Firefighter Negotiations

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Firefighter Negotiations
Today marks a huge victory after Houston City Council unanimously passed the $650 million collective bargaining agreement for our Houston firefighters.
The vote, a show of support and appreciation for our firefighters, helps end a battle for salary and benefits dating back to 2016.
At the city council meeting on Wednesday, June 12th, members voted 14 to 3 to approve the historic  bond to fund the firefighter settlement.
For too long, Houston firefighters have remained dedicated to protecting us while they worked without a contract and other benefits.

Click on the image to the right to watch the passing of the bargaining agreement.

This achievement is the result of extensive discussions and collaboration among various departments and stakeholders, all committed to ensuring that the voices of our firefighters are heard.

It will be challenging to pay for the agreement, but the city cannot afford not to move forward, and it is a reasonable settlement. For a detailed timeline of these negotiations, please refer to the link below.