HFD to Purchase Exit Locators with Funds Requested by CM Mike Knox

Mayor Sylvester Turner approved CM Knox’s request for the use of unspent council funds to secure the purchase

HOUSTON – The Houston Fire Department can now begin the process of purchasing exit locators thanks to newly allocated funds from the City. These exit locators are called the “Fire Fighter’s Friend” and could save firefighter lives.  The devices are rugged pieces of equipment and have proven very valuable on fire scenes and would replace the HFD’s current devices.  Exit locators are placed just to the right of a door or opening during a fire attack and/or primary search. The strobe light and siren can be immediately activated so if a firefighter gets lost in a structure they can see or hear the exit locator and use it as a guide to safety. 

“These devices can make all the difference if a firefighter is lost or disoriented while inside a burning structure. A huge thank you to CM Knox and Mayor Turner’s administration for making taxpayer funds available for this purchase,” Sam Pena, Fire Chief.

The exit locators will be purchased from Safety Lamp of Houston for $25,000. This purchase is in support of the HFD’s Health and Safety Initiative spearheaded by Fire Chief Sam Pena.

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