After the team returned to play at home it come very well the support of his fans and imposed their power against any team to stand on its territory, today they play against Minnesota Timberwolves team, who whit hope to beat the Hornets and apparently they already became use to start losing, but only that the first 10 minutes of play the team begins to carburizing and stay always in front, this time the first two quarters were hotly contested and for a few minutes the visiting team was even with the home team, but Kemba Walker has not lowered its performance and keeps score giving very good help his team this time he cooperate with 34 points, 7-rebounds and 6 assists with this victory the Hornets still hold in the area Playoffs and the Timberwolves are left in the thirteenth position of your conference just a place above the SUN’S .

The Mexican player had no minutes this time hopefully next Wednesday equal or better for HORNETS as they will face PELICANS NEW ORLEANS today took the win again with a score of 108-103.



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