A escasos días de las Votaciones que se efectuaran el 26 de Junio, por la Candidatura por el Distrito XIV abarca Queens y el Bronx en Nueva York, se dieron cita después del mediodía lideres Comunitarios y representantes del Partido Panamericano Demócrata, para hacer una Coalición formal con la Candidata Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez quien busca un lugar en el Congreso de Estados Unidos.

El Director Ejecutivo que hizo la Coalición este día fue el Lic.  Ramon A. Ramirez, expresando “Nosotros estamos aquí firmemente para apoyar la Candidata Alexandria , ya que su oponente Crowley no ha estado en favor de nuestras Comunidad, tomando dinero de Wall Street, bancos y grandes Corporaciones”.

Así acepto públicamente la Candidata ese apoyo de esta Asociación Panamericana , y seguir luchando en favor de las Comunidades Hispana.

Estamos Luchando por un cambio en el congreso de los Estados Unidos, el 26 de Junio tenemos elecciones para la Primaria Demócrata aquí en Queens Nueva York y estamos luchando por educación matricula gratuita para los niño para mejorar y expandir medicare a todos luchar por nuestros derechos en vivienda.

Una de las prioridades después del 26 Junio si ganamos la Elecciones, elegir mas de los nuestros y llevar un movimiento al congreso para llevar un cambio por una sola persona no puede llevarlo acabo, cuando lleguemos al congreso tenemos que luchar por un sistema de emigración digno, tenemos que parar eliminar ICE y también estamos luchando por educación por mejorar la salud, y también luchar por la vivienda, y llevemos este cambio si todos participamos este próximo martes 26 de Junio.

On Friday, voters across New York saw us fiercely defend policies designed to help them, not big corporations. We didn’t just acknowledge the concerns of the people of New York — we offered real solutions on how to deal with them.

That’s what’s been missing from national politics. When working families say that they can’t afford skyrocketing costs of living, Democrats say we need to look at ways to deal with that. Our message is different, and without delay — raise the minimum wage to $15, and get dark money out of politics so big businesses can’t block common sense housing policies.

When hourly workers say that they can’t afford their premiums, national democrats say we need ‘affordable healthcare.’ Not sure what that means, but we had a better idea — Expanded and Improved Medicare for All. Stop letting the insurance companies exploit our neighbors, and take them out of the equation altogether.

When people can’t pay their bills today, their children attend broken school systems, and they see their neighborhoods changing around them, it’s not enough to promise to listen and talk about the issues. We need real policy solutions designed to fix these problems, and embolden the voiceless in our political system.

Last night, we saw something different. Like the Pan American Democratic debate, Crowley didn’t show — but this time, he decided to send a surrogate.

That didn’t stop us from giving a voice to the powerless, and fighting for policies that will help make their lives better. But while we were still able to reach voters and give them a fair chance at hearing our platform, that doesn’t change what a disservice it was for Crowley to ignore his constituents.

Crowley was campaigning just five subway stops away from where the debate was held — meaning he chose not to speak to voters tonight. How can our representative truly stand for the wishes of his voters when he won’t take an hour out of his day to speak in front of them?

This race isn’t just about us anymore, it’s about sending a simple message — not all Democrats are the same. I am proud to be the only Democrat in this race that rejects all corporate money and champions and advances improved and expanded Medicare for all, a federal jobs guarantee, tuition free public college and the abolition of ICE.

We see the cracks in the machine, and it’s time to end this rigged system once and for all.

BereaVision/Nueva York
Cesar Escamilla.

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