October 1, 2022, MEXICO CITY – Last night, Montserrat «Raya» Alarcón (17-4-2) defeated Brenda Balderas Martínez (4-3-1, 1 KO), by unanimous decision, 100-93, 97-93, and 98-92, in a 10‑round Women’s Atom Weight (102 lb.) Championship Fight.  Alarcón retained her WBA Women’s Atom Weight World Title on EstrellaTV’Boxeo EstrellaTV.  The series occurs on the last Friday of each month, and last night, the fights were broadcast from Auditorio BB in Mexico City.

The bombings erupted from the first bell. Martínez came out with everything in front, trying to surprise and overwhelm Alarcón, who showed off her experience to come out with a victory. Martínez focused on the middle part of the body, but Alarcón initially did not receive much punishment.

Martínez disrespected the champion and prescribed the best of her arsenal up and down, but Alarcón began to move around the ring and attacked Martínez from medium and long distance with flips and upper cuts.

Martínez’s hunger for victory left her exposed to counterattacks from Alarcón, who punished Martínez in the middle with a hook to the body, and side steps to make the challenger miss. Alarcón finished Martinez with curved blows to the head, which made Martinez feel very punished after the fifth round.

Sensing that the fight was in her favor, Alarcón and her corner chose to use more throughout the ring, releasing only the necessary blows to do damage without risking and adding points from the judges. The last assault was pure drama, with Alarcón going up in smoke and Balderas overturned with her entire front in search of a knockout. However, both fighters ended up on their feet, and the judges determined Alarcón as the winner.

Leonardo Arango Vargas from Mexico City won by unanimous decision, 58-55, 58-55, and 58-55 over Jhair Urvina from Mexico City in a 6-round super featherweight fight.

Jesús Mauricio «Demoledor» Estrada from Mexico City defeated Henry «Aguerrido» Escobar from the State of Mexico by technical knockout at 1:27 of the sixth round in a 6-round welterweight fight. Emilio Toscano from Mexico City defeated Noé «Ciervito» Flores Conde from Mexico City by technical knockout at 1:04 in the fourth round in a 4-round flyweight fight.

Gonzalo Javier «Batman» Fuentes from Mexico City defeated Francisco «Chito» Rodríguez from Puebla by unanimous decision, 39-37, 40-36, and 40-36, in a 4-round super lightweight fight. Leonardo «Pollito» Arias from Mexico City defeated Miguel Ángel «Maestrito» Castro from Mexico City by unanimous decision, 40-36, 39-37, and 39-38, in a 4-round featherweight bout.

The Irish Sinéad Cáit Babington could not beat Joana «La Medusa» López from the State of Mexico, who won by technical knockout at 1:43 in the fourth round in a 4-round super lightweight fight. Luis David «La Morzita» Nájera from Mexico City fell to Emiliano «Cos» Cos and León Silva from Mexico City by technical knockout at 2:01 of the second round in a 4-round welterweight bout.

Boxeo EstrellaTV is a monthly boxing fight night on U.S. broadcast and multiplatform Spanish-language network EstrellaTV. Featuring the best in Mexican and Latin American boxing, it airs on the last Friday night of every month (except December) through the end of 2022. It can be viewed on the EstrellaTV network, carried by most cable and satellite providers and digital streaming platforms, and streaming on multiple platforms, including the EstrellaTV app on Roku, Android, and iOS devices, and Fire TV. The series is produced by Producciones Deportivas and directed by Ricardo Maldonado Jr.

The remaining Friday fight nights for 2022 include October 28, November 25, and December 16.

Producciones Deportivas has produced and promoted Mexican boxing for more than 30 years, working with and evolving boxing in Mexico. Some of the legendary fighters they have worked with include Marco Antonio Barrera, Acelino «Popó» Freitas, and Saul «Canelo» Alvarez.