Welcome “The Cube”!

Welcome “The Cube”!

New York City FC is excited to share new renderings and a short fly-through video of the main entrance for our proposed stadium project in Queens! We believe our stadium’s entrance, “The Cube,” will be the most dynamic entrance of any MLS stadium.

Click here to see the new renderings and video!

As the main entrance to our stadium and the first thing you’ll see as you arrive at the stadium from the south, The Cube will be integral to the matchday experience. We’re confident that it will give our fans a real sense of pride and its uniqueness will naturally draw people in.

The Cube also serves as a symbol, representing two things. First, the cube represents stability and permanence; this is our home and we’re here to stay. Second, its equal dimensions will represent equality and fair play – two values that are at the heart of our club.

Standing at over 7 stories high, The Cube will be an immersive experience, lined with 11,000+ square feet of LEDs. It will be an everlasting, experiential installation capable of projecting incredible video, photography, and graphic elements.

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