City of Houston Employees Show Big Outpouring of Support for Survivors of Midwest Tornados


City of Houston Employees Show Big Outpouring of Support for Survivors of Midwest Tornados 


HOUSTON – In the spirit of giving during the holiday season, City of Houston employees have donated a large number of relief supplies, including nonperishable food, water, pet food, and cleaning materials to send to families who survived the deadly Midwest tornados.

Last week, Mayor Sylvester Turner partnered with Mattress Mack of Gallery Furniture and Kroger Houston to collect and ship items to the Midwest. Simultaneously, the mayor asked each of the city’s 22 departments and all employees to collect items that could be donated to people who survived the catastrophic tornadoes.

Today, city employees delivered boxes and bags overflowing with donations to Gallery Furniture. Mattress Mack will include the items with his contributions to ship to Kentucky to help communities in the path of the storm and devastated.

Mayor Turner, who was diagnosed with a mild case of COVID-19 did not attend the news conference but several City of Houston Department Directors spoke on his behalf.

«Our prayers are with our friends in Kentucky. It is tough to experience deadly tornadoes especially right before the holiday season,» said Houston Police Chief Troy Finner. «On behalf of Mayor Turner, we are 22 departments strong in the City and everybody stepped up. We are here today, and we will also be here through the long-haul for these families.»

«Houston is a great city with a reputation as a caring city. The entire city of Houston has rallied around the people of Kentucky, and it has re-established my faith in humanity to see how many people drove out here to bring supplies. As always, Houston steps up to help people in need,» said Jim «Mattress Mack» McIngvale.

«We have partnered with Mattress Mack and Kroger Houston following many disasters. It is teamwork and compassion that helps make this outpouring of donations and support,» said Community Relations Director Janice Weaver.

«I think the city of Houston knows the feeling of getting love and support after we have faced a disaster. Now, it is our turn to pay it forward. I am so proud of the city employees who have stepped up to help their fellow Americans,» said Houston Fire Chief Sam Pena.

Gallery Furniture is still accepting donations for the relief drive. People may contribute gift cards, cold-weather clothing, including jackets and sweatshirts.

«Please log on to, where you will find the Kentucky Relief Fund Effort page. We will collect more products in the next couple of weeks and send those items to the Midwest. I thank the citizens of Texas and Houston who continue to help people after a crisis,» added Mattress Mack.

Mayor Turner thanks all City Directors and employees who participated in the donation drive.

City of Houston departments assisting in the donation effort include Administration and Regulatory Affairs, Aviation, the Mayor’s Office, City Secretary, Emergency Management,  Finance, Fire, Fleet Management , General Services, Houston Health Department,  Housing and Community Development, Human Resources, Information Technology, Legal, Houston Public Library, Municipal Courts, Neighborhoods, Office of Business Opportunity, Parks and Recreation, Planning and Development , Police, Houston Public Works, Solid Waste Management and the Office of Vice Mayor Pro Tem Council Member Martha Castex Tatum of District K.