LOS ANGELES  – The Los Angeles Police Department today lifted a tactical alert that allowed supervisors to keep officers past their shifts in connection with the search for suspected three-time killer Christopher Jordan Dorner, but motorcycle officers were ordered to continue doing their patrolling in cars to guard against them being picked off by the embittered ex-cop.

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Sunday announced a  $1 million reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the 33-year-old Dorner, saying it had been raised from “business, unions, government, law enforcement and community groups.” Police Chief Charlie Beck, who says the reward was his wife’s idea, called it “the largest award ever offered locally.”

Dorner last Sunday allegedly gunned down the daughter and future son-in- law of the ex-police captain who represented him at a hearing that resulted in his dismissal from the Los Angeles Police Department. The bodies of 28-year-old college basketball coach Monica Quan and her fiance, 27-year-old Keith Lawrence, were found in a parked car in Irvine.

The next day, Dorner allegedly posted a 6,000-word manifesto on Facebook, vowing to kill several LAPD officers he named and their families. Fifty Los Angeles police officers and their families are being watched, authorities said.

On Thursday, Dorner was involved in a shootout with Los Angeles police guarding an officer’s home in Corona, leaving an LAPD officer with a graze wound to the head, police said. About 20 minutes later, he allegedly fired on a pair of Riverside police officers stopped at a red light, killing one and wounding the other.     Riverside police Sunday identified the slain officer as 34-year-old Michael Crain, an ex-Marine survived by his wife, Regina, and two children, Ian, 10, and Kaitlyn, 4. Crain left “an unforgettable impression” on everyone he met, Riverside police Lt. Guy Toussaint said.

Crain’s funeral is set for Wednesday.

The search for Dorner, meanwhile, continues to include the area around Big Bear, where he abandoned his pickup truck and set it afire Thursday, but it has been scaled back.

An LAPD tactical alert that had been in effect over the weekend was lifted about 7 a.m. today, the LAPD reported. However, motorcycle patrols remained suspended by the LAPD as a security measure, according to the department.

Beck said Sunday that the crimes attributed to Beck in the past week amounted to “an act of domestic terrorism,” and Villaraigosa said the region rejects being placed under a “reign of terror.”

“This is a man who has targeted those that we entrust to protect the public. This is not about capturing a suspect, this is about preventing a future attack, maybe a murder,” Beck said.

Donors to the $1 million award for information leading to Dorner’s arrest and conviction included police officers associations in Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego, Irvine, Long Beach and the Port of Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Dodgers and the Staples Center’s AEG contributed, as did the United Firefighters of Los Angeles, the Association of Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputies, the FBI, First Watch, the city and county of Riverside and six anonymous donors.

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