IRVINE  – An ex-LAPD officer suspected of fatally shooting two people in Irvine and a Riverside policeman posted a 6,000-word manifesto online vowing to kill law enforcement officers and rambling about everything from grade school insults to his admiration for first lady Michelle Obama.

“Think before you attempt to intervene. You will not survive,” Christopher Jordan Dorner warned law enforcement officials in an online manifesto titled “Last Resort” and addressed to “America.”

Dorner, now the subject of an intense manhunt centered in Big Bear, where his vehicle was found abandoned, wrote about his termination from the LAPD, its impact on his life and why he believes bloodletting is the only way to resolve the perceived injustices he’s suffered.

“I’ve lost a relationship with my mother and sister because of the LAPD,” Dorner stated. “I’ve lost a relationship with close friends because of the LAPD. In essence, I’ve lost everything because the LAPD took my name and knew I was innocent … The attacks will stop when the (Los Angeles Police) Department states the truth about my innocence.”

According to the murder suspect, the proceedings that led to his 2008 firing from the police force were rigged against him. He goes into detail about how his complaint against a fellow officer — now sergeant — alleging brutality against a detainee resulted in his being the target of retaliation by superiors.

“Don’t retaliate against officers for breaking your so-called blue line,” Dorner wrote. “I am a man who has lost complete faith in the system, when the system betrayed, slandered and libeled me … You have awoken a sleeping giant.”

He made clear his desire for revenge against the LAPD and its personnel, but emphasized that any law enforcement official would be fair game.

“The LAPD created this situation,” Dorner wrote. “Outside agencies and individual officers on patrol … if you recognize my vehicle and … you proceed with a traffic stop or attempt to notify other officers of my location, you will not live to see the medal of valor you were hoping to receive for your actions.”

Dorner is suspected of engaging two LAPD officers in a gunfight in Corona, inflicting a non-life-threatening injury to one before fleeing to Riverside, where he allegedly killed a 34-year-old police veteran and wounded his partner by firing through the front windshield of their patrol unit.

Police Chief Sergio Diaz said the officers were on routine patrol at the time and not looking for Dorner.

The alleged gunman is also suspected of killing a couple in Irvine Sunday night. One victim was a USC policeman, the other the daughter of an LAPD captain who represented Dorner at his board of rights hearing in 2008.

Dorner’s online declaration shifted erratically from one subject to another. He hailed his nearly seven years as a U.S. Naval reservist as exemplary and blamed the LAPD for the end of that career.

He called attention to several alleged racial insults, starting when he was in first grade and a fellow student provoked him, calling him “derogatory racial names.”

“My response was swift and non-lethal,” he said. “I struck him fast and hard with a punch and kick.”

He alleged that two fellow LAPD officers also used the “n” word in his presence during a bus ride, prompting him to choke one of them until they were separated.

Dorner’s thoughts turned to national politics, and he denounced critics of President Barack Obama, implying they were bigots.

“I love your bangs, Mrs Obama,” the suspect wrote. “A woman whose professional and educational accomplishments are second to none when compared to recent first wives.”

Dorner also praised Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s efforts to implement more gun control in the form of a sweeping “assault weapon ban.”

“The time is now to re-institute a ban that will save lives,” he said, rattling off the names of the “small arms” investigators would find in his arsenal.

Dorner recognized his friends and family by name, asking them not feel ill-will toward him, then went back to talking politics and entertainment.

“Hillary Clinton: You’ll make one hell of a president in 2016,” he wrote. “Ellen DeGeneres, continue your excellent contribution to entertaining America. You changed the perception of your gay community … Charlie Sheen, you’re effin awesome.”

Dorner disavowed any religious moorings, referring to the Bible as “that old book made of fiction and limited nonfiction.”

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