Los Angeles, CA – The tech giant based out of Mountain View CA, Google, has announced a new project to offer the world’s information highway to places having difficulty to attain. In an effort to provide internet access, at a minimal cost, Google has launched project Loon. The team behind project “Loon” is focusing on a system of balloons sent high up in the stratosphere, almost ten kilometers high, providing an access point to the internet for areas where it is difficult to install antennas.

The balloons will be solar powered and include a computer for self navigation within the currents of the atmosphere. They will travel within a predefined set of coordinates so that they don’t wonder off and possibly collide with other balloons. Although it’s unclear how long these ballons will be able to be in space, Google plans on having them land back to Earth for maintenance and recommission.

Accessing these points isn’t as simple as finding a network with your WiFi card. You will need a specialized receiver device to access the internet via Loon.

Still in its development stage, there is no additional information on the when, where and how these balloons will be fully functioning. Once completed, Loon will offer game changing solutions for enterprise and personal level entities where internet access has always been limited.


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