Mexico City Fight Photos & Results – Sanchez over Duran!






Courtesy Pablo Lozano Reyes

Sanchez & Duran

Courtesy Chiquita Gonzalez Promotions

April 6, 2023, Mexico City, MX  – –  In the main event on Wednesday April 5, in Mexico City, heavy-handed Mexican Carlos Sanchez beats Panamanian Alexander Duran in a junior lightweight bout that is stopped in the seventh due to accidental head butt. In the co-feature was a battle for Mexico City bragging rights and Abraham Arreola beat Brandon Reyes also by technical decision after a Reyes cut from accidental head butt led to the judges final scores. In the opener, last minute addition Rogaciano Guerrero outworked Eduardo Martinez for the majority decision win.


The event was promoted by Marquez Promotions, Chiquita Gonzalez Promotions and ProBox Promotions.

Jr. Welterweights – Scheduled for 10

Carlos “Tiburon” Sanchez_____vs____________Alexander Duran

Baja California, Mexico___________________Panama City, Panama

24-1, 19 KOs___________________________________21-1, 7 KOs

142.6 lbs._______________________________________ 144.2 lbs

Sanchez Wins by Technical Decision 60-56, 58-56, 58-56

Algieri and Paulie both had a shutout for Duran. Duran had a significant reach advantage of 7” in the fight.  Sanchez picking his spots in attempt to get inside. Duran’s craftiness has been working. Sanchez throwing some loopy shots to the body and head and completely missing Duran. Algieri after 4: “Sanchez looking listless.” Duran landed a heavy uppercut towards the end of round 5. In the 7th, Duran lands a huge body shot which is followed by a clash of heads which opens a huge gash over the right eye of Sanchez and the fight is stopped.

Bantamweights – Schedule for 8 Rounds

Brandon “King” Reyes_______vs____________Abraham Arreola

Mexico City, Mexico________________________Mexico City, Mexico

6-1-1, 2 KOs___________________________________5-2–1, 4 KO

118 lbs._________________________________________117.3 lbs

Abraham Arreola Wins by Technical Decision 79-74, 80-73, 80-73

The fight was stopped in Round 7 due to a gash over the

left eye of Reyes after accidental headbutt

23-year-old Reyes vs the 20-year old Arreola. A couple rounds in it’s a nice back and forth fight with both guys using their skills and landing combinations. Early on Reyes looked sharp. In round 4, Arreola switched it up to southpaw and landed some major shots. From then on it was all Arreola. Reyes showed a strong chin but the body work from Arreola was too much to overcome.

6 Rounds Super Lightweights

Eduardo “Lalo” Martinez______vs_________Rogaciano Guerrero

Mexico, Mexico___________________________Guerrero, Mexico

10-2, 7 KOs___________________________________ 7-2-1, 5 KOs

152.1 lbs.________________________________________152.1 lbs

Rogaciano Guerrero Wins Majority Decision 58-56, 58-57, 57-57

25-year-old Guerrero comes in on short notice and 36 hours later has a majority decision win! He came to fight and he got his arm raised. In Martinez’ defense, he had trained for a longer fight and was unaware of who his opponent would be until the weigh-in. He came on strong late but it wasn’t enough. Guerrero came out very aggressive to open the fight and it looked as though Martinez was unprepared for that. “It looked like Guerrero was hitting a heavy bag and it looked like Martinez was letting him do it.”

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