. Did you ever see this fight coming?

TERENCE CRAWFORD: Not really. I didn’t see a fight between myself and Amir Khan happening because, you’re right, he was the bigger guy fighting in higher weight classes. He fought Canelo at a higher weight class and we thought he would be at 154. Right now, I am excited to share the ring with him.

Khan seems to be a big underdog in this fight. What do you see in him that will trouble you?  He has a lot to win and you have a lot to lose in this fight…

TERENCE CRAWFORD: He is a big welterweight. He has a big name in the sport of boxing. Right now, I give him a shot at the title. He has done some great things in the welterweight division.  He has never lost at the welterweight division.  We look at all of those types of things.

How has the evolution of you fighting as a southpaw happened since the Prescott fight?

TERENCE CRAWFORD: They are all different fights. It just depends on the moment. I can fight great in both stances. I have been fighting more southpaw and I believe a lot of people forget that I am orthodox. But that goes to show how well I am doing in my second stance.

How do you compare yourself to a southpaw now to then since you have improved a lot?

TERENCE CRAWFORD: I have gotten a lot more experience as a southpaw in big fights and have been fighting tremendously in the southpaw stance.

You are fast, he is fast – do you think it will come down to who punches harder and who can take the best shot?

TERENCE CRAWFORD: I wouldn’t say that. Amir Khan might be fast, and he might have good movement, but I am a great boxer myself and I am not the slowest fighter by any means. I believe in my skills and I don’t believe that it is my punching power that is going to lead me to victory. I believe it is my whole overall skills and mindset that will lead me to victory on April 20.

While you are doing that, showing your skills, do you feel it is only a matter of time before you land the big shot and he crumbles?

TERENCE CRAWFORD: No, I don’t look at that. I go into the fight looking to get the win. If the knockout comes it comes but that’s not what I am focusing on or looking at. It is boxing so anything can happen. We prepare to go 12 hard rounds and that’s the way we are going to take it.

Bob tweeted that when you win this fight he wants to make the Spence fight happen.  What do you think about that? Is it makeable?  

TERENCE CRAWFORD: Of course it is makeable. I believe it would be the biggest fight in the welterweight division. But like you said, I have this fight against Amir Khan.  After the fight, we can talk about Errol Spence and Al Haymon and Top Rank doing business together. But right now, I am not even thinking or worried about Errol Spence.

Are you competitive on the business side that would make you want to beat the Spence-Garcia PPV numbers of 350K?

TERENCE CRAWFORD: At the same time, I have no control over that. I don’t know where a lot of people are getting their numbers from because I believe that is private information. They can say whatever they want, but if they did that much, more power to them. That is good for them. But like I said, I am not worried about that. My focus is to go in the ring on April 20 and solidify a good performance and get the victory. The numbers should be good. Amir Khan is a great fighter, fighting a great fighter in myself. I think the fans will enjoy a great night of boxing.

You hear the noise that you are a heavy favorite.  Do you worry about that while you prepare?

TERENCE CRAWFORD: I am never going to be complacent. I know about the threats that he brings into the ring and the troubles that I can have if I overlook Amir Khan.  He’s got everything to gain so we have to take this fight real serious because the fights that slip out of a fighters’ hands happen when they think the fight is in the bag and it didn’t even start yet. We are going into the fight 110 percent focused and ready for the best Amir Khan come fight night.

Do you consider Amir Khan the toughest opponent you have had so far?

TERENCE CRAWFORD:  I don’t know. I can’t say because I haven’t fought him before.  I am looking for the best Amir Khan come fight night and we will handle everything accordingly.

Use the hashtag #CrawfordKhan to join the conversation on social media.

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Houston Firefighters to Participate in MDA’s Fill the Boot

Mar 28, 2019
WHAT:Press Conference for MDA Campaign
WHEN: April 10, 2019 at 10:00 am
WHERE:Houston Fire Station 11 460 TC Jester Blvd. Houston, TX  77007
Houston, Texas – The Houston Fire Department and the Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association Local 341 are supporting the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) by once again taking part in the annual Fill the Boot fundraising campaign. This campaign helps to raise critical funds to help transform the lives of kids and adults with muscular dystrophy, ALS and related muscle-debilitating diseases.Continuing a 65-year tradition, thousands of dedicated Houston firefighters will hit the streets or storefronts with boots in hand asking pedestrians, motorists, customers and other passersby to donate to MDA.Houston’s Fill the Boot drive is scheduled on the following Saturdays from 10am – 2pm:April 13April 20April 27May 4Press Conference: Wednesday, April 10 at 10 amHouston Fire Station 11460 TC Jester Blvd. Houston, TX 77007Funds raised through the 2019 Houston Fill the Boot campaign will empower families with life-enhancing resources and support that open new possibilities and maximize independence, so they can experience the world without any limits. Houston firefighters have raised more than $8 million for MDA which funds groundbreaking research, programs and services that enrich the lives of individuals living with neuromuscular disease. Additionally, dollars raised during Fill the Boot help to send local Houston kids to MDA Summer Camp at no cost to their families. Every June, more than 100 campers from the Houston area experience a week of barrier-free fun while gaining confidence and independence.
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Houston Fire Department Open House Safety Campaign

Mar 28, 2019
Houston Fire Department Open House Safety Campaign
HOUSTON – The Houston Fire Department’s “Open House” Public Safety Awareness Campaign will kick off in the month of April to promote Fire Prevention and Safety. Citizens will have the chance to learn about common causes of home fires such as cooking, heating units, and smoking; be reminded of the importance of having working smoke detectors (and checking them frequently) and how critical it is to have a fire safety escape plan in place.There are two safety themes for 2019 open houses: “Know the Way Out” and “Cook with Caution.” Open house activities, which may vary by fire station, include: an interactive tour through the fire safety house to learn how to prepare and evacuate during an emergency, demonstrations by firefighters, fire station tours, photo ops with Sparky the Fire Dog, and free pizza and chips. 

“Every year, the majority of fire deaths in North America happen at home. In a typical home, you may have as little as one to two minutes to escape safely from the time the smoke alarm sounds. Our open houses are a time for people to think ahead. You can help ensure your family’s safety by having a home fire escape plan, making sure your smoke alarms work well, and being careful with cooking and heating equipment,” said Fire Chief Sam Pena.
The schedule for 2019 open houses is below:

April 6, 2019                   11am-2pm                          Houston Fire Station 82 
May 4, 2019                    11 am-2 pm                        Houston Fire Station 27
June 6, 2019                   11am-2pm                          Houston Fire Station 105
July 11, 2019                  11am-2pm                          Houston Fire Station 86
August 8, 2019               11am-2pm                          Houston Fire Station 47
September 7, 2019         11am-2pm                          Houston Fire Station 15
Fire Prevention Month Schedule              (Increased Schedule for the month)
October 5, 2019               11am-2pm                          Houston Fire Station 5
October 12, 2019             11am-2pm                          Houston Fire Station 71
October 19, 2019            11am-2pm                          Houston Fire Station 32
October 26, 2019            11am-2pm                          Houston Fire Station 13
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Nuestros rivales de la ICC 2019

Mar 27, 2019

Una pretemporada de ensueño es la que el Guadalajara tendrá este verano antes de competir en el Torneo de Apertura 2019, ya que, en un hecho histórico para el club y el futbol mexicano, el Rebaño Sagrado será el primer club no europeo en disputar la International Champions Cup, que este año reunirá a 12 equipos de talla mundial en 17 ciudades alrededor de 3 continentes (América, Europa y Asia).

En este certamen, que se lleva a cabo desde 2013 y que desde el año pasado se juega en su actual formato, y cuyo alcance de audiencia es de 170 países, además de las Chivas estarán Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Juventus, AC Milan, Arsenal, Atlético de Madrid, Inter de Milán, Benfica, Tottenham y AS Roma.

Como parte de la International Champions Cup 2019, que se disputa en una misma tabla y el ganador es el que más unidades acumule (triunfo 3 pts, triunfo en penales 2 pts, derrota en penales 1 pt, derrota 0 pts), el Guadalajara enfrentará al AS Roma en Chicago, al Benfica en San Francisco y al Atlético de Madrid en Dallas.

El calendario de Chivas en la ICC 2019:

Guadalajara vs AS Roma
Martes 16 de julio
SeatGeek Stadium
Bridgeview, Illinois.

Guadalajara vs Benfica
Sábado 20 de julio
Levi’s Stadium
Santa Clara, California.

Guadalajara vs Atlético de Madrid
Martes 23 de julio
Globe Life Park
Arlington, Texas.

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Mar 27, 2019

Los Rayados regresamos a los entrenamientos luego de enfrentar al San José Earthquakes en la primer Fecha FIFA del año.

Para el regreso al Clausura 2019, los albiazules nos enfrentaremos al Cruz Azul, es por esto que nos preparamos con una alta intensidad rumbo a nuestro encuentro de la jornada 12.

Bajo las órdenes de Diego Alonso, arrancamos la práctica matutina con ejercicios de velocidad y coordinación.

En la segunda parte de la práctica, el toque de balón y recorridos sin balón fue lo que se pudo apreciar en la cancha 2 del Centro de Entrenamiento BBVA Bancomer El Barrial.

Ejercicios de tiro a gol y puntería fue lo que se pudo ver en el Entrenamiento Rayado para cerrar el día y continuar con la preparación y la alta motivación rumbo al cierre de Torneo.

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Enfocados en sumar

Mar 27, 2019

Hoy por la mañana en las instalaciones del CEGAR, nuestro Director Técnico,Víctor Manuel Vucetich, atendió a los medios de comunicación para expresar sus impresiones sobre el panorama actual del equipo y aquí les dejamos los más destacado.

Análisis del accionar“No un retroceso. Enfrentamos a un equipo que no perdona y cometimos errores. Regalarle dos goles de inicio a un equipo como Tigres, es mortal”.

“Tenemos que trabajar en el aspecto anímico y en la cuestión táctica. Cada individualidad debe ser aprovechada en el momento oportuno para ser bien abastecidos”.

Regla de menores“Es una regla que está establecida y lo tenemos que saber cuidar. Se le tiene que dar la formación a los jugadores y tenemos que cuidar esa regla”.

Fecha FIFA“Nos permite seguir trabajando y corrigiendo. Hay cuestiones de marcación y recorrido que tenemos que trabajar muy fuerte en ese sentido. El partido amistoso me permitirá darle ritmo a los que no vienen participando y a los que están en recuperación”.

“Tendremos que analizar muy bien ese tipo de cuestiones. El partido que viene le daremos la oportunidad a Gil Alcalá y haremos el análisis”.

Objetivo“Tenemos que seguir pensando en el torneo y seguir haciendo puntos”.

Lesionados“Consideró quemara el sábado estarán todos. Ayron, Rojas, Samudio y Corral están trabajando al parejo”.

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Mar 27, 2019

 Los Xoloitzcuintles trabajaron en las instalaciones del Estadio Caliente, de cara al retorno a la acción en la LIGA MX-Clausura 2019 ante los Gallos Blancos del Querétaro en la jornada 12 del certamen, la cual se jugará el próximo sábado 30 de Marzo en La Corregidora.

Tras la práctica en la cancha anexa al Estadio Caliente, el Capitán Rojinegro Diego Rodríguez y el defensa Omar Mendoza, coincidieron en que este breve descanso sirvió para mejorar aspectos del conjunto fronterizo.

“Nos vino bien para mejorar varios aspectos. Si bien las cosas venían bien, era para buscar tener la excelencia”, dijo Rodríguez.

“El partido contra Querétaro va a ser muy importante para seguir sumando puntos y cumplir el objetivo que nos habíamos planteado, que es entrar a la Liguilla”, agregó el “Torito”.

En su segundo torneo portando la camiseta Rojinegra del Club Tijuana, Diego Rodríguez no ocultó su orgullo por representar al equipo tijuanense en el terreno de juego, aunque resaltó la labor de otros referentes de los Canes Aztecas.

“Ser capitán del equipo es una responsabilidad muy grande y un orgullo, junto a varios compañeros como el “Topo” (Valenzuela), Diego (González), Diego Braghieri, Julián (Velázquez) y todos los demás, buscar llevar el equipo hacia adelante y estar atentos en muchos aspectos”, finalizó el mediocampista uruguayo.

Ya recuperado totalmente de su lesión muscular, Omar Mendoza expresó su alegría por continuar con la actividad en la LIGA MX.

“Preparándonos para retomar la Liga. Entusiasmado por ir a hacer un buen papel en Querétaro y seguir escalando en la tabla”, comentó el zaguero.

Mendoza ha disputado en la presente campaña 658 minutos de juego. Bajo el planteamiento del estratega colombiano, el mexicano se ha sentido cómodo por las incorporaciones ofensivas que realiza en la banda derecha.

“Me he sentido muy bien con que él (Óscar Pareja). Me pide que vaya más al ataque, a él le gusta eso y en lo personal muy contento porque cada vez me voy afianzando más en el equipo y que mejor que ir logrando buenos resultados para tener grandes cosas”, concluyó el lateral.

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Mar 27, 2019


26 de Marzo del 2019 7:46 pm.

Torreón, Coahuila; 26 de Marzo de 2019

  • Durante la presente campaña, el delantero argentino Julio Furch ha contribuido a la ofensiva albiverde con siete tantos, incluida su participación en la Liga MX y Liga de Campeones Concacaf.

Al finalizar el entrenamiento de esta mañana en Territorio Santos Modelo, el atacante argentino Julio Furch habló con los medios de comunicación sobre el partido contra Atlas del próximo viernes, fundamental en las aspiraciones de los Guerreros para aspirar a la Liguilla:

“En los seis partidos que quedan tenemos que obtener más de 10 puntos, para estar en un lugar cómodo de la tabla, las tres unidades que perdimos de local (contra Necaxa) vamos a buscarlas ahora de visita; son partidos que podemos conseguir, confiamos en nosotros para seguir en la lucha por la Liguilla”.

Referente a la preparación de cara al cotejo ante los Rojinegros, el ariete sudamericano señaló:

“Seguimos trabajando de la forma en que creemos y pensamos que se desarrollan los partidos de visitante. Va a ser duro, complicado, Atlas es un equipo necesitado y hay que saber llevarlo para conseguir los tres puntos”.

En el aspecto individual, “El Emperador” realizó un balance de su cuota goleadora en ambas competencias:

“En conjunto con los partidos de la Liga de Campeones es un número importante, aunque me encantaría tener el doble o el triple de goles, pero soy consciente de que he fallado. A Javier Correa y a varios de los jugadores les ha tocado marcar, así que los goles están muy divididos y en ese sentido me quedo tranquilo”.

Por último, Furch resaltó la confianza de sus compañeros previo a la seguidilla de cinco partidos:

“Veo bien al equipo, no digo que estoy relajado ni conforme con lo que hemos conseguido, pero sé que el grupo está bien, quedan seis partidos muy difíciles y estoy seguro de que podemos conseguir el objetivo; confío mucho en mis compañeros”.

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