Planning Department Kicks-Off Series of Workshops Focused on ADUs

Planning Department Kicks-Off Series
of Workshops Focused on ADUs

HOUSTON – The City of Houston Planning & Development Department, funded by a 2021 Community Challenge Grant from AARP, is hosting a series of virtual workshops focused on Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs).

The Livable Places Action Committee is exploring ways to allow a variety of housing types that fit all income levels. ADUs, which can include garage apartments or granny flats, could provide another affordable housing option for Houstonians who want smaller homes set in a neighborhood instead of an apartment complex. The virtual workshops, along with the ADU/HOU design competition, will provide the basis for public discussion on housing choice and affordability in Houston.

ADU Basics and Benefits Workshop
The first workshop, scheduled at 6 p.m. on Thursday, August 26, 2021, discusses the benefits and basics of ADUs. Participants will learn about ADUs and the benefits of having one, design and architecture considerations, and the many purposes of an ADU, such as a rental unit. Participants will also get an overview of Houston’s regulations, how to build an ADU, and an introduction to costs/financing.

This free 2-hour virtual workshop will feature Kol Peterson, author of “Backdoor Revolution: The Definitive Guide to ADU Development” and renowned accessory dwelling unit advocate, teacher, and developer. The workshop is perfect for a homeowner considering whether to build an ADU. The first ten participants to register will also receive a copy of Kol Peterson’s book. Recipients must attend the workshop to receive the book.

Register for ADU Basics and Benefits.

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Future ADU Virtual Workshops:

The Livable Places initiative is a continuation of the Planning Department’s effort to update portions of Houston’s development codes to create more opportunities for walkability, affordability and equity.

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