Mayor Turner Releases City Permits Related to AstroWorld Fest

Mayor Turner Releases City Permits Related to AstroWorld Fest
HOUSTON – In the interest of transparency and amid great public interest, Mayor Sylvester Turner has released all permits filed with the City related to this Nov. 5, 2021 Astroworld Fest incident where eight people died and hundreds more were injured.

Included in this release are permits shared with the Mayor’s Office of Special Events, Houston Health Department, and the Houston Fire Department. The list of permits is not exhaustive, as some were filed with Harris County, since the County owns the property where the event was held and the agreement for the event was between the producer, Live Nation, and NRG.

The city has permits for: street closures surrounding the event; Fire Prevention permits for tents, food preparation and pyrotechnics; Code Enforcement and Inspector application; a list of approved Food & Beverage vendors. Occupancy Permits are not issued for events that are held entirely outdoors, as was the case with Astroworld Fest. Houston’s Administrative and Regulatory Affairs department does not issue Noise permits at NRG Park, as it is owned by Harris County. Similarly, the Safety Plan would be filed by the event producer with the property owners.

«I continue to pray for the families of those who have died, and on behalf of the City, I send my best wishes to those who are recovering,» said Mayor Sylvester Turner. «The city is on a global stage as we investigate what happened, and I believe releasing this information in an expedient and transparent manner will show our commitment to a thorough investigation.»

Below is a list of permits filed with the City of Houston related to the event:

HFD Tent Acme Party
HFD Tent Aztec
HFD Occupant Safety Intervention Application
HFD Pyrotecnico – Flames and Pyrotechnics
HFD Pyrotecnico – Fireworks
HFD Spectrum – Liquid Gas
HFD Spectrum – Liquid Gas, Assembly, Tent
Houston Health – Food Permit Application
Houston Health – Permit List Food and Beverage
Mayor’s Office of Special Events – Street Closure

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