Warns Jean Pascal He’s Going to Take His Head Off Speaks In-Depth on Plan to Knock Him Out
By Percy Crawford – FightHype.com


“Come December 8th, it’s going to be a good one; someone’s head is going to fall off…I was glad that my hard work had paid off. It feels like a title fight. I’m a kid, bruh. I know it’s not a title fight, but it’s a big fight for me. Jean Pascal is a guy that I used to watch…When I’m in the ring, I have no plan. I live life by the day. Come December 8th, when I’m in the moment, I just react. That’s just the way I am. The plan is to go to the head and go to the body and that’s it,” stated light heavyweight contender Ahmed Elibiali, who spoke in-depth about his upcoming clash with former world champion Jean Pascal. Check it out!
PC: On December 8th, you will face your stiffest competition on paper to date in Jean Pascal. How is everything going? 
AE: Great! We’ve been preparing, honestly, since the day after my last fight. Everything is going great; it’s been the best camp of my life. Every camp has been the best camp of my life, so it’s a good fight.
PC: If every camp is the best camp of your life, that means you’re improving. 
AE: Thank you, man. I’m trying. That’s the only thing you can do in boxing is try.
PC: It’s in Miami, your hometown. I don’t really believe in homefield advantage so much in boxing, but it does help with not having to travel and sleep in hotels and things of that nature. 
AE: Yeah, that’s what my team is saying. We are all saying it’s better because it’s Miami and he’s the one that’s going to have to travel. But, as a fighter, it’s like you just said, there really are no advantages in this game but outworking your opponent. As fighters, we’ll fight anywhere. It doesn’t matter. Sometimes fighting at home could be a disadvantage. He may have the advantage, who knows? Come December 8th, it’s going to be a good one; someone’s head is going to fall off. Continue Reading…

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