Mayor Scott Unveils New Agency to Support Small and Minority Businesses, Appoints Director to Lead Efforts


Mayor Scott Unveils New Agency to Support Small and Minority Businesses, Appoints Director to Lead Efforts


BALTIMORE, MD. (Saturday, July 15, 2023) – On Friday, Mayor Brandon M. Scott  announced the creation of a new agency that will consolidate the functions of the former Mayor’s Office of Minority and Women-Owned Business Development with the Minority and Women’s Business Opportunity Office. The newly established agency, named the Mayor’s Office of Small and Minority Business Advocacy & Development, will serve as a comprehensive resource hub for small and minority businesses, providing them with valuable support, guidance, and opportunities. By combining the expertise and resources of these previously separate initiatives, the new agency will enhance collaboration, streamline services, and ensure that the unique needs of small and minority-owned businesses are effectively addressed.

“I’m proud to launch this new enhancement to city government, which will serve as a catalyst for positive change and opportunities for small and minority and women-owned businesses,” said Mayor Brandon M. Scott. “By providing specialized resources and support, we aim to create a level playing field where women and minority-owned small businesses can thrive, contribute to our local economy, and play an integral role in our city’s success. Baltimore’s small, minority-and women-owned businesses have always been part of the engine for the City’s economic growth and this will be another spark that  keeps that engine moving.”

During the press conference, Mayor Scott appointed Christopher R. Lundy, Esquire as the inaugural director of the Mayor’s Office of Small and Minority Business Advocacy & Development. With a proven track record of empowering underserved communities and driving economic development, Director Lundy brings a wealth of expertise and a deep commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion within the business landscape.

In this pivotal role, Director Lundy will lead the efforts of the agency, overseeing the integration of the former business opportunity office and the minority owned businesses initiatives. He will work to create a supportive environment for small and minority-owned businesses, foster strategic partnerships, and develop innovative programs to propel economic growth in the City of Baltimore.

“This underscores the city’s dedication to fostering an inclusive and vibrant business community,” said Director Christopher R. Lundy, Esquire. “By combining our efforts, as a city, we are taking a significant step forward in promoting economic equity and creating an environment where all businesses can thrive and I am looking forward to leading the charge.”

The Mayor’s Office of Small and Minority Business Advocacy & Development will be instrumental in driving equitable economic opportunities and empowering entrepreneurs from all backgrounds. This enhancement will bring equitable contracting opportunities to minority-owned businesses and women-owned businesses within the City of Baltimore, while providing resources, support, and opportunities that furnish the various needs of those businesses in Baltimore City.