Eat Good NY


Meet EATGOOD NYC, one of our amazing 2023 NYCFC Mastercard City Assist Finalists. EATGOODNYC is a POC owned Food Art company that merges Art, fashion and pop culture in Food Form, Co-Founded by Benny Emeri and Carolina Wang. They are also the owners of Saint Michel Café, the first home base for EATGOODNYC, located at 462 Irving Avenue in Bushwick in Brooklyn.

EATGOODNYC was founded in 2014 when Benny and Carolina met on Tinder and bonded over their love of Fashion and art, but also both were recreational bakers on the side. They began a trend of creating people’s faces on desserts, which quickly caught on once celebrity model Cara Delevigne was seen holding one of their cupcakes, which ended up being featured in Vogue. Fast forward to now, EATGOODNYC has been featured on Forbes, Refinery29:Unbothered, Vogue, and Food Network. They have also created content and collaborated with brands such as Telfar, Nike, Puma, NBA, New York Knicks, New York City Football Club, and worked with celebrities like Cardi B, Beyonce, Gigi Hadid, and many more.

EATGOODNYC offers made to order desserts such as cupcakes, cookies, cakes, and candy, and also offer services to brands such as content creation and brand activations through dessert form. They are known for their keen eye for design and creating unique one of a kind dessert pieces.

Orders can be placed online through their website.