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Best slopes are above 2,000m in Méribel


There has been a lack of significant new snow in the Alps but existing snow has held well in the relatively cold conditions. Last night 5cm of new snow was fairly widespread, however, up to 45cm of new snow is expected by the end of next week.

Fresh snow across France has improved the patchy conditions across the Trois Vallées, where middle-altitude and lower slopes have been icy and are revealing increasing numbers of stones. But at least all the main links have been open and the best skiing is on the upper slopes above 2,000m in Méribel with (10-50cm).

Pistes have remained hard-packed in Switzerland with (10-90cm) of snow in Anzère. Despite the lack of new snow in Verbier (35-120cm) the skiing is still excellent on upper pistes although off piste powder is tracked out. Saas Fee (79-210cm) is bracing itself for a further 70cm of snow in the coming week.

The Italian Dolomites (Cortina, 25-130cm) have improved with new snow, while Austrian Sölden (15-199cm) and Pitztal (65-219cm) have deep upper-slope bases.

New snow is forecast for most of Europe at the weekend, followed by a sunny week and more snow at the end of the week. Some parts of Switzerland and Italy are expected to receive 50-70cm of new snow.

In the US, the lack of new snow will be offset by low temperatures. The eastern US will benefit from up to 15cm of new snow.