The best shows in Las Vegas


Las Vegas is a great place to catch a show. Why? In addition to a fantastic range of entertainment offerings, most of thehotels’ venues are small and audience-friendly. With well-designed, modern showrooms, there aren’t many bad seats in Vegas. This makes the “best seats” a real treat and the “cheap seats” a much better value than they are at most venues in other cities.

Here’s a rundown of some of our favorite Vegas shows, touching on the range of styles you can choose from.

Le Rêve – The Dream

In the mood for something part sexy, part fantasy, part extreme athleticism? Go see La Rêve. It’s no surprise that our favorite show in Vegas is housed at our preferred hotel, Wynn Las Vegas. Le Rêve is an all-out production. Voted “Best Show in Las Vegas” several times, Le Rêve features 91 performers, whose strength, agility, and movement will boggle your mind. The centerpiece of the show is a 1.1 million gallon pool. Through a series of dreamy, surreal segments, audience members are treated to acrobatics, dances, stunts, and dives that leave you asking, “How?”
Le Rêve is our top pick because of its unique combination of beauty, romance, and physicality. Much is left to the individual viewer’s imagination, and we like it that way.

KA by Cirque du Soleil

We’ve seen nearly every Cirque show in Vegas, past and present! We’ve enjoyed all of them (except one) and still have a soft spot in our hearts for the old standby, Mystère. KA is the one that immediately comes to mind when asked about a favorite. The stage – probably the most technically advanced we’ve ever seen – is a show in and of itself. There’s an element of adventure that makes KA stand out from the pack. That, along with all of the gravity defying stunts and acrobatics, makes it one to remember.

KA plays 10 times a week at MGM Grand. We recommend seats further back. This way, you won’t miss the wide range of activity taking place on – and near – the stage.

Rock of Ages

If you want a bit of Broadway in your Vegas visit, Rock of Ages at The Venetian is a solid bet. While not our favorite Broadway show, it’s a perfect choice for party-centric Vegas. We went earlier this year and thought the upbeat vibe and loads of 80s “secret shame” music was a perfect fit for Sin City. Plus, the show has a lot of heart. The love story of sweet Sherrie and charming Drew is cleverly plotted and delightfully entertaining.
Before or after the show, be sure to stop by The Bourbon Room. This bar, inspired by Rock of Ages, will certainly get you in the mood or continue the party. Plus, it’s a good excuse to have a Bartles and Jaymes. Now that’s old school.

Celine Dion at The Colosseum

We appreciate Celine but have never been huge fans. Until recently, we hadn’t been to see her shows in Vegas. Boy, are we ever glad that changed. A few months ago we bought last-minute tickets to her latest show. We were in the very last row of Caesar’s4,300-seat arena. While the seats weren’t bad – because the showroom has a killer setup – Celine was way down there. A couple songs in, an usher asked if we wanted to be seat fillers for no-shows. “Sure!” we said. Little did we know that we’d be sitting next to the stage looking up at Celine for the next 70 minutes. There’s a reason Celine is a superstar. She masterfully executed every song. You never have to worry whether or not she’ll hit the high note – she doesn’t miss.

If you’re interested in going, get tickets early. She has very limited dates and may not perform far into 2014. In the mood to splash out? Pair your evening at Celine with a stay in one of Caesar’s suites. We’ve seen them, and they are sweet!