New York City FC Announces Gianni Lee as the Club’s Art & Culture Consultant

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New York City FC Announces Gianni Lee as the Club’s Art & Culture Consultant

NEW YORK, Jan. 26, 2024 — New York City FC today announced a partnership with fine artist and multidisciplinary creative Gianni Lee. Lee will be the Club’s Art & Culture Consultant for the 2024 MLS season.

The New York City-based artist is known for his work in fine art, fashion, and music. Renowned for his innovative approach, Lee has made a significant impact in the art world as a pioneer of futurism. Utilizing both his New York studio and the urban landscapes of Brooklyn and Manhattan, Lee addresses contemporary issues in technology, politics, society, and race through his art. His unconventional canvases range from walls to discarded furniture and street objects.

«Our aim is to elevate New York City FC beyond the pitch and be a representation of our fans and the cultural melting pot that is New York City,» said Lauren Scrima, Vice President of Marketing at New York City FC. «The best way to do so is by bringing to life the many layers of the city’s identity, and Gianni Lee is the ideal partner for this vision in the coming season. We’re thrilled to welcome him as our Art & Culture Consultant.»

The partnership between the Club and Lee’s unique work will be evident in key moments during the upcoming season. This includes art direction for New York City FC’s 2024 kit launch event and this year’s Community Cup jersey design. He will also lead the direction of merchandising design and visual identity for our City Celebration Series matches, which include Women’s Empowerment, Black Excellence, Healthy Lives, Pride, Kids Night and Noche Latina matches.

“I really think it’s amazing that NYCFC wants to incorporate music, fashion and art culture into their identity,” Lee said. “I believe all three pillars are important to the game of football and have always had some influence since the beginning.”

Lee’s style has drawn comparisons to Basquiat in an i-D Magazine interview. His collaborations include projects with Levi’s, Gucci and Fendi, and he has been featured in WWD, Interview Magazine, and campaigns for Kenneth Cole and Hennessy. He also creatively directed Major League Soccer’s Juneteenth Initiative, «The Seeds We Plant, The Flowers We Share.”