Blair «The Flair» Cobbs Joins Forces with Coach Justin Gamber

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Blair «The Flair» Cobbs Joins Forces with Coach Justin Gamber

LAS VEGAS, NV (March 26, 2024) – Don King’s newly signed welterweight, Blair «The Flair» Cobbs (16-1-1, 10 KOs), has officially teamed up with esteemed boxing coach Justin Gamber. Together, they are working in harmony and the two seem to be a perfect fit for each other.

Known for his flashy style and explosive performances in the ring, Cobbs brings his unique flair to the partnership, while Coach Gamber provides the technical expertise and strategic guidance needed to take Cobbs’ career to new heights.

«I’m really liking the way things are going with Coach Justin,” stated Cobbs, who is a native of Philadelphia, PA, but now training out of Las Vegas.  “We’re putting in the work, day in and day out, and I can feel myself improving with each session. Together, I believe we’re unstoppable.»

«Blair has all the tools to compete at the elite level of boxing,” said Coach Gamber, seeing Cobbs’ unique talent. “He’s really hungry to get back in the ring and show everyone he still has a lot of fight left in him. I’m confident that we can achieve great things together.»

«Blair and Coach Justin make a dynamic team, and I’m thrilled to see them working together towards their shared goals,” Greg Hannely, CEO of Prince Ranch Boxing and Cobbs’ manager said. “There’s no limit to what they can achieve in the ring.»

The boxing world eagerly anticipates witnessing the progress of Blair «The Flair» Cobbs under the guidance of Coach Justin Gamber, as they continue to make waves in the welterweight division. A fight with Adrien Broner is being worked out behind the scenes and an announcement on who Blair Cobbs will fight next will be revealed shortly.