Los Angeles, CA – Instagram reveals its biggest feature to date on June 20, 2013. All of it’s 160 million users can now submit videos; those at least with compatible devices that can record and upload video. Having teamed up with public figures and companies like Kobe Bryant and Burberry, the feature update was released with videos already available. With the ability to add video filters, users can submit videos with a maximum lenght of 15 seconds; much more than the 6 seconds Vine offers.

The company announced this featured at its parent’s company headquarters. Facebook, having bought Instagram for 1 Billion dollars last year, is on board to help generate new visitors and engage them in a long term media sharing platform. With criticism rising from its devaluation of around 25% since it’s purchase, a much needed change, like this one, was needed.

When asked if this addition was made to compete with Vine, CEO Kevin Systrom responded with saying that video was always in mind for Instagram; back when the project was originally called Burbn.



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